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  1. Wow cool, I just saw an egg with a description this tiny egg is heavier than it is expected and didn't find it in wikia and was going to post . So these eggs are forever? EDIT: Thnx TJ .
  2. Dunno if this was mentioned, but it would be nice if there was quick edit feature.
  3. The forum is great, but if there is one thing it will be the best. If there is an option for multi quote that would be great.
  4. Then yesterday when it was first released about over 2400 users .
  5. I got all 53 eggs couple of hours ago, still can't find any new egg, but I'll be ready.
  6. Then my luck sucks, I can't find any...
  7. Nice, I see dragon cave is back. So the festival eggs only appears at the cave entrance?
  8. Cool finally I've been waiting for it. Sadly DragCave isn't working for now....
  9. I've bred 15 golds and no luck, even a common egg didn't get.
  10. I saw on the cave one paper at the right side and a dino at the left side, and a white egg at the middle, was going to the paper but clicked on the white egg somehow...
  11. Don't know but I knew mine cause I joined on 2008, and at that time it was showing the number, not now.
  12. Before like 2 years, every user in dragoncave can be viewed by his number, not now, now it is like /user/USERNAME So I thought to make this thread, if you remember, here are my numbers: ~Scroll spam Removed~user/23238[/url] It works . If you remember yours, then post here (I doubt since so many viewed this thread and nobody posted )
  13. I joined on January 15, 2008. I remember my first 4 eggs died, but the first 4 which became adults are: 1-Pink Dragon (14 Jan 2008) 2-Rock Dragon (Jan 15 2008) 3-Gray Dragon (Feb 5 2008) 4-Water Dragon (Feb 20 2008), Red Dragon (20 2008), Mint (Feb 20 2008) (I don't remember which one is first from these 3, because I stole them from the cave at the same date).