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  1. And whats your excuse for the echidna exactly?
  2. Banned because in actuality it has no lips.
  3. Banned because it was an assassin ninja.
  4. Banned because you brought the ninja I shot back to life.
  5. Favorite sentence: "I reject your reality and substitute my own." Motto: My mind is like a steel trap. Its rusty and illegal in 37 states.
  6. I will devour your souls and rain darkness and terror upon the mortal realms. All those who oppose me shall be imprisoned in the same abyss as me. Now who wants a cookie?
  7. Neji-ran

    Post Ctrl+V

    Well, congratulations America. It's not enough to sue McDonalds for making you fat, microwave companies because you killed your dog, and McDonalds again for actually supplying you with hot drinks when you ask for them. Now we can sue kids who can't even spell 'liable' let alone actually be liable. (status message on email.)
  8. "Well Kel Rim you just got the hounds of hell set on you. I always like it when they buy me new gear. Its disposable." He left his hideout minus the slugthrower. It was rare to have a Jedi bounty hunter and the thing was heavy. He set the fighter to autopilot and kicked back for the long haul. (Now I wait a while. His hideout is in an asteroid orbiting Geonosis. Cost a pretty penny.)
  9. Rann was always busy. He was so in demand that he was hard pressed to answer them all. The ones he took special intrest in were the contracts on other bounty hunters. He had already taken out his main competitor and sent his enployer a holo-vid of the decapitated head. His bank acount was several hundred thousand cedits fatter. He was now sifting through hundreds of possible contracts. Spice trader deep in debt? No not worth the time. Bounty hunter? Possible. Too small time really. Jedi? Possiblities but the cortosis slugs were expensive and hell on barrels. They'd need to sweeten the pot a little.
  10. Now I think every small town has that one house that everyone dares you to go into because its haunted. Well this time it was real. We went into that house (i.e. me and a bunch of friends) And went onto the back porch. It was really uneventful. Just some creaky floor boards and cobwebs inside. Then we went out back and there was an open field. We had played football back there since like third grade (we were sophmores in highschool at the time.) so we knew it pretty well. That was when we saw this kids in seventies clothes playing in the back. A few of my friends went out in the field to ask them what they were doing there and they vanished! There were no trees they didnt fall out of sight because the grass was just above my ankles. We freaked right the hell out and ran straight to the cars. As I was peeling out the same kids were on the porch waving goodbye. To this day I see them in my dreams.
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    I just heard that David broke his nose and had to have reconstructive on his nasal cavities. He apparent ly is relearning how to sing so if you see a Disturbed show dont be surprised if his singing is off.
  12. Neji-ran

    Misheard Lyrics

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r63XxCNgM-o WARNING: May be disturbing to some listeners. When I heard this I thought it said heart bile instead of hot bile.
  13. I need to update my list. I now hate Linkin Park 24/7 in a way that no one else can even begin to contemplate. I want to shoot every speaker that has ever had the dishonor of having them played. The reason why is that they are trying to pass this as . The Catalyst is not heavy metal!!!!!
  14. I was playing Gears of War 2 and all the grenades in this game stick to walls and people and such. so i was trying to tag a Locust with a frag and he tagged me without me knowing it. I am in the midle of a fire fight with two minigun wielding giants. I kill one then my head blows off! That was incredible because I thought one of their horrific snipers scored a headshot. Those headshots are impossible for them unless you stand out in the openperfectly still. And that will get you killed fast.
  15. Isnt this how a lot of peeps felt when Tom & Jerry went out? I think that was the best cartoon ever. Okay I was sick from work today and flicked around. Now the have Tom & Jerry as daytime television!
  16. I have only read the original series so I would have to say Tigerclaw. Despite everything he did however I still dont think he deserved to die the way he did. *shudder*
  17. I only listen to a few Skillet songs every once in a while. Im really a hard rocker so that's it.
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    Justin Bieber

    I have to say this much. I despise Justin Bieber. However I despise almost every pop song from 1990 to the present so its not that I especially despise him. That said if I hear Baby on the radio one more time I am going to punt it into a furnace.
  19. That Chrismas song makes me want to dropkick puppies out a 15 story window and I only listened to the first few seconds.
  20. Neji-ran


    TikindiDragon is right. Disturbed incorporates a lot of deeper political messages in their songs an one of the big debates after 9/11 has been religously based. Also if you are referring to David as the Christian member of the band I beleive, dont quote me on this, that he is no longer a Christian. Personally I could care less and find that trying to push religious interperatation into music ruins it.
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    It may also be because of their alliance with the humans. I mean allies have to know some kind of language that is common. Elites already knew some English so it would make more sense that they would learn English instead of the himans learing their language.
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    Buck is a really good soldier in ODST. That said he is a little indescisive at times so im doubting his leadership abilities. The Arbiter is my personal fave. When I play him he turns from uber sniper to dual Spiker wielding mobile weapon of mass destruction at the drop of a hat. I gan go in guns blazing for those of you about to point out that im contradicting myself. I just like to let my friend be the blunt instrument.