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  1. Yeah, I just went to look at them too. The image in gone but the link there will work. The hatchlings are cute! The pink and green look pretty together. ^-^
  2. And here I thought the switch was because I had gotten a lot of flowers. Thank you for the event! ^-^
  3. Mine now says "Unavailable for maintenance. Dragon Cave will be back shortly." To quote my husband - "Dragon Cave go down the hole."
  4. Have: 2G from Snow -pending- 2G from Bolt -traded- Thank you! 2G from golden Lunar Herald -traded- Thank you! Want: (freshly laid eggs welcome! ^-^) 2G Mutamore x bronze Tinsel for Bronze Cupid 2G from green Copper 2G 09 Valentine x Winter Magi, Daydream 2G Sweetling x Silver 2-3G Heartseeker x red Dorsal, Gold 2G Mutamore x Diamondwing, blue Gemshard messy hatchlings for freezing: (mine 1:2-3 yours) s1 - s2 -
  5. Have: 2G from Omen Wyrms -traded- Thank you! 2G from Holly -traded- Thank you! 2G from Gold -keeping- 2G from Black Marrow -traded- Thank you! Want: priority 2G from purple Nebula, Purple or green Copper (freshly laid eggs welcome! ^-^)
  6. Have: 2G from Sunsong -traded- THANK YOU! ^-^ 2G from Sunsong -traded- THANK YOU! ^-^ Also have 2 2G Soulstone x Sunrise still available here (would like gone soon) Want: (willing to combine two of mine for one of yours - PM me if interested) 2G from purple Nebula, Purple or Witchlight (freshly laid eggs welcome! ^-^)
  7. Have: 2G from Sunrise -gone 2G from Sunrise -gone 2G from Sunsong -traded- THANK YOU! Want: 2G from purple Nebula, Purple or Witchlight
  8. Have: 2G from gold Lunar Herald -traded- THANK YOU! ^-^ 2G from Antarean --hatched- 2G from Aeon -hatched- 2G from Aria -gone- Want: (willing to combine two of mine for one of the below - PM me if interested) 2G from purple Nebula, Purple, Sunsong or Witchlight 2G from Mint for Pint Sized Lover
  9. Forum name: Lesh4537 PM link: PM me! This list will include things from my scroll (Lesh4537) and my husband's scroll (Heimdal). We share the forum account. Rares and other holidays we own - Lesh4537: 3 m and 4 f Gold, 8 m and 8 f Silver, Coppers (all colors and genders), 1 m and 2 f Guardian of Nature, Trios (all varieties and genders) and Xenos (all varieties and genders), all CB Christmas and Halloween Heimdal: 1 m and 1 f Gold, 3 m and 3 f Silver, Coppers (all colors and genders), 2 m and 1 f Guardian of Nature, Trios (all varieties and genders) and Xenos (all varieties and genders), all CB Christmas and Halloween List of Valentine Dragons we can breed: (all lineages can be found here) '09 Valentine CB Returning Valentines CB Releasing My Love CB Returning Heart CB Cozy Romance 2G Black Hearted Ace x Black 2G Sweet Imaginings x Daydream 2G Arik's Love x Mint 2G Lover's Charm x Red 3G Black Hearted Flush x Black 3G Dark Lyrics x Black 3G Tender Paw x Blacktea 3G Daydreaming of Love x Daydream 3G Minted Love x Mint 3G Frioya x purple Nebula 3G X Rated x Pink (mate is Pink/Aria checker) 3G Burning Romance x Red 3G Lovely Wildfire x Red 3G Shine Sweetly x Silver 3G ACouR x Silver 3G stairstep Magic Rose Heart x CB Magi 3G stairstep Pinkheart Romance x CB Pink 3G stairstep Aries' Love x CB Sunrise 4G Lovely Darkling x Black 4G Love Awakened x Daydream 4G Juilet x purple Nebula 4G Love's Cinders x Red 4G Strawberry Aphrodite x Silver 4G stairstep Rising Romantic x CB Pink 4G stairstep Lovingly Shy CB Balloon 4G stairstep Love's Poison x CB Magi 5G Love's Finale x Daydream 5G stairstep Treetop Flower x CB Canopy Sweetling (pinks only) CB Sweetest Return CB Calling Back Candy CB Sweet Heartach CB Giving out Sweets 2G Sweet Rememberings x Daydream 2G Sugarless Love x Pink 2G Sweet Sugardaddy x Red 2G Light Hearted x Silver (black Sweetling in base) 2G Romanic Winter x Solstice 2G Loving Treat x Solstice 2G Romanic Winter x Solstice 3G Pinkie Jelly Bean x Black 3G Cosmicopia x Black (mixed lineage with black Sweetling, Shadow Walker and Black) 3G Sonettor x Golden Wyvern 3G Sugared Love x Pink 3G Angelic Prince x Pink (mixed lineage base) 3G Steal My Heart x Pink (mix of Pink/Aria in base) 3G Oldfashioned x Pink (Aria in base) 3G Sugarless Candy x Red 3G Myfair Lady x Silver (black Sweetling in base) 3G Sweet Evenings x Solstice 3G stairstep Amour Aleatoire x CB of choice 3G stairstep nameless x CB Purple 4G Sugared Love x Pink 4G Romantic Thief x Pink (Aria in base) 4G Sweatest Shine x Silver 5G Romantic Obsession x Pink (Aria in base) Rosebud CB Returning Roses CB Blooming Again CB Sending Roses CB Romantic Bloom 2G Growing Love x Albino 2G Dreaming of Petals x Holly 2G Moon Over Love x Moonstone (refused out of season) 2G Nightbloom Love x purple Nebula 2G Shadow's Hearts x Shadow Walker 2G Love's Engagement x Silver 2G Penstriped Romance x Stripe 2G Amour de Tonnerre x Thunder 2G Sweet Angelic x White 2G Valantra x Winter Magi 2G Rose Wrapped x Wrapping Wing 2G Liquid Rosa x Xeno Chrono 3G Love's Pale Rose x Albino 3G Terror's Love x Black Marrow 3G Wishfulhart x Daydream 3G Sweet Dark Sin x Heartseeker (mixed with Black Marrow) 3G Love from Santa x Holly 3G Love's Rising x Moonstone 3G Kitten Roses x purple Nebula 3G Kiss of Lavender x Purple 3G Imperial Caress x Silver 3G Breakout Love x Stripe 3G Romantic Spark x Thunder 3G Sweet Romantic x White 3G Winter's Peaceful Rose x Winter Magi 3G Petal Wrapping x Wrapping Wing 3G Rose of Heimdal x Xeno Chrono 4G Cruelty of Love x Black Marrow 4G Heartfelt Terror x Black Marrow 4G Descending Petal x Daydream 4G Musical Evening Buzz x Moonstone 4G Cozmic Rose x purple Nebula 4G Groove of Thorns x Royal Crimson 4G Silver Dew Petal x Silver 4G Sparking Rose x Thunder 4G Romantic Rule x White (mate has alt in base) Heartseeker CB Heartfelt Sweets CB Spiced Chocolate Heart CB Candy Dip CB Candy Cherry 2G Charmingly Wicked x Cave Lurker 2G Finned Sunshine x red Dorsal 2G Fireblasting Hearts x blue Firegem 2G Calestar x red Nebula 2G Chocolate Fliers x Nhiostrife Wyvern 2G Chocolate Crush x Red 2G Candied Moments x Ribbon Dancer 2G Royal Heartmelt x Royal Crimson 2G Candied Heartbreaker x Seragamma Wyvern 2G Cherry Dandy x Solstice 3G Sweet Pale Bark x Albino 3G Hopeful Charmer x Cave Lurker 3G Sudden Love x red Dorsal 3G Alluring Stareye x red Nebula 3G Choco Freefall x Nhiostrife Wyvern 3G Melted Lover x Red 3G Sweetly Given x Ribbon Dancer 3G Tisoric x Ribbon Dancer 3G Royale Raspberry x Royal Crimson 3G Candycrusher x Seragamma Wyvern 3G Sweets Seeker x Shadow Walker 3G Faint Taste x Shadow Walker 3G Melting Dream x Silver 4G Pale Cream Heart x Albino 4G Charming Solitude x Cave Lurker 4G Fluid Cocoa x red Nebula 4G Seek and Ye Shall Find x Red 4G Goodbye Waistline x Silver 4G 1krud x Shadow Walker 5G Raspberry Cocoa Cream x Albino 5G Must Be Chocolate x red Nebula Arsani CB Love's Aroma CB Loving Aurora CB Gifted Love CB Gifted Romance 2G Loving Power x Albino 2G Ailouha x Black 2G Hearty Tea x Blacktea 2G Sympathic x Cave Lurker 2G Master of Me x Cave Lurker 2G Fool's Golden Heart x Gold 2G Jealous Romance x green Nebula 2G Romantic Embrace x Pink 2G Royal's Love x Royal Blue 2G Cloaking Gifts x Royal Crimson 2G Clawing Aroma x winter Seasonal 2G Lovingly Given x Thunder 2G Angel Pedals x White 2G Wrapped Romance x Wrapping Wing 2G Pinkwrap x Wrapping Wing 3G Ashioha x Black 3G Master of Mim x Cave Lurker 3G Fool's Heartbreak x Gold 3G Friends Zone x green Nebula 3G Royal Empathy x Royal Crimson 3G Marry for Status x Royal Crimson 3G Winter Romantic x winter Seasonal 3G Ignited Love x Thunder 3G Romance Mage x White 3G Heartfelt Giver x Wrapping Wing 3G Lovingly Received x Wrapping Wing 3G stairstep Golden Posy x CB Gold 4G Sweet Teatime x Blacktea 4G Royal Gratitude x Royal Crimson 4G Irregular Love x Thunder 4G Lovely Wrapper x Wrapping Wing Radiant Angel CB Love's Radiant Heart CB Radiant Beauty CB Kalhoun CB Dashingly Handsom 2G Heartfelt Soul x Avatar of Change 2G Soulfelt Love x Avatar of Change 2G Dashing Catch x Blusang 2G Glyphonic x Grave 2G Loving Opportunity x Gold 2G Valentino Golding x Gold 2G Radiant Charms x gold Lunar Herald 2G Love Remembered x Pink (Aria in base) 2G Discontinued Love x Pink (Aria in base) 2G Feline Comfort x Pillow 2G Khalvique x Pyrope 2G Kalcuta x Royal Crimson 2G May Radiance x bronze Shimmer 2G Blimie x Silver 2G Agent Feather x Silver 2G Anjiorah x Silver 2G Striking Angel x Silver 2G Arcana Deity x Spessartine 2G Handsom Stripes x Stripe 2G Radiant Decent x Sunset 3G Heartfelt Beauty x Avatar of Creation 3G Blu Radiance x Blusang 3G Fatal Love x Gold 3G Side Grace x Gold 3G Aging Grace x Gold 3G Blinding Grace x Gold 3G Eternally Radiant x Grave 3G Radiance Sky Orb x gold Lunar Herald 3G Radiant Champion x Mistletoe 3G Wanna Love x Pink (Aria in base) 3G Quantum Love x Pink (Aria in base) 3G Oulfrey x Pyrope 3G Pionaia x Royal Crimson 3G ZZRADIANT x bronze Shimmer 3G Lord Falkon x Silver 3G Radiant Circles x Silver 3G Sterling Radiant x Silver 3G A Wizardly Haze x Stripe 3G Romantic Descent x Sunset 4G Fatal Feather x Gold 4G Royale Radiance x Royal Crimson 4G Shining Gossamer x Silver 4G Lord Nikoli x Silver Heartstealer CB Stolen Looks CB Stolen Soulmate CB Lovingly Taken CB Heartful Thief 2G Stolen Furcoat x Aegis 2G Dorothy's Heart x Aegis 2G Aimorous x Aegis 2G Anlezia x Aegis 2G Kindhart x Aegis 2G Ra' Zah x Aegis 2G Wishful Love x Aegis 2G Moar Cafein x Aegis 2G Heartbreak Song x Blusang 2G Eternal Heartblood x red Dorsal 2G Loving Splash x Blusang 2G Shard Thief x blue Gemshard 2G Ruby Soulmate x red Gemshard 2G Foil Wrappers x Gold 2G Thieving Moon x silver Lunar Herald 2G Shadow Heartring x Shadow Walker 2G Given Silver x Silver 2G Morbid Heart x Silver 2G Graceful Thief x White 2G Romantic Waters x Xeno Chrono 2G Loving Leaf x Xeno Gaia 3G Stolen Hipster x Aegis 3G Stealing Dorothy x Aegis 3G Aimoria x Aegis 3G Iozial x Aegis 3G Heartfelf Melody x Blusang 3G Secret Gem Stash x blue Gemshard 3G Broken Progress x red Gemshard 3G Kissed by a Ghost x silver Lunar Herald 3G Silver Heart Ring x Silver 3G Light's Thief x Silver 3G Heartful Wizard x White 3G Stealing Waves x Xeno Chrono 3G Loving Green x Xeno Gaia 3G Liamah Wyrm x Xeno Mageia 4G Heart of Cerulean x blue Gemshard 4G Mercury Circle x Silver 4G Paradox of Doom x Xeno Chrono 4G Sun Stealing Fox x Xeno Mageia Mutamore CB (sin03) CB Inside Match CB nameless CB nameless 2G Matching Girls x Diamondwing 2G (nameless) x blue Gemshard 2G Mutashine x Gold 3G Shardmor x blue Gemshard 3G Persistent Devotion x Gold Soulstone CB Swapping Pearls CB Matching Pearl CB Guiding Pearls CB Empathic Pearl 2G Hands of Truth x green Copper 2G Anima Auream x Gold 2G Soulful Shine x Gold 2G Metal Stones x Gold 2G Nostalgic Soul x Gold 2G Hooves for Hearts x Horse 2G Nebula of Soul x purple Nebula 2G Soulstars x purple Nebula 2G Influential Soul x Purple 2G Guiding Stones x Purple 2G Rolling Heart Stones x Purple 2G Frayed Pearls x Purple 2G Influential Kisses x Purple 2G Finding Soul x Purple 2G Yoga Stones x Sunsong 2G Soulful Search x bronze Tinsel 2G Witching Stones x Witchlight 2G Witching Soul x Witchlight Floral-Crowned CB (M0AST) CB Crowned by Flowers CB Ruling Flowers CB King Botanica List of Valentine Dragons and MATES needed: '09 Valentine 2G Valentine x Daydream for Returning Dreams (unrelated to this and this) 2G Valentine x Earth for Earthful Return and Quaking Release 2G Valentine x Purple for Releasing My Gaze (unrelated to this) 2G Valentine x Winter Magi for Ahnalie 3G Valentine x Red for Rising Surge (2G also acceptable) Mates NONE Sweetling 2G Sweetling x Gold for Sweet Remembrance (unrelated to Sweetest Fool) 2G Sweetling x Rosebud for Rosalenia 2G Sweetling x Silver for Candied Honey 2G Sweetling x tan Ridgewing for pending (unrelated to this) Mates NONE Rosebud 2G Rosebud x Gold for Romantic Nugget (unrelated to this and this) 2G Rosebud x Purple for Roses in Wing (unrelated to this and this) 2G Rosebud x spring Seasonal for Budding Return (unrelated to this) 2G Rosebud x Shadow Walker for Shadow of a Lordling 2G Rosebud x Xeno Chrono for Graceful Return (unrelated to this and this) 5G Rosebud x Black Marrow for Blackheart Cruelty Mates 2G Sweetling x Rosebud for Rosalenia 4G Stripe x Rosebud for Capturing Romance Heartseeker NONE Mates NONE Arsani 3G Arsani x Royal Crimson for Marry for Love 4G Arsani x White for Magic Dances Mates 4G Gold x Arsani for Foolish Arsani 5G Wrapping Wing x Arsani for Lovely Wrapped Fira Radiant Angel 4G Radiant Angel x Grave for Eternal Grave 4G Radiant Angel x bronze Shimmer for Miss Metal May (bloodswap and lower gens available) Mates 4G Blusang x Radiant Angel for Raidant Splash 4G Pink x Radiant Angel for Wanna Lover (Aria in base) 4G Pyrope x Radiant Angel for Oifrod 4G silver Tinsel x Radiant Angel for Picky Singer Heartstealer 3G Heartstealer x red Dorsal for Finding My Soulmate Mates 2G Holly x Heartstealer for Jolly Coma and Heartfelt Opportunity 3G Blusang x Heartstealer for Iridescent Embrace (unrelated to this and this) Mutamore 2G Mutamore x bronze Tinsel for Bronze Cupid (willing to create a Neglected for this - feel free to PM) Mates NONE Soulstone 2G Soulstone x green Copper for Souls Flying 2G Soulstone x Purple for Fertile Snowpea 2G Soulstone x Purple for Influential Miss Mates 2G Gold x Soulstone for Repearl 2G Gold x Soulstone for Hugh Carys Floral-Crowned NONE Mates NONE
  10. Have: 2G blue-wing Solstice x gold Lunar Herald -traded- Thank you! ^-^ Want: 2G Yulebuck from Earth or Stripe 2G Winter Magi from Pillow, tan Ridgewing or Sapphire 2G Wrapping Wing from Pillow, light Lumina or Stripe 2G Mistletoe from Chrono or White 2-3G Aegis from white Zyu or Bolt 2G Snow from Gold, white Zyu, Silver, Monarch, gold or bronze Lunar Herald Other nice 2-3G checkers?
  11. The adults are beautiful! Thank you!! ^-^
  12. Merry Christmas! Thank you for all the wonderful holiday events over the years! ^-^
  13. Weird. Nothing at the 10 minute drop either. I have my figures crossed I'll manage a CB Holly. I'm trying to stay positive but I'm losing.
  14. I donated! Lesh4537 -> shopfront | 2g Almandine from Yulebuck | https://dragcave.net/lineage/pSo3R | sent accepted I donated! Lesh4537 -> Elennilda | 2nd gen white from permanently pacified aegis | https://dragcave.net/lineage/IIrWI | sent accepted I donated! Lesh4537 -> lovecats99 | 3g Frilled (M) x Ribbon Dancer (F) | https://dragcave.net/lineage/Oe8pD | sent accepted
  15. I donated! Lesh4537 -> stardust13 | 2G Black from Yulebucks | https://dragcave.net/lineage/eEVGg | sent accepted
  16. Forum name: Lesh4537 PM link: PM me! This list will include things from my scroll (Lesh4537) and my husband's scroll (Heimdal). We share the forum account. Rares and other holidays we own - Lesh4537: 3 m and 4 f Gold, 8 m and 8 f Silver, Coppers (all colors and genders), 1 m and 2 f Guardian of Nature, Trios (all varieties and genders) and Xenos (all varieties and genders), all CB Halloween and Valentine Heimdal: 1 m and 1 f Gold, 3 m and 3 f Silver, Coppers (all colors and genders), 2 m and 1 f Guardian of Nature, Trios (all varieties and genders) and Xenos (all varieties and genders), all CB Halloween and Valentine List of Christmas Dragons I Can Breed: Holly CB Returning Holly CB Reusing Hollies CB (Sopyo) CB Festively Hung 2G Joyri x Rosebud 3G Petals of Joy x Rosebud 3G stairstep ♂ Third Doc x CB White 4G stairstep ♂ Holly Swag x CB Pink or Old Pink (Aria) 4G spiral ♀ Forsted Thuwed x CB winter Seasonal (Thuwed) 6G spiral Hollied Enchantress x CB Magi 6G spiral Holie Hollie x CB White 6G spiral Holly Merrywing x CB Skywing (not prefect) Messy 1 ~o~ Messy 2 ~o~ Messy 3 ~o~ Messy 4 Yulebuck CB Wintermint Stripe CB Returning Buck CB I'm 404 CB Bucking Trend 2G Minted Knight x Almandine 2G Pepperminted Star x red Nebula 2G Striping Rocks x Stone 2G Wintermint Fresh x White 2G Striped Goodness x White 2G Joulinie x White 3G Minted Knight x Almandine 3G Yule Tide Greed x Gold 3G Gilded Tidings x Gold 3G Shining Winter Star x red Nebula 3G Tidal Rouge x Royal Crimson 3G Dashing Bells x Silver 3G Santa's Mint Mocha x Stone 3G Striped Tiddles x White (refused out of season) 3G stairstep Pepperminted Spice x CB Purple 3G stairstep Royal Cane x CB Pink or CB Aria 4G Gorgeous Tidings x Gold 4G Royal Buck x Royal Crimson 4G Descending Mercury x Silver 4G Royalmint x White 4G stairstep Minted Mage x CB White 4G stairstep Merry Wintermint x CB winter Seasonal 4G stairstep Wintermint Dreamer x CB Daydream 4G stairstep nameless x CB Lightning 5G stairstep Mint Frills x CB Frill Snow Angel CB Angelic Shimmerwing (tri colored wings) CB Triple Glimmerwing (tri colored wings) CB Wings of Blingz (gold colored wings) CB Festive Leap (gold colored wings) 2G Triple Advancement x Black (tri-colored wings) 2G Golden Arcs x Golden Wyvern (tri-colored wings) 2G Goldwing Miracles x Red (mixed wing colors) 2G Gold Angelic x white Stripe (tri-colored wings) 2G Trifectia x white Stripe (gold wing base) 2G Pure Wonderwing x white Stripe (white wing base) 3G Nadir Queen Saint x Royal Crimson (tri-colored wings) 3G Christmas Piping x white Stripe (tri-colored wings) 3G stairstep Goldwing Wonder x CB Canopy Ribbon Dancer CB Swirling Wrap CB Watermelon Swirlwing CB Wrap Me Tight CB Wrap Me Tender 2G Ribbonous Tinsel x Flamingo 2G Frilling Ribbon x Frill 2G Bella Ribbonwing x Gold (refused out of season) 2G Prayers Become Christmas x Gold 2G Kiarrah x Golden Wyvern 2G Shining Ribbonous x Golden Wyvern 2G Miraculous Ribbon x Golden Wyvern 2G Candied Ribbons x Heartseeker 2G Starbright Ribbon x green Nebula 2G Starry Ribbonwing x purple Nebula 2G Filla Bella x Neotropical 2G Ribbonous Red x Red 2G Anwellia x Red 2G Ribbonwind Fringe x Red-finned Tidal 2G Rolhia x Royal Blue 2G Festive Flowers x Vine or ALT Vine 2G Lady Chery x Vine or alt vine (pending) 3G Bird of Tinsel x Flamingo 3G Frill Thy Ribbon x Frill 3G Bella's Secerts x Gold 3G Seasonal Goldling x Gold 3G Waltzing Ribbons x Golden Wyvern 3G Festive Shinebow x Golden Wyvern 3G Chocolate Samba x Heartseeker 3G Ribbon Amour x Heartseeker 3G Triumphant Ribbon x green Nebula 3G Galaxy's Ribbon x purple Nebula 3G Rybiora x Royal Blue 3G Seasonal Shadow x Shadow Walker 3G stairstep Eva Ribbonwing x CB Spotter Greenwing 4G Secert Ribbon x Gold 4G Bright Triumphant x green Nebula 4G Bright Triumphant x purple Nebula 5G Dancing to Carols x Gold 5G Triumphant Star x green Nebula Winter Magi CB Glimmering Wonder CB Mage Glimmer CB Glimmering Wonder CB Mage Glimmer 2G Bowing Mage x Bright-breasted Wyvern 2G Brimming Magic x Brimstone 2G Orb of Aldura x Brimstone 2G Neills x Golden Wyvern 2G Teria de Corna x light Lumina 2G Magical Knight x Red 2G Magical Cherries x Rosebud 2G Thankful Magi x Royal Crimson 2G Divine Mage x Silver 2G Lunar Magie x Silver 2G Glimmering Winter x winter Seasonal 3G Magic Brimstone x Brimstone 3G Valley of Flower x Gold 3G Mystyical Luminescence x light Lumina 3G Jingle Rose x Rosebud 3G Ornamental King x Royal Crimson 3G Shadowing Festivities x Shadow Walker 3G Ancient Festivities x Shadow Walker 3G Devine Highlight x Silver 3G staipstep Sugerplum Fairy x CB Golden Wyvern 3G stairstep Ornamental Shine x CB Vine 4G Dancing Bearling x Gold 4G Graceful Ornament x Royal Crimson Wrapping Wings CB Swirling Wrap CB Watermelon Swirlwing CB Wrap Me Tight CB Wrap Me Tender 2G Heartful Wrapping x Arsani 2G Lovinly Wrapped x Arsani 2G Black Wrapped x Black 2G Gifting Temptation x Cave Lurker 2G Aarren x Gold (refused out of season) 2G Minted Wrap x Mint 2G Noble Starwrap x red Nebula 2G Archangel of Roses x Rosebud 2G Lilac Wrapping x tan Ridgewing 2G Shining Silent x Silver 2G Boasilvora x Silver 2G Eternal Shining x Silver 2G Wrap Me Silver x Silver 2G Avrillio x Silver 2G Vegetarian Delite x ALT Vine 2G Winding Vineling x ALT Vine 2G Vrosio x ALT Vine 2G Magical Wrapping x White 3G Gifting Affliction x Arsani 3G Wrapped Romantic x Arsani 3G Wicked Temptater x Cave Lurker/Heartseeker 3G Pleasantly Gold x Gold 3G Airec x Gold 3G Mint Swirlwing x Mint 3G Christmas Mint x Mint 3G Starstudded Wrap x red Nebula 3G Pale Christmas x tan Ridgewing 3G Gifting Roses x Rosebud 3G Eternal Bear x Silver 3G Silver Foil Wrap x Silver 3G Shiningnite Armor x Silver 3G Avquata x Silver 3G Papa Claus x ALT Vine 3G Syrois x ALT Vine 4G 6Fira x Arsani 4G Golden Swirlwing x Gold 4G Sky's Mint Wrapper x Mint 4G Cosmic Cluster x red Nebula 4G Armored Flirt x Silver Solstice -all rose wings unless noted otherwise- CB Glimmercloud CB Wingdeer CB Goldenhornkin CB Solstice Eveningrays 2G Soulinia x Avatar of Change 2G Shadow Goldhorn x Avatar of Change 2G Sparkles Puffs x can use either Avatar noted above (blue wings) 2G Christmas Evening Tea x Blacktea 2G Adorned Warlord x Blusang (blue wing) 2G Unknown Starling x Celestial 2G Evening Lyrics x Flamingo 2G Solstice Featherling x Flamingo 2G Apollo's Aurora x gold Tinsel 2G Candied Chrismas x Heartseeker 2G Starstudded Flight x purple Nebula 2G Daybreak Skylite x Shadow Walker (blue wings) 2G Wishful Glimmer x Shadow Walker 2G Ghostly Eveningrays x Shadow Walker 2G Shining Wingdeer x Silver (blue wings) 2G Duskful Decent x Sunset 2G Sweetest Reindeer x Sweetling 2G Christmas Romantic x Sweetling 2G Christmas Remembered x Thalassas 2G Apollo's Aurora x gold Tinsel 3G Ever Changing Seasons x Avatar of Change 3G Solshia x Avatar of Change 3G Solstice Phoul x Flamingo 3G Phantom Daybreak x Shadow Walker 3G Promising Shine x Silver (2G blue wings) 3G Romantic Reindeer x Sweetling 3G Solstice Memories x Thalassas 3G stairstep Solstice Patina x CB green Copper (2-3G blue wings) 4G Changing Identities x Avatar of Creation 4G Warden Solstice x Silver (2G and 4G blue wings) Mistletoe CB Winterberry Greens CB Frosted Wintergreen CB Winter Spruce CB Winter Evergreen 2G Glimmer Bellwing x Blusang Lindwurms 2G Nameless Twig x Blusang Lindwurm 2G Puzzling Fire x red Firegem 2G Gemstone Mistletoe x blue Gemstone 2G Assigning Mistletoe x Gold 2G Importance of Gold x Gold 2G Mistletoe Shinebrite x Silver 2G River Bells x Striped-River 3G Nameless Berries x Blusang Lindwurms 3G Leafy Shards x blue Gemshard 3G Kiss Me Golden x Gold 3G Parasitic Growth x Gold 3G Wreath Angel x Radiant Angel 3G Winter Shinebrite x Silver 4G Fair Knight Kiss x Gold 4G Surprising Presents x Silver (pending) Aegis CB Gleaming Furry (permanently Enraged) CB Gleaming Coat CB Ragin' Furcoat (permanently Enraged) CB Taken with Myself 2G Failing Furry x Antarean (Enraged) 2G Bolts of Fur x Bolt 2G McHolland x Celestial 2G Freshly Styled x Celestial 2G Nameless Shine x Celestial 2G Winds of the North Star x Celestial 2G Heartfelt Hipster x Heartstealer 2G Stealing Christmas Hearts x Heartstealer 2G Lovely Silk Coat x Heartstealer 2G Christmas Fur x Heartstealer 2G Love thy Beauty x Heartstealer 2G Taken Beauty x Heartstealer 2G Hinaloe x Heartstealer 2G Capturing Fluff x Heartstealer 2G Changing Coats x white Zyu 3G Raging Furry x Antarean 3G Kindness is Beauty x Heartstealer 3G Taken My Heart x Heartstealer 3G Zoahc x Heartstealer 3G Awakening Lion x Heartstealer 3G Naming Coats x Celestial 3G Freshly Taken x Celestial Snow CB Snowman's Glory CB Shimmering Drift CB Snowfritz CB Blinding Flurry 2G Papa's Heart x Caligene 2G Graceful Snowman x Gold 2G Matriarch Memory x Gold 2G Loove Guy x bronze Lunar Herald 2G Snowy Herald x gold Lunar Herald 2G Beginning to Snow x Monarch 2G Old Warmth x Red 2G Rogue Flurry x Red 2G Sleeping Lightly x Silver 2G Carol's Long Walk x White 2G Casting Adrift x White 2G Melting in the Light x white Zyu Garland CB Snaking Wreath CB Garland's Glory CB Honey Garland CB Light Wreath List of Christmas Dragons I need: Holly 2G Holly x red Dorsal for Flashing Festivities 2G Holly x Heartstealer for Jolly Coma and Heartfelt Opportunity 2G Holly x red Nebula for Noble Return, Reusing Stars, Hung from Above and Soapy Swirls 2G Holly x red Zyu for Fire Fruit Punch Mates NONE Yulebucks 2G Yulebuck x Green forBucking Tectonics 2G Yulebuck x Pyrope for Wintermint Granite 2G Yulebuck x Stripe for Lengthy Return 4G Yulebuck x red Nebula for Crimson Starlite Mates 5G Royal Crimson x Yulebuck for Royal Treat Snow Angel NONE Mates 2G Gold x Snow Angel for Goldenwing Fool (tri-colored wings - can do myself) 3G Red x Snow Angel for Evening Miracles (mixed wing color) Ribbon Dancer 2G Ribbon Dancer x Stripe for Bringing Stripes Back Mates 4G Golden Wyvern x Ribbon Dancer forWaltzing Lady 4G purple Nebula x Ribbon Dancer for Northren Guardian 4G Silver x Ribbon Dancer for Indonesian Festivities 4G Silver x Ribbon Dancer for Wishing Upon Silver (alt in base) Winter Magi 2G Winter Magi x Pillow for (pending) 2G Winter Magi x tan Ridgewing for (pending) 2G Winter Magi x Sapphire for (pending) Mates 2G 09 Valentine x Winter Magi for Ahnalie 2G Gold x Winter Magi for Wondering Golden 3G Gold x Winter Magi for Rushing Christmas 3G Royal Crimson x Winter Magi for Gathering Sunshine Wrapping Wing 2G Wrapping Wing x light Lumina for Tenderly Reflective 2G Wrapping Wing x Pillow for Wrap Me Fluffy 2G Wrapping Wing x Stripe for Wrap My Stripes 3G Wrapping Wing x Royal Crimson for nameless Mates NONE Solstice 2G Solstice x Sunset for Beginning to Shine, Glimmer Dayrise, (1LURD) and Dawn's Horizonrise (must be bred for blue wings!) 4G Solstice x Thalassas for Remembering Magic Mates 3G gold Tinsel x Solstice for (Lo0Zy) (bloodswap available) Mistletoe 2G Mistletoe x White for Winterberry Clouds 2G Mistletoe x Xeno Chrono for Frosted Loop and Graceful Greens 3G Mistletoe x blue Gemshard for Gemstudded Mistletoe Mates NONE Aegis 2G Aegis x Celestial for Universal Snow 2G Aegis x Xeno Chrono for Gleaming Liquid Mates 2G Caligene x enraged Ageis for Born of Anger Snow NONE Mates 2G Gold x Snow for Snowy Ingots 2G Silver x Snow for Trimmed in Christmas Silver Garland 2G Garland x green Gemshard for Finding Wreath and Kidnapping Garland 2G Garland x Royal Crimson for Soltroaf 2G Garland x White for Welcoming Mage 2G Garland x Xeno Gaia for Seeds of Glory, Snaking Out and Christmas with Slytherin 2G Garland x white Zyu for Spot Wreath and Slight Glory 2G Garland x yellow Zyu for Righteousness Glory Mates NONE
  17. I give my uncaffeinated grunt of approval.
  18. I've spent all day in the AP picking up CBs and a few new linesages. I made a point yesterday to release as many of the new eggs into the AP as I could. I hope that helps! ^-^
  19. Loving the new eggs! Looks like Lagmonster babies. Thank you for the fun event, new eggs and especially the re-released CBs!! ^-^
  20. Please don't remind me. I'm trying very hard to avoid the AP and leave space for the new release. >.<
  21. I'm blown away by the re-release! Thank you so much! And here I thought it was going to be a normal holiday season. Kinda regret not checking this news thread before jumping in this morning. I can hardly wait until I have space for CBs! ^-^