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  1. On 5/28/2019 at 12:34 PM, hazeh said:

    Not necessarily. It is sadly very easy to identify individuals through photos on the internet, and if there are people determined to doxx anyone seeking an abortion, I don't doubt they would be able to. These people are malicious enough to try to and expose everyone they happen to photograph, especially in surrounding states of Georgia/Alabama. I wouldn't be surprised if there are groups banding together to do just this. 

    Why take pictures of people when you can take pictures of licence plates? Whole lot easier to check vehicle registrations then faces.


    If I'm not mistaken, most states require more then one doctor visit to have an abortion - the initial consultation, the actual procedure and aftercare. That is assuming there are no complications. Traveling once out of state would be incredibly difficult for most women, and impossible for some. Each additional trip would increase the chances of getting caught. So maybe it's a lot easier then previously assumed. 


    It's nice to see everyone having a peaceful discussion about a very complex topic. Much better then most comment sections I glace through. :dry:

  2. 27 minutes ago, walkinslow said:

    How are the winners selected? Does it matter whether you enter the raffle early or late or how many required dragons you raise above the minimum?

    Winners are randomly selected. There is no way to increase your chances of winner; everyone who enters has the same chance of winning. 

  3. Would anyone be interested in helping me with a few lineages, please? I'm looking for 2Gs eggs of the following:

    (nicely named parents preferred please)


    Blusang_Lindwurm_egg.png blue Siyat x Blusang (example - need three)

    Copper_Dragon3_egg.png green Copper from Monarch (both gender pairings - only want one of each)

    Tan_Ridgewing_egg.gif Speckle-Throated_egg.gif tan Ridgewing x Speckle-throated (example - one Ridgewings and one Speckle please)

    Whiptail_egg.gif Antarean x Whiptail (example - one please)


    Any help would be greatly appreciated. And I will happily return the favor too. Thank you! ^-^

    (I'll keep this list up to date)


    *edit -

    Thank you, @dragonpuck for the Speckled! ^-^


  4. Have: (Will freeze the first two if I can't find any interesting offers in the next 8hrs)

    Floral-Crowned_mature_hatchi.png   2G from Pink  --  Trade me! (named parents)

    Floral-Crowned_mature_hatchi.png    2G with Aria  --  Trade me! (named parents)

    Floral-Crowned_mature_hatchi.png    2G with Guardian of Nature  --  Trade me! (nicely named parents)

    latest?cb=20180216191508 2G with Imperial Fleshcrowne  --  Trade me!

    latest?cb=20180216191508 2G from Flamingo  --  Trade me!

    latest?cb=20180216191508 2G with Mint  --  Trade me! (named parents)

    latest?cb=20180216191508 2G with Blacktea  --  Trade me! (named and coded(?) parents)

    latest?cb=20180216191508 2G with Blacktea  --  Trade me! (named and coded(?) parents, sibling to above)


    Want: (order of preference)

    Floral-Crowned_egg.png latest?cb=20180216191508 from Terrae, red Gemshard, green Siyat, Gaia, Earth, tan Ridgewing, red Dorsal, Monarch, Carmine, Silver, Speckled-throated, Spring


    Soulstone_egg.png 2G from purple Siyat (a pair for one Floral Crowned - from named parents)

  5. Have:

    Floral-Crowned_egg.png 2G Floral-Crowned x Arcana  -traded-



    Heartstealing_egg.png 2G Heartstealer x red Gemshard unrelated to this fella

    Rosebud_egg.gif 2G Rosebud x Purple for Roses in Wing (unrelated to this and this)

    Rosebud_egg.gif 2G Rosebud x spring Seasonal for Budding Return (unrelated to this)

    Rosebud_egg.gif 2G Rosebud x Shadow Walker for Shadow of a Lordling

    Rosebud_egg.gif 2G Rosebud x Xeno Chrono for Graceful Return (unrelated to this and this)


    Offer must include the Heartstealer and 1 or 2 of the Rosebuds. I will have space for three eggs in two hours. I will accept an offer then. :wub:

  6. I have a CB Gold if someone needs one for their giftee. I would prefer a recipient who has no CB Golds, or at least no more then one CB Gold.   -gone-

  7. (last call - will likely freeze two of the Garland later tonight)


    Garland_mature_hatchi.png 2G Garland from Black Marrow  Thank you.

    Garland_hatchi.png 2G Garland from Floral-Crowned  Thank you! :D

    Garland_mature_hatchi.png 2G Garland from Witchlight  Thank you! ^-^

    Garland_hatchi.png 2G Garland from Gaia  :wub:Thank you! :wub: (now that was a very interesting offer! ^-^)

    Aegis_mature_hatchi.png 2G Aegis from Golden Wyvern  Thank you.

    Aegis_hatchi.gif 3G pacified Aegis x bronze Lunar Herald  -gifted-


    Want: (willing to combine for better offer)

    2G enraged Aegis from Gold (unrelated to this one)

    2G enraged Aegis from Razorcrest (unrelated to me)

    2G pacified Aegis from Sunset (unrelated to me also)

    2G rosy wing Solstice from blue Lunar Herald (unrelated to here)

    2G Mistletoe from green Nebula (unrelated to there)

    2G Snow from gold Floret (unrelated to nowhere)

    2G Garland from Royal Crimson or Gold

    Stuff? I'm not sure what I want since I have most everything I intended to get this season.


    Also open to 3G Prize (i like checkers) offers. Willing also to workout a deal of holiday-kin mates I may need.


    Will decline whatever doesn't interest me. If your trade is still there then I'm thinking or haven't seen it.

    Feel free to PM me too. ^-^

  8. 1 hour ago, Dragon_Arbock said:

    Is the site stupidly laggy for anyone else?

    And here I thought it was just me. Too many internet users home on winter break. >.<


    A truly lovely new dragon! Beautiful from egg to adult! Thank you for the amazing new addition and wonderful holiday event!  :wub:

  9. Have:

    Garland_hatchi.png 2G Garland from gold Floret

    Garland_hatchi.png 2G Garland with green Gemshard

    Garland_hatchi.png  2G Garland from Black Marrow



    2G Garland x Royal Crimson for Soltroaf

    2G Garland x White for Welcoming Mage

    2G Garland x white Zyu for Spot Wreath

    Other 2G Garland? (not from xeno, green Gemshard or yellow Zyu)


    Willing to combine for a better offer! ^-^

    If left in my care there's a good chance I'll freeze at least one of them.