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  1. Have:

    Gold_egg.gif 3G check w/Sweetling  --  Trade me!



    2G holiday mates from nicely names parents: (common offspring, not holiday)

    '09 Valentine x Gold, Almandine

    Rosebud x Almandine, Tercorn

    Heartseeker x red Firegem, Monarch, Shallowtail, Storm

    Arsani x Almandine, Galvanic, tan Ridgewing, Skywing, Storm - also 3G Gold for this and unrelated to this

    Radiant Angel x Lihnseyre

    Heartstealer x Almandine, red Dorsal, Monarch, Water

    Floral Crowned x Gemshard (red and green), Olive, Pink, Tercorn, Terrae

    Sakuhana x green Copper, Diamondwing, gold Floret, Galvanic, Gold, Sunsong, Tercorn

  2. Have:

    Bronze_Shimmer-scale_egg.png 3G stair w/male Gaia  -traded-

    Silver_Tinsel_egg.gif 3G stair w/Radiant Angel  --  Trade me!

    Silver_Tinsel_egg.gif 3G stair w/Snow  -traded-

    Silver_Tinsel_egg.gif 3G stair w/male green Copper  -traded-



    (1:1) 2G holidaykin - in order of preference - nicely named parents only, please! ^-^

    Gold_egg.gif x Starsinger for Musical ProphecyWondrous Melody and Maureen Puddle

    Gold_egg.gif x Solstice for Fulfilling Leap

    Copper_Dragon3_egg.png x pacified Ageis unrelated to Spirit Clan

    Silver_egg.gif x Garland for Remembered Melody

    Zyumorph_forest_egg.png x Garland for Whiteclaw Thuwed and Sweetly Summoned (unrelated to Arch BanGlorious Chevel and Spotting Zeolite)

    Blusang_Lindwurm_egg.png x Starsinger for Singing for Silre

    Blusang_Lindwurm_egg.png x Heartstealer for Waves of Tinder (unrelated to Iridescent Embrace and Heartbreak Splash)


  3. Forum name: Lesh4537

    PM link: PM me!

    This list will include things from my scroll (Lesh4537) and my husband's scroll (Heimdal). We share the forum account.



    Hubby has a male CB bronze Shimmer - Belated Arrival.



     List of Valentine Dragons and MATES needed:


    Valentine_egg.gif '09 Valentine

    2G x Winter Magi for Ahnalie


    3G Purple (unrelated to LovecourtInfluential Masterpiece and this - or 2G pair also welcome)


    Sweetling_egg.gif Sweetling

    2G x Gold for Sweet Remembrance (unrelated to Sweetest Fool - can do myself)




    Rosebud_egg.gif Rosebud





    Heartseeker_egg.gif Heartseeker

    3G from Gold for Isavilla


    4G Red for Ofroy (unrelated to this)


    Arsani_egg.gif Arsani

    2G x Aether for Deep Aurora (unrelated to this)

    3G x Royal Crimson for Marry for Love


    4G Gold for Foolish Arsani

    5G Wrapping Wing for Lovely Wrapped Fira


    Radiant_Angel_egg.png Radiant Angel

    2G x silver Tinsel for She's Got Air (unrelated to Picky Singer - will make Neglected for this)

    3G x gold Tinsel for Lucky Reflection

    4G x Grave for Eternal Grave


    4G Blusang for Raidant Splash

    4G Pink for Wanna Lover (Aria in base)

    4G Pyrope  for Oifrod



    Heartstealing_egg.png Heartstealer

    3G x red Dorsal for Finding My Soulmate

    3G x silver Shimmer for DeGavio


    3G Blusang x Heartstealer for Iridescent Embrace (unrelated to this and this)


    Mutamore_egg.gif Mutamore

    3G x bronze Tinsel for Resting Cupid




    Soulstone_egg.png Soulstone



    2G Firegem (green) for Le Bon Green

    3G Avatar of Creation for this 

    3G Horse for Guiding Hooves

    Floral-Crowned_egg.png Floral-Crowned



    2G Gemshard (green) for Emerald Bachelor

    2G Ridgewind (tan) for (Ninme) (bonus if one or both parents are coded)

    2G Siyat (green) for Rose in Moss

    2G Terrae for Floralforming 



    Valentine_egg.gif '09 Valentine


    Sweetling_egg.gif Sweetling (pinks only)


    CB Sweetest Return ~ reserved ~ self (gold)

    CB Calling Back Candy ~ reserved ~ whisperingwillows (Aria)

    CB Sweet Heartach ~ reserved ~ rinoa26 

    CB Giving out Sweets 

    2G Sweet Rememberings x Daydream

    2G Sugarless Love x Pink

    2G Sweet Sugardaddy x Red

    2G Deziray x Silver

    2G Light Hearted x Silver (refused out of season - black Sweetling in base)

    2G Romanic Winter x Solstice

    2G Loving Treat x Solstice

    2G Giving out Change x Ridgewing (tan)

    2G Sweetening Rose x Rosebud

    3G Pinkie Jelly Bean x Black

    3G Sweetness Imagined x Daydream

    3G Sonettor x Golden Wyvern

    3G Sugared Love x Pink

    3G Steal My Heart x Pink (mix of Pink/Aria in base)

    3G Oldfashioned x Pink (Aria in base)

    3G Sugarless Candy x Red

    3G Myfair Lady x Silver (black Sweetling in base - additional mate)

    3G Sweet Evenings x Solstice

    4G Sugared Love x Pink

    4G Romantic Thief x Pink (Aria in base)

    4G Sweatest Shine x Silver

    5G Romantic Obsession x Pink (Aria in base)


    Rosebud_egg.gif Rosebud


    CB Returning Roses 

    CB Blooming Again

    CB Sending Roses

    CB Romantic Bloom

    2G Growing Love x Albino

    2G Self Centered x Gold

    2G Dreaming of Petals x Holly

    2G Moon Over Love x Moonstone (refused out of season)

    2G Nightbloom Love x Nebula (purple)

    2G Sending Lilies x Purple ~ reserved ~ self

    2G Blooming  Wishes x Seasonal (spring)

    2G Shadow's Hearts x Shadow Walker

    2G Selfish Romantic x Shadow Walker

    2G Love's Engagement x Silver

    2G Penstriped Romance x Stripe

    2G Rosalenia x Sweetling

    2G Amour de Tonnerre x Thunder

    2G Sweet Angelic x White

    2G Valantra x Winter Magi

    2G Rose Wrapped x Wrapping Wing

    2G Liquid Rosa xXeno (Chrono)

    2G Roses Out of TIme x Xeno (Chrono) ~ reserved ~ self

    3G Love's Pale Rose x Albino

    3G Terror's Love x Black Marrow

    3G Wishfulhart x Daydream

    3G Love from Santa x Holly

    3G Love's Rising x Moonstone

    3G Kitten RosesNebula (purple)

    3G Kiss of Lavender x Purple ~ reserved ~ self

    3G Spring's Early Bloom x Seasonal (spring)

    3G Imperial Caress x Silver

    3G Breakout Love x Stripe

    3G Romantic Spark x Thunder

    3G Sweet Romantic x White

    3G Winter's Peaceful Rose x Winter Magi

    3G Petal Wrapping x Wrapping Wing

    3G Rose of Heimdal x Xeno Chrono ~ reserved ~ self

    4G Cruelty of Love x Black Marrow

    4G Heartfelt Terror x Black Marrow

    4G Descending Petal x Daydream

    4G Musical Evening Buzz x Moonstone

    4G Cozmic RoseNebula (purple)

    4G Groove of Thorns x Royal Crimson

    4G Silver Dew Petal x Silver

    4G Capturing Romance x Stripe

    4G Sparking Rose x Thunder

    4G Romantic Rule x White (mate has alt in base) ~ reserved ~ self

    5G Flowering Thru Thorns x Blackheart Cruelty


    Heartseeker_egg.gif Heartseeker


    Arsani_egg.gif Arsani


    Radiant_Angel_egg.png Radiant Angel


    Heartstealing_egg.png Heartstealer


    CB Stolen Looks

    CB Stolen Soulmate

    CB Lovingly Taken

    CB Heartful Thief

    2G Stolen Furcoat x Aegis

    2G Dorothy's Heart x Aegis

    2G Aimorous x Aegis

    2G Anlezia x Aegis

    2G Kindhart x Aegis

    2G Ra' Zah x Aegis

    2G Wishful Love x Aegis

    2G Moar Cafein x Aegis

    2G Heartbreak Song x Blusang

    2G Loving Splash x Blusang

    2G Waves of Tinder x Blusang

    2G Eternal Heartblood x Dorsal (red)

    2G Shard Thief x Gemshard (blue)

    2G Ruby Soulmate x Gemshard (red)

    2G Stolen Ruby Heart x Gemshard (red) 

    2G Foil Wrappers x Gold

    2G Jolly Coma x Holly

    2G Heartfelt Opportunity x Holly

    2G Thieving MoonLunar Herald (silver)

    2G Shadow Heartring x Shadow Walker

    2G Eirnia x Shadow Walker

    2G Given Silver x Silver

    2G Morbid Heart x Silver

    2G Graceful Thief x White

    2G Romantic Waters x Xeno (Chrono)

    2G Loving Leaf x Xeno (Gaia)

    2G Liamah Wyrm x Xeno (Mageia)

    3G Stolen Hipster x Aegis

    3G Stealing Dorothy x Aegis

    3G Aimoria x Aegis

    3G Iozial x Aegis

    3G Heartfelf Melody x Blusang

    3G Secret Gem Stash x Gemshard (blue)

    3G Broken Progress x Gemshard (red)

    3G Garnet Ruby Heart x Gemshard (red)

    3G Rebellious Boom x Gold

    3G Infinitely Jolly x Holly

    3G Kissed by a GhostLunar Herald (silver)

    3G Vainful Heartring x Shadow Walker

    3G Silver Heart Ring x Silver

    3G Light's Thief x Silver

    3G Heart's Setting Sun x Silver

    3G Heartful Wizard x White

    3G Stealing Waves x Xeno (Chrono)

    3G Loving Green x Xeno (Gaia)

    3G Liamah Wyrm x Xeno (Mageia)

    4G Aimria x Ageis

    4G Taken Dorothy x Ageis 

    4G Heart of Cerulean x Gemshard (blue)

    4G Thieves Reputation x Gold

    4G Hopeful Moonlite x Lunar Herald (silver)

    4G Mercury Circle x Silver

    4G Paradox of Doom x Xeno (Chrono)

    4G Sun Stealing Fox x Xeno (Mageia)

    5G Taken with Beauty x Aegis


    Mutamore_egg.gif Mutamore


    Soulstone_egg.png Soulstone


    Floral-Crowned_egg.png Floral-Crowned


    Sakuhana Wyvern egg Sakuhana Wyverns (only trading for other Sakuhanas)

    CB (SNOLe)

    CB (japio)

    CB (linSO)

    CB (rNoON)

  4. Have:

    latest?cb=20181226075741 2G from silver Tinsel  --  Trade me!

    latest?cb=20181226075741 2G from bronze Tinsel  --  Trade me!



    different 2G Starsinger from Prize (not bronze Shimmer) with named parents


    also have:

    Snow_egg.png 3G check w/bronze Tinsel  --  Trade me!


    also want:

    Solstice_egg.gif 2G from gold Tinsel for egg (unrelated to Lo0Zy)

    Snow egg 2G from silver Tinsel for Bluefaun

    Aegis_egg.png(enraged) 3G checker from female bronze Shimmer for Kilmonia

    Garland egg 3G checker from silver Shimmer for Value of Time

    Mystery.gif other 3G holiday prizekin checkers? 


    Hubby has:

    latest?cb=20181226075741 2G from Script  --  Trade him! (named parents)

    latest?cb=20181226075741 2G from Aeon  --  Trade him! (named parents)


    Hubby wants:

    a different 2G Starsinger from common, nicely named parents - gold Floret, Gold, Silver - not entirely sure what else he's looking for ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 


    Hubby also has:

    Garland egg 3G SA checker with gold and indigo Lunar Herald  --  Trade him!


    Hubby also wants:

    a different, clean/neat 3G SA checker

  5. I Want to Sign Up!

    Forum Name: Lesh4537

    Scroll Name: Lesh4537

    Group Name: Lesh4537's 2019 Secret Santa


    1. 2G Prize, 2G SAkin, 2G prizekins: Aeon from male bronze Shimmer, green Copper from male silver Shimmer, Astrapi male gold Shimmer, purple Floret female silver Shimmer

    2. 2G Metal, 3G Prize (checkers preferred), 3G SAkin (checkers preferred)

    3. 3G Metal (checkers preferred), 2G Prizekin, CB Aeon

    4. CB Zyu

    5. CB Firegem

    6. 2G Glowback from male Glowback x female Coral, 2G Blusang from male blue Syiat x female Blusang (example), any 2G offspring from male Kovos x female Dark Myst

    7. CB Avea Pygmy, CB Floret (gold or purple), CB Seasonal

    Breeding abilities: I can make Neglecteds. I have every CB except Prize or alts. I can breed some 3G Prize (stair or checker) and higher. 

    Catching abilities: Catching ability is kinda iffy - maybe trio or below. I cannot catch metals.

    Trading abilities: I can trade for CB Golds and sometimes 2G Prize. 

    Teleport abilities: Nope, I'm good. Thanks.

  6. Forum Name: Lesh4537

    PM Link: PM me!

    This list will include things from my scroll (Lesh4537) and my husband's scroll (Heimdal). We share the forum account.


    Unless noted otherwise, most breedings are free. 


    Wish List (Holidays and mates)



    2G from Terra for Hollyberry Secret -pendingwhisperingwillows

    3G from red Dorsal for https://dragcave.net/lineage/2FoqM




    Yulebuck_egg.gif YuleBuck



    2G red Nebula for Trendy Stars and Returning Skyward

    5G Royal Crimson for Royal Treat


    Snow_Angel_egg.gif Snow Angel



    2G Gold from tri-colored wings for Goldenwing Fool (can do myself)

    3G Red for Evening Miracles (mixed wing colors)


    Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gif Ribbon Dancer



    4G purple Nebula for Northren Guardian

    4G Silver for Indonesian Festivities and Wishing Upon Silver (alt in base)


    Winter_Magi_egg.gif Winter Magi

    2G from Pillow for egg


    2G tan Ridgewing for One-horse Dashing

    2G Sapphire for Magical Sapphires

    2G 09 Valentine for Ahnalie

    3G Royal Crimson for Gathering Sunshine


    Wrapping-Wing_egg.gif Wrapping Wing

    3G from Royal Crimson for (nameless)


    2G Aether for Lord's Breath


    Solstice_egg.gif Solstice

    2G from gold Tinsel for egg (unrelated to Lo0Zy)




    Mistletoe_egg.png Mistletoe 





    Aegis_egg.png Ageis 

    2G from Gold for Giving Furry (enraged)

    2G from Sunset (unrelated to Hug Keeper) -pendingwhisperingwillows


    2G Sunset (unrelated to Hug Keeper)

    4G Antarean for Rising Furry (enraged)


    Snow_egg.png Snow

    3G from Almerald for egg (alt in base)


    2G gold Floret for Rocky December

    2G bronze Tinsel for ~Snow pending~ (unrelated to Greedy Feline - will make Neglected for this)

    3G bonze Lunar Herald for Love's Drift

    3G Monarch for Snowing Gracefully


    latest?cb=20171225071828 Garland

    2G from Royal Crimson for Soltroaf -pendingwhisperingwillows

    3G from silver Shimmer for Value of Time (2G pair also welcome - will make a Neglected for 2Gs)


    2G green Gemshard for Muiltigemscale and Decked with Jade



    latest?cb=20181226075741 Starsinger

    interested in 2Gs from the following:

    bronze Lunar Herald, Gold, Silver, stuff - I'm thinking


    same as above


    List of Christmas Dragons I Can Breed:

    Holly_egg.png Holly


    Yulebuck_egg.gif Yulebuck


    Snow_Angel_egg.gif Snow Angel


    CB Angelic Shimmerwing (tri colored) -reservedwhisperingwillows (x Cave Lurker)

    CB Triple Glimmerwing (tri colored) -reservedValura (x Black)

    CB Wings of Blingz (gold colored)

    CB Festive Leap (gold colored)

    2G Triple Advancement x Black (tri colored) 

    2G Golden Arcs x Golden Wyvern (tri colored)

    2G Goldwing Miracles x Red (mixed colors)

    2G Gold Angelic xStripe (white) (tri colored)

    2G Trifectia x Stripe (white) (gold in base)

    2G Pure Wonderwing x Stripe (white) (white in base)

    3G Nadir Queen Saint x Royal Crimson (tri colored)

    3G Christmas Piping x Stripe (white) (tri colored)


    Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gif Ribbon Dancer


    Winter_Magi_egg.gif Winter Magi


    Wrapping-Wing_egg.gif Wrapping Wing


    Solstice_egg.gif Solstice


    -all are rose wing unless noted otherwise-

    CB Glimmercloud

    CB Wingdeer

    CB Goldenhornkin

    CB Solstice Eveningrays

    2G Soulinia x Avatar of Change

    2G Shadow Goldhorn x Avatar of Change

    2G Sparkles Puffs x Avatar of Change (blue wing - can use one of the above)

    2G Christmas Evening Tea x Blacktea

    2G Adorned Warlord x Blusang (blue wing)

    2G Unknown Starling x Celestial

    2G Evening Lyrics x Flamingo

    2G Solstice Featherling x Flamingo

    2G Candied Chrismas x Heartseeker

    2G Starstudded Flight x Nebula (purple)

    2G Reindeer Fluff x Pillow (blue wing)

    2G Mightiless Evil x Pillow (blue wing) (self)

    2G Daybreak Skylite x Shadow Walker (blue wing) 

    2G Wishful Glimmer x Shadow Walker

    2G Ghostly Eveningrays x Shadow Walker

    2G Shining Wingdeer x Silver

    2G (PoiLA) x Sunrise (blue wing) (self)

    2G (JOidS) x Sunrise (blue wing) (self)

    2G (2ShyQ) x Sunrise (blue wing)

    2G Lite Scales x Sunrise (blue wing)

    2G Duskful Decent x Sunset

    2G Sweetest Reindeer x Sweetling

    2G Christmas Romantic x Sweetling

    2G Apollo's Aurora x Tinsel (gold)

    2G Christmas Remembered x Xeno (Thalassas)

    3G Ever Changing Seasons x Avatar of Change

    3G Solshia x Avatar of Change

    3G Solstice Phoul x Flamingo

    3G Candied Dandy x Heartseeker

    3G Wishing Lady x Shadow Walker (self)

    3G Phantom Daybreak x Shadow Walker (blue wing) -reserved- Lantean_Pegasus

    3G Promising Shine x Silver (2G blue wings)

    3G Romantic Reindeer x Sweetling

    3G Solstice Memories x Xeno (Thalassas)

    4G Changing Identities x Avatar of Creation

    4G Warden Solstice x Silver (2G & 4G blue wings)


    Mistletoe_egg.png Mistletoe


    Aegis_egg.png Ageis


    Snow_egg.png Snow


    latest?cb=20171225071828  Garland

    latest?cb=20181226075741 Starsinger - prefer trading Garland for Garland, please

    CB Heartfelt Rendition

    CB Main Vocalist

    CB Frolicing Song

    CB Seasonal Melody

  7. I Want to Sign Up!

    Forum Name: Lesh4537

    Scroll Name: Lesh4537

    Group Name: Lesh4537's 2019 Secret Santa


    1. 2G Prize, 2G SAkin, 2G prizekins: Aeon from male bronze Shimmer, green Copper from male silver Shimmer, Astrapi male gold Shimmer, purple Floret female silver Shimmer

    2. 2G Metal, 3G Prize (checkers preferred), 3G SAkin (checkers preferred)

    3. 3G Metal (checkers preferred), 2G Prizekin, CB Aeon

    4. CB Zyu

    5. CB Firegem

    6. 2G Glowback from male Glowback x female Coral, 2G Blusang from male blue Syiat x female Blusang (example), any 2G offspring from male Kovos x male Dark Myst

    7. CB Avea Pygmy, CB Floret (gold or purple), CB Seasonal

    Breeding abilities: I can make Neglecteds. I have every CB except Prize or alts. I can breed some 3G Prize (stair or checker) and higher. 

    Catching abilities: Catching ability is kinda iffy - maybe trio or below. I cannot catch metals.

    Trading abilities: I can trade for CB Golds and sometimes 2G Prize. 

    Teleport abilities: Nope, I'm good. Thanks.

  8. Have:

    Arcana_hatchi.png 2G from male bronze Shimmer  -traded- Thank you for the very nice offer. ^-^



    latest?cb=20171031053452 2G  Omen x  red Copper for Shake That Noodle (mate from Process' SA)

    Arcana egg 2G Arcana x  Aeon for Failed to Hear (mate from TheCompleteAnimorph's SA)

    other 2G SAkin?

    might consider a different prizekin - please PM me if this is what you wish to offer - thanks ^-^



    also have: (all have been properly influenced - proof available upon request) if left in my care much longer I will likely freeze them

    Arcana_hatchi.png 2G x female GoN  --  Trade me!

    Arcana_hatchi.png 2G x male Moonstone  -frozen-

    Arcana_hatchi.png purebred (precog male)  --  Trade me! will freeze once it matures


    also want: (willing to combine for better offer)

    latest?cb=20181031060545 2G Arcana from 09 Valentine, male autumn Seasonal (example), female Royal Crimson (example - male Royal Crimson also accepted), male Luminox or Gold (female gold preferred, but male accepted too)

    latest?cb=20181031060545 other 2G Arcana or a freezable since that where a few of these are heading soon

    Witchlight_egg.png&key=d6850c3a33f4baf6d 2G Witchlight from female Tercorn (need 1)

    Witchlight_egg.png&key=d6850c3a33f4baf6d 3G male Witchlight x female Spirit Ward (interested in 2)

  9. Forum Name: Lesh4537

    PM link: PM me!

    This list will include things from both my scroll (Lesh4537) and my husband's scroll (Heimdal). We share the forum account.

    We both had CB rares (included Golds, Silver, GoN and all holiday) available. The only thing we DO NOT have is CB prize of any kind.


    Wanted list:

    Pumpkin_egg.gif Pumpkin

    2G purbred f Pumpkin for Cream of Fall

    3G purebred m Pumpkin for Groudkin

    4G m Pumpkin x f Dark Myst Pygmy for Lady Ascelio




    Black_Marrow_egg.gif Black Marrow

    2G f Black Marrow x m Lumina for (Namesless)

    2G purebred m Black Marrow for Wondering Wraith

    2G f Black Marrow x m Pyrope for Brecfeit

    5G Black Marrow x Rosebud for Blackheart Cruelty




    Shadow_Walker_egg.gifShadow Walker

    2G purebred m  Shadow Walker for Sheet Mistress

    2G purebred m  Shadow Walker for Scheming Mistress

    2G f Shadow Walker x m blue Ridgewing for Shadow Over Me

    3G m Shadow Walker x f Black Tea for Shadow of Tea

    3G m Shadow Walker x f Xeno Mageia for Flame in the Shadows

    4G f Shadow Walker x m green Nebula for VLyie ~pending~

    4G f Shadow Walker x m Royal Blue for Moonglow Shadow


    2G f tan Ridgewing x m Shadow Walker for Haunting Jokes

    3G f Moonstone x m Shadow Walker for Ghostly Moonglow

    3G f silver Shimmer x m Shadow Walker for Finding Fairies

    4G m White x f Shadow Walker for Tying Shadows 


    Cavern_Lurker_egg.gif Cave Lurker

    2G f Cave Lurker x m tan Ridgewing for Stalking Effort

    2G m Cave Lurker x f indigo Lunar Herald for Glorified Indigo

    2G f Cave Lurker x m green Copper for Lurking for Honor

    4G m Cave Lurker x f Silver for Lurking Silver Freak


    3G f Gold x m Cave Lurker for Gold Digger Cave ~pending~

    4G m Black Tea x m Cave Lurker for Cit Cat Cave


    Grave_egg.png Grave

    2G m Grave x f Black for Dishonest Treats

    2G f Grave x m Black for Tricky Matter


    2G f Desipis x m Grave for Deceptive Trick

    4G Radiant Angel x Grave for Eternal Grave


    Desipis_egg.png Desipis

    2G f Desipis x m Mistletoe for mate noted below (strongly prefer altkin)


    3G m Mistletoe x f Desipis for Governing Starlight (mate has PieMaster's SAs)


    Caligene_egg.png Caligene

    3G Caligene x Snow for Heart's Shivering


    3G Heartseeker x Caligene for Omen of Chocolate (mate has Infinis' Caligene SA)


    Witchlight_egg.png Witchlight

    3G f Witchlight x m Gold for Witch's Secrets
    3G f Witchlight x m Silver for Teal Fur


    2G f Aether x m Witchlight for Airing Out Hair ~pending~

    2G f Tercorn x m Witchlight (example - 1 wanted)


    latest?cb=20171031053452 Omen



    2G m Silver x f Omen for Druid Beckoning

    2G Floral-crowned x Omen for Floral Omen


    latest?cb=20181031060545 Arcana 

    2G m Arcana x f Aeon for Failed to Hear (mate is 2G altkin)




    List of Halloweens we can breed:


    Pumpkin_egg.gif Pumpkin

    (Reserved 0m 0f)

    CB males

    Pumpkin Lumpkin

    Toast My Seeds

    Whipcream Needed

    Gourd King

    CB females


    My Favorite Pie

    Fairy of the Patch

    2G m Smiling Harvest x f Pygmy

    3G m Zucca Zeppa x f Pumpkin

    3G f Thermorel Theory x m Pygmy of choice (sprial)

    3G f Cornelius Pumpkin Eater x f Pygmy

    3G f London Cermie x m Dark Myst Pygmy (refused out of season)

    3G f Pruidance x m Pygmy of choice (stairstep)

    4G f London Mysts x m Dark Myst Pygmy

    4G f Korlinia x m Pygmy of choice (stairstep)


    Black_Marrow_egg.gif Black Marrow

    (Reserved 0m 0f)

    CB males

    Revisiting Bones

    Bone of the Knight

    Rising Bones

    Chilling to the Bone

    CB females

    Sleeping with Bones

    Throwing My Bones

    Black Marrow Rising

    High Jynx

    2G f Luminating Terror x m Lumina (light) (refused out of season)

    2G m Dark as Not x f Hellfire

    3G Blackheart Rose x Rosebud

    3G m Hollow Evening Phantom x CB Nebula (blue) (stairstep)

    4G Blackheart Loathing x Rosebud

    4G Tequilas Bloom x Rosebud (related to the above)


    Shadow_Walker_egg.gifShadow Walker

    (Reserved 0m 0f)

    CB males

    Revisiting Spector

    Clouded in Shadows

    Ghostly Visits

    Shadow of Self

    CB females

    Shadows Again

    Shadow of Lucky

    Haunting Fortune

    Reforming Shadows

    2G m Shadow of a Raven x m Black (alt)

    2G f Shadowed Gem x f Gemstone (blue)

    2G m Shadow's Golden Ray x f Gold

    2G m Vainful Shadow x f Heartstealer

    2G m Rex Venus x f Heartstealer (reserved - self)

    2G m Shadow Muna x f Lunar Herald (silver)

    2G m Evening Myst x f Lunar Herald (silver)

    2G f Moonless Shandow x m Moonstone

    2G f Shadow Moonlite x m Moonstone

    2G f Starlite Illusions x m Nebula (purple)

    2G m Ghostly Lavender x f Ridgewing (tan)

    2G m Shadow of a Tan x f Ridgewing (tan)

    2G m Petal's Shadow x f Rosebud

    2G m Shadow of a Lordling x Rosebud (reserved - self)

    2G m Haunting Gladimax x f Royal Crimson

    2G f Overshadowing Royalty x m Royal Crimson

    2G f Can't be Changed x m Royal Crimson

    2G m Gifts of Phantoms x f Silver

    2G m Ghost of Presidents Past x f Silver

    2G m Gifts of Phantoms x f Silver

    2G m Lord Shadowsky x f Solstice

    2G m Spectral Winter Wind x f Solstice

    2G m Phantom Northern Lights x f Solstice (blue wings)

    2G m Shadow of Earth x f Terrae

    3G m Treasuring Stone x f Almadine (mate has 2 SAs)

    3G m Musical Wraith x f Black (alt)

    3G f Gemstone Shadow x m Gemshard (blue)

    3G f Emotional Shadow x m Gold

    3G f Say it Loudly x m Heartseeker

    3G f Valentina Shadowling x m Heartseeker

    3G m Shading the Moon x f Lunar Herald (silver)

    3G f Ta'fia Haze x m Lunar Herald (silver)

    3G m Ghostly Moonglow x f Moonstone

    3G f Moonless Guide x m Moonstone

    3G f Starry Mistwing x m Nebula (purple)

    3G m Elements Love x f Ribbon Dancer

    3G f Ryu'shal x m Royal Blue

    3G m Empressive Souls x f Royal Crimson

    3G m Enthrall Shadow x f Shadow Walker

    3G f Silveredged Shadow x m Silver

    3G m Foreshadow Solstice x f Solstice

    3G m Spectral Eveningrays x f Solstice

    3G f Saint Shadowling x m Winter Magi

    3G f Seasonal Mage x m Winter Magi

    3G m Shadow Swirly x any f CB Christmas (sprial)

    4G f Hear it Faintly x m Heartseeker

    4G m Royal Spook x f Royal Blue

    4G f Shining Shadow x m Silver

    4G f Tying Shadows x m White


    Cavern_Lurker_egg.gif Cave Lurker

    (Reserved 0m 0f)

    CB males

    Lurking for Glory

    Terrors of the Knight

    Hark a Lurker

    Inviting Caveling

    Judging Everyone

    Glaring FatalityZilvic

    Going Low

    CB females

    Free to Lurk Again

    Cave of Opportunities

    Flipping the Cave

    Stalking my Cave

    From Once She Came

    Flapping Falsehoods

    Bonding Cave

    2G m Affectionate Cave Rat x f Arsani

    2G m Creeping Mim x f Arsani

    2G m Caiden L x f Cave Lurker

    2G m Arcane Darkness x f Cave Lurker

    2G m Creeping Gemling x f Gemshard (red)

    2G m Golden Cave Dweller x f Gold

    2G m Lurking in Nugget Cave x f Gold

    2G f Loving Wicked x m Heartseeker

    2G m From Whom x f Horse

    2g m Lurking Starkeeper x f Nebula (blue)

    2G m Lurking in Stars x f Nebula (blue)

    2G m Hiding from Stars x f Nebula (red)

    2G m Batwing Stars x f Nebula (red)

    2G f Duchess of Stars x m Nebula (green)

    2G f Cave Constellations x m Nebula (green)

    2G f Stars in the Sand x m Nebula (purple)

    2G f Dusken Sky Lurker x m Nebula (purple)

    2G m Velvet Creation x f Ridgewing (tan)

    2G m Lazy Knight x f Royal Crimson

    2G m Reaping Royal x f Royal Crimson

    2G m Lurking Marble x f Spessartine

    2G f Nameless Descendant x m Spirit Ward

    2G f Terror Wrapped x m Wrapping Wing

    2G f Lurking Gaia x m Xeno (Gaia)

    2G f Raven Vein x m Xeno (Gaia)

    2G f Twisting Pink x m CB Pink (spiral)

    3G m Heartbreak Cave x f Arsani

    3G m Feathered Stalker x f Flamingo

    3G m Cave Hidden Gem x f Gemshard (red)

    3G f Seeking Solitude x m Heartseeker

    3G m Gorgeous Cave Nuggets x f Gold

    3G m Loneliest Bat x f Gold

    3G f Shrieking at the Stars x m Nebula (purple)

    3G f Repeating Stars x m Nebula (purple)

    3G m Hiding Eskimos x f Nebula (red)

    3G m Lurking on the Cliffs x f Ridgewing (tan)

    3G m Power of the Lazy x f Royal Crimson

    3G f Lurking at Knight x m Spirit Ward

    3G f Raven Leaf x m Xeno (Gaia)

    3G m Spinning Terror x f CB Pink (spiral)

    4G f Donalbain Tyn x m Blacktea

    4G f Cit Cat Cave x m Blacktea

    4G f Quivering Insanity x m Hearseeker (both ladylyzar's Heartseeker SAs) 

    4G m Lazy Reaper x f Royal Crimson (mate has Thuwed)


    Grave_egg.png Grave

    (Reserved 0m 0f)

    CB males

    Evening Treats

    Revisiting Graves

    Grave Remark

    Glaring Fatality

    CB females

    Treating Trick

    Swiftly Fleeting

    Afterhours Feast

    Towering Fear

    Grave Happenings

    Mistress Hoax

    Sweetest Candy Corn


    2G f Dark as Nite x m Black (or Black (alt) mate also available)

    2G m Eathshattering x f Ember

    2G m Grim Idorwald x f Grave

    2G f Moonlite Terror x m Lunar Herald (silver)

    2G f Grave Fire Mage x m Magi

    2G f Wandering Firefly x m Monarch

    2G f Radiant Terror x m Radiant Angel

    2G m Gleaming Evening x f Spessartin

    2G f Yaord x m Spessartine

    2G f Grave Power x m White

    3G f Fevered Terror x m Fever

    3G f Kharinah x m Radiant Angel

    3G m Coastal Forthcoming x f Spessartine


    Desipis_egg.png Desipis

    (Reserved 0m 0f)

    CB males

    Despiteful Terror

    Sneezing Fireballs

    Fools Fury

    Revisiting Rage

    Strong Breath

    Tricky Terror


    Deceptive Wind

    CB females

    Controlling Thought

    Mindful Horror

    Thoughtful Danger

    Dreading Knight

    Dreaming of Terror

    Descending Horror

    Lady of Deception


    2G f Destructive Warrior x m Albino

    2G m To Clark x f Desipis

    2G f Blazing Terrorist x m Ember

    2G m Terribly Pink x f Flamingo

    2G m Ravenous Fell x f Fell

    2G m Breathing Lava x f Magma

    2G f Autumn Deception x m Seasonal (autumn)

    2G f Mania of Stone x m Spessartine

    2G m Dyspeptic Shine x f Silver

    2G m Striking Fireballs x f Silver

    2G f Nirino x m White

    2G m Dark Mistic x f Xeno (Mageia)

    2G m Strong Actions x f Xeno (Mageia)

    3G m (NoYes) x f Flamingo

    3G m End of Stones x f (Magma pending)

    3G f Lonely Dancing x m (Seasonal pending)

    3G m Striking Gift x f Silver

    3G m Forbidden Mana x f Xeno (Mageia)

    3G f Fatal Mana x m Xeno (Mageia)

    4G m Forbidden Mistic x f Xeno (Mageia)

    4G f Igniting Fatality x m Xeno (Mageia)


    Caligene_egg.png Caligene

    (Reserved 0m 0f)

    CB males

    Skeletal Speed

    Mindful Stealth


    Foreboring Stealth

    Sulking Skull

    CB females

    Moodful Grace

    Fearfully Obvious

    Jungle Fear

    Swift as Bone

    Clair O'voiance

    Malevolent Speed


    Sneaking Cake

    Cheek Seeker

    2G f Pomelo's Rage x m Ageis (enraged)

    2G m Quadratic Whisper x f Floret Wyverns (gold)

    2G f Defeating Glory x m Gold

    2G m Eclipsing Soldier x f Lunar Herald (bronze)

    2G f Heralding Darkhorse x m Lunar Herald (bronze)

    2G f Half Clean x m Lunar Herald (bronze)

    2G f Beyond Loops x m Melismor

    2G f Moodful Skill x m Silver

    2G f Moodful Skill (silver) x m Gold (for Lady Nimoy - Gold/Silver mix - same as above)

    2G f Shivering Snow Bones x m Snow

    2G f Freak My Bones x m Zyu (black)

    2G f Modern Intentions x m Zyu (black)

    3G f Princess to Remember x m Gold

    3G f Tales of Wind x m Lunar Herald (bronze)

    3G f Sylvania Sinna x m Silver (2 alts in base)

    3G f Lady Nimoy x m Gold/Silver (alt in base)

    3G f Obviously Intentions x m Zyu (black)


    Witchlight_egg.png Witchlight

    (Reserved 0m 0f)

    CB males

    Evening Hair

    Sweetest Knight

    Knightly Secret

    Whispered in the Woods


    Firing Emotions

    Inviting Glow

    CB females

    Furry Baby

    Misguiding Light

    Wondering Witch

    Leaking Secrets


    Changing Thought

    Tricking the Eyes

    2G m Emotional Breezes x f Aether

    2G m Inviting the Wind x f Aether

    2G m Son of TV x f Aether

    2G m Airing Out Hair x f (Aether pending)

    2G m Bewitching Firestone x f Firegem (green)

    2G m Unidentified Source x f Firegem (green)

    2G m Bewitching Metals x f Gold

    2G f Witch of the Golden Light x m Gold

    2G m Shining Thru Fluff x f Golden Wyvern

    2G f Lilac Knightwitch x m Purple

    2G f (Liely) x m Purple (self)

    2G m Knightly Snake x f Silver

    2G f Gaining Fur x m Silver

    2G m Despairing One's Change x f Soulstone

    2G m Witching Stone x f Soulstone

    2G f (P1omp) x m Siyat (purple) (bloodswap wanted)

    2G m Drying Fur x f Zyu (blue)

    2G f Witching Rangers x m Zyu (pink)

    3G m Witching Source x f Fire Gem (green)

    2G m Heaving Change x f Soulstone


    latest?cb=20171031053452 Omen

    (Reserved 0m 0f)

    CB males

    Drunken Me

    Murderous Appraisal 

    Intimate Knowledge

    Blame the Powerless



    Sand Shifting

    Failed to Forewarn

    It Goux

    Heralding Fortune

    CB females

    Amusing Possibilities

    Humor in Misfortune

    Overrated Sobriety

    Executive Failure

    Shockingly Unsurprised

    Crying Foul

    Hollow Outcry



    2G f Community Freak x m Aether

    2G f Air Prophecy x m Aether

    2G m (O9Din) x f Copper (red) (mate is SAkin)

    2G f Fire Shades x m Firegem (green)

    2G f Lady Ittar x m Floret (purple)

    2G f Finding Soma x m Silver (self)

    2G f Shining Virus x m Silver (self)

    2G f Minimum Outcry x m Sliver

    2G f Crying Corno x m Silver (refused out of season)

    2G m (CFunD) x f Siyat (blue)

    2G m Blame the Blue x f Siyat (blue)

    2G m Regretful Knight x f Siyat (blue)

    2G m Heralding the Blues x f Siyat (blue)

    2G m Purple Mystics x f Siyat (purple)

    2G m Adverse Risk x f Tinsel (silver) (reverse checker - Omen misgendered)

    2G m Demonic Sparking x f Xeno (Astrapi) 

    2G m (pUAos) x f Xeno (Chrono)

    2G m Tanex Twril x f Xeno (Chrono) (self)

    2G m Incinerating Grimoire x f Xeno (Mageia)


    latest?cb=20181031060545 Arcana 

    (Reserved 0m 0f)

    CB males


    Critical Unit


    Rage Chewing

    CB females

    Fake Boos

    Doubting Positive

  10. Best of luck to everyone for community day! Mine is nearly over and I've got four shinies so far. I even jumped into a group raid for Deoxys and caught it. ^-^ 


    Now if only I could be more successful with those 7km eggs. I keep getting Tauros which I my regional variant. :dry:

  11. Request:

    Would anyone be interested in helping me with a few lineages, please? I'm looking for 2Gs eggs of the following:

    (nicely named parents strongly preferred please)


    Fire Gem blue egg 2G blue Firegem from male blue Firegem x female Falconiform (example - need two)

    Fire Gem red egg 2G rede Firegem from male Spiritward x female red Firegem (example - need one)

    Red Striped egg 2G red Stripe from male Stripe x female Royal Crimson (example - need two)

    Blusang_Lindwurm_egg.png 2G Blusang from male blue Siyat x female Blusang (example - need two)

    Nebula egg 2G Nebula from male Ember x female red Nebula (example - need at least two, will abandon any who color wrong)


    Any help would be greatly appreciated. And I will happily return the favor too. Thank you! ^-^

  12. I keep the following statement regarding my naming practices on my profile - 


    "Many of the names I have given my dragons unfortunately occur while I am watching late night talk shows or the news and have been drinking. I often pick phrases or combine a couple of words that I find interesting or funny. Should you find any of these names offensive, please let me know. Drunken me thinks this is witting and creative. Sober me feels the need to apologize."


    When I'm not testing the political sensitivity of the game, I usually try to name CBs based on the breed descriptions. For lineaged things, I try to play off of the parents names or build a similar theme. Not the most unique but it works well for me. 

  13. Thank you for the poke. 


    Forum name: Lesh4537

    PM link: PM link

    Notes: Breeding requests are always welcome!

    Lineages of your special release dragons: I have all available CBs (including holiday dragons, except Prize) and tons of lineages - mostly checkers. The full list can be found on Google doc or for specific holidays - Valentine Lineages - Halloween Lineages - Christmas Lineages