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  1. I have hatched eggs from the AP!

    Dragon Codes -

    g6RIJ (purple dorsal),

    XFDND (purple dorsal),

    EuVW7 (purple dorsal),

    rcssj (purple dorsal),

    bGgIh (purple dorsal),


    2tJia (purple dorsal),

    1VIE6 (purple dorsal),

    TImGA (purple dorsal),

    XrmnQ (purple dorsal),

    IokMp (purple dorsal),


    djtXh (purple dorsal),

    5wZJT (purple dorsal),

    wBb2J (purple dorsal),

    N5D2Z (purple dorsal),

    p5bdO (purple dorsal),


    bdxEI (purple dorsal),

    476nR (purple dorsal),

    wh8u6 (purple dorsal),

    MHPU1 (purple dorsal),

    PnvgR (purple dorsal),


    VcRGf (purple dorsal),

    EyVeM (purple dorsal),

    cmDW4 (purple dorsal),

    p8ohj (purple dorsal),

    uidly (purple dorsal),


    s9lBR (purple dorsal),

    4gA2H (purple dorsal),

    buAUa (purple dorsal),

    PX2l8 (purple dorsal),

    hDf3C (purple dorsal),


    NdvAT (purple dorsal),

    xwG3K (purple dorsal),

    wIao9 (purple dorsal),

    lhrNo (purple dorsal),

    QsE4F (purple dorsal),


    2M5W4 (purple dorsal),

    WAsv5 (purple dorsal),

    0cmai (purple dorsal),

    YDfSi (purple dorsal),

    h5dko (purple dorsal),


    o77bT (purple dorsal),

    0pXsk (purple dorsal),

    MU6R1 (purple dorsal),

    jYvus (purple dorsal),

    LlvRb (purple dorsal),


    aX0ej (purple dorsal),

    j7ttT (purple dorsal),

    bO4Jg (purple dorsal),

    tHdPH (purple dorsal),

    lBGmN (purple dorsal),


    i2D6y (purple dorsal),

    F1qd9 (purple dorsal),

    Rp7g4 (purple dorsal),

    5axjh (royal crimson),

    R8ToN (royal crimson),


    6kxXf (royal crimson),

    1Sj80 (mint),

    Dcyk4 (guardian),

    nQIFI (purple dorsal),

    8zYJQ (purple dorsal),


    gG40w (red),

    pXVXw (guardian),

    kltID (blusang),

    vGsxY (bronze tinsel),

    u9o5F (pillow),


    lsAPC (gold tinsel),

    pOIYK (white striped),

    CkYG0 (golden wyvern),

    47aAM (soulpeace)


    Scroll Name - gilraen

    Gifting them to somebody, trading, freezing, or keeping it? -Keeping most, gifting a few

    Total Points - 455+69=524


  2. Many people on these lists already have one, but there are still quite a few that can't get their trios to cooperate. I want to do a nice thing for someone but I really don't have the time right now to go through the thread looking for each person's scroll link. So I'm gonna make it simple:


    3rd gen Avatar of Creation available to gift - Lineage


    You don't have to be on the list here but all thread rules apply. Will give it to someone that doesn't have either GoN or an Avatar of Creation yet. Please send a dummy egg so I can check your scroll.





  3. I know most people would prefer to start out with 2rd gen Avatar, but for someone who just wants one on their scroll - I have a 3rd gen Avatar of Creation that I'd be happy to give to somebody without one:

    ---gone, thank you---

  4. I want to be an official breeder!

    Forum name: gilraen

    Scrol Name(Make scroll link): gilraen's scroll

    PM link: PM

    Do you breed certain lineages/type of avatars? If so, specify please.

    I'll breed anything, CB or lineaged (will not inbreed). Please keep in mind that I only have one GoN so far, and it's a male.


    P.S. Chaoz! smile.gif