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  1. I got myself the second pygmy I wanted for a breeding pair. Now it's just a waiting game for TJ's hatchies to grow.
  2. seems like the pygmies description got fixed.
  3. grabbed a pair of the normal sized eggs and one pygmy but I am unfortunately locked until early Tuesday now.
  4. Heh I got the special egg.
  5. I love Ion, the bunnies scene was so sweet. Such a sweetie. I'ma punch whoever neglected them.
  6. A pride month release with a bunch of different pride flag dragons would be cool.
  7. I'm also aspec and arospec and would love an ace/aro coloured Valentine's dragon that focused on friendship/non romantic love.
  8. Ion is such a sweetie. I don't really want to play again because I like Ion.
  9. Love the new eggs. Impulsively locked myself with them. Probably gonna regret that later.... One of mine is z-coded which is kinda cool.
  10. I think I only got like half the items in the game. Oh well. Edit: I counted and I got 16. So that's 2/3 not half.
  11. I changed my username. The lowercase a is on purpose because I think it looks better that way. I have my old one in my signature for now.
  12. Thanks TJ for all your hard work. Also I can now use my new username instead of the depreciated username I've been using since I was like 12.
  13. It's pretty. The name is kind of silly though imo. Oh well.
  14. I'd really like a two-headed Halloween dragon. Feels appropriate for the holiday. Sunrise/Sunset X Sunsongs and Crimson Flare x Nilla Pygmy.
  15. It's a glitch, sometimes hatching sequences get bugged.
  16. There are people breeding them, and dropping them places you just need to look around.
  17. bred 5 pairs for the new hybrids, got hybrids each time.
  18. Looks like a custom cracking sequence that borked.
  19. Ooo a sunset hybrid hatched. Is smol and cute.
  20. Sunrise/Sunset X Sunsong and Nilla pygmy X Crimson Flare pygmy.
  21. It looks like the pygmy eggs are supposed to have fire coming out of the cracks? It's kinda hard to tell on such a small sprite.