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  1. Is there a place to discuss the info on dragons and maybe come up with new info for them? Because if the original conceptor isn't around, I feel like at that point it should be up to the community to fill in the gaps and make the dragons interesting. If the original conceptor does come back, they can always change it. It might make it confusing but if they correct some things, then cool.
  2. That seems weird? Mark JUST got "early access" to the extended demo. Not sure why the full game was made available NOW. Just kind of defeats the purpose. :c I mean, I read in the description there about what happened but if I were Scott I would've been more patient! I'm curious about the story, too, though! The Game Theorists theorized that the first was based on an actual event that happened in the 90s at a Chuck E Cheese. I'm wondering if this is just an extension or possibly also based on a real event. And then there's the actual story, like what happened in it...maybe it will shed more light on the series as a whole.
  3. Hm, while it is good that you're trying to help people, it's generally very hard to critique someone on their behavior without being VERY VERY nice and sugarcoated- it's something I hate doing, but if I'm going to call someone out on how they behaved, to avoid lots of backlash, it's best to be as sweet as can be, even if I hate doing it, unless it's someone whom I know won't take it the wrong way when I tell them what they did was out of line or whatever. Alternatively, to possibly help save yourself from some grief at least on *here*, instead of handling the situation yourself, you might try reporting offensive posts to the mods. It's their job to handle these kinds of things, not yours. C:
  4. Well, yep, at least the demo was released. Here's playthrough. It's even more NOPENOPENOPE than the first one! This is my theme song when watching it. It's even officially titled NONONO- How appropriate!
  5. I do not want children, at least not in this point in time. It's highly likely I may *never* have nor want children since I might never feel ready and would rather not have to deal with a very mutable, resource-demanding creature. Who knows how the child will turn out? Even with strict discipline, what if they hate me, choose to rebel, or turn out to be a horrible serial killer? And of course, it might sound bad, but I do NOT want to end up being the parent of a 'special needs' child. It's not because I'm "ableist" or any other nonsensical crap- I simply wouldn't know how to handle the situation, it would be VERY expensive, and even with the help I know I wouldn't enjoy myself. It is simply not a position I would ever want to take. In ANY case, I wouldn't want a child without *tons* of help from the rest of my family. I wouldn't try to force the child on them but there's no way I would ever just do it by myself or just do it with my SO. I have no clue what I'd be doing and, as they say, it takes a village to raise a child. I will admit that sometimes I daydream about the possibility of having a child, mostly for mental preparation in case that day ever comes rather than wishing I had one. I know my bf at this time does not want children and doesn't foresee wanting any anytime soon. I can't particularly see him as being the "fatherly" type anyway; not because he isn't very mature or anything, but simply because he's not very good at handling children in any situation as he tends to freeze up and not know what to do (though it seems like little kids generally LOVE him, for some reason?). I don't blame him, I really don't know what to do, either. At least for him, he's lucky that children just seem to generally like him; I've never really been in a situation where children enjoyed being around me. If I want a "child" I think I can make do plenty with pets- I LOVE animals and I think, if I ever got to the point where I wanted children but my SO didn't but I didn't see much need to leave them, that having animals around would be more than sufficient for me. A cat or two and/or some dogs would be plenty for me, and wouldn't be quite as resource-draining! Besides, I think it's better that I refrain from adding MORE to an already-booming population. If I did want a child, I think I would heavily consider adopting, as I'd rather not be pregnant and there are simply too many children in foster care that never leave the system.
  6. UGH well, at least my bf works at wally world. I wonder if I can somehow get his discount to work on the pre-orders, eheheheh! C:<
  7. yeah, this is how I understand it. I can't really see how it's offensive, exactly- it's not saying that you're female or whatever NOW, just that at birth you were described as that. :U Course I still won't use it for people who don't want to be called that! o3o
  8. Aw yeah, that's true. That's the sucky part. :c But really, I hope you guys can get it, anyway! C: If I get it, I promise I'll try to go around the hot spots often. Those t-shirts are super awesome! Loving the Rayquaza one.
  9. Even if you don't go to those places regularly, is it really that hard to go to one that might be on the way to some other place you want to go to? o3o Any place with AT&T Wi-Fi, except for Hilton Hotels, are hotspots that are probably easier to get to than the other three locations I'm seeing here for the US. Here is the map that AT&T link goes to that shows where all the hotspots are. A bit out of luck around the Rockies unfortunately, but hopefully there's something else near where everyone lives!
  10. omg yes this. And then, if you ever DO find them, they're somewhere that doesn't make any sense whatsoever!
  11. I would rather have a label and then have to explain it so others know what it means than not have one and them assume I'm something I'm not.
  12. Anges: It's normal for our minds to bring back painful memories and thoughts. I believe it stems from the same kind of reaction when we burn our hand on a hot stove or whatever: your brain remembers those bad things so you can better avoid them in the future. I might be wrong about it stemming from the same thing but I believe it does. It makes sense, to me, as it seems like a lot of the time it's the bad things in life that are easier to remember. So your nightmares are there reminding you of the people that screwed you over so you can try to avoid those situations in the future. It's just like saying "hey, you're really successful now that you've gotten past them! But don't forget that this situation happened because it could happen again", from how I see it. I agree with purplenewt's method of meditation. That seems like a wonderful way of moving past the memory when it comes to you without completely suppressing it.
  13. *raises hand* My mom does, as well. I try to take it with me, at least to school. I like the idea, myself. I think they need to encourage more streetpass stuff.
  14. RIP Azure Glacewings :c Frill-Gill VS Carrots Dwarf Bok Choy VS Glacier Dragon Glorious Maned VS Goldwing Harptail VS Humming Indigo Fire VS Jade Lacewing VS Lepidoptera Dragons Lupine Drake VS Mercury Pygmy Mithril VS Ne'Enden Easterns Lotus VS Opal Paradise VS Phantasm Dragon I felt I needed to avoid nulling/choosing both from now on. It was a hard choice for some, but some things need to start pulling through! I would like to see a second round. I realize there was a bit less of a turnout, but since most people are probably busy right now with finals and midterms and VERY soon vacations, I think it would be a lot better to have, at least for the rest of round 4, two weeks for each of the sets.
  15. Well yes of course. Personally I don't care, in most cases, about spoilers- but I'm sure there are still many who don't even realize there's that spoiler tag, is what I'm saying. c: Again, I don't care if the Wiki copies the info. In fact, I'd be rather peeved if the Wiki *didn't* copy it! I love that DC has something on-side and official, but I still use outside sources for pretty much anything and Wikis are great sources of information.
  16. Or any other hard-to-get dragon, for that matter. GoNs and NDs come to mind! But I suppose if you can always turn it back on...great I guess. You could just not look at other dragons. And if you do look at one, is it really that bad? I mean, so long as you're not actively trying to look at a bunch of dragons it's not like it will make that big of an impact.
  17. Honestly, I don't see it until I scroll down. And even then it's not particularly eye-catching. That badge just takes up too much space. I highly suggest putting the spoiler and welcome messages *above* the image. Leave the little summary below. But really, on my monitor, just going there, I see the picture, then barely seen at the bottom is the welcome message. I think the spoiler should go before the welcome, but it could go after. Just make it more noticeable. I honestly didn't even know there was a spoiler tag until you mentioned it and I had to go *looking* for it.
  18. Kiara: Oh, and also hopefully make sure whatever place you're going to has security cameras or something, possibly. Maybe just a cafe or whatever; some place small with not too many people that it gets confusing but not so few that it's easy for something to happen and no one's around to notice.
  19. yespls At the very least. It would make me feel like my dragons count SOMEWHERE
  20. Personally I think it would be fine for the Wiki to copy the information. Maybe they should put spoilers or something? Probably use hide tags or whatever for the information (especially since there's SO MUCH in some cases, so it would save space)
  21. Kiara: I would strongly recommend you take a friend/family member/someone with you when you go to meet this guy irl. Maybe even tell him to bring a friend, too, just so it doesn't seem as awkward or something. Tell others when and where you're going to meet him and any other information to help find you, just in case it does turn out he's not trustworthy and something happens. I agree with MM about putting on the breaks. It's fine if you like him, imo, but don't be hasty. Get to know him irl for at least a few months before trying to go for a romantic relationship or anything else. I'm not sure how old you are, but if you're too young, please wait until you're legal age before going down that route! If you're old enough, just ignore that part. c: --- Allons: I really wouldn't wait. imo, better safe that sorry; sure your cat might have wandered off and will return shortly, but I think it's a hell of a lot better to get some help finding him rather than waiting. --- RecycledHeart: As much as you care for this guy, I agree with MM. Leave them alone. Maybe even try to get past him. He's too busy chasing a butterfly of a girl. I really think, as hard as it is, it would be better for you to move on. You can try to make suggestions to them (like suggest to him that he may be better moving on as well since that relationship is just running in circles), but don't bother trying to help or fix their relationship in any way. I seriously doubt they'll last anyway.
  22. I like this, actually. I'll forever be a little grumpy about not having my dragons count towards unlocking anything, but it would be nice to have them register as being owned. I like this idea here.
  23. While that's easier with trades, spriting has images, lots of crit, and general discussion that take up a LOT of space in a message to the point where the conversation gets ridiculous. I delete anything repeated, though, even stuff out of the sent messages. I would like to say again that I'm not really advocating for more space...just saying what my situation is and why I am running out of space very frequently.
  24. I DID put in the time. I DID work; I just did it early. :\ All of my work is irrelevant now. I might as well have released all my dragons and started over, that's how much the work I HAVE done counts. They wouldn't be "auto" unlocks. Auto unlocks would mean you don't do ANYTHING at all, retroactively or currently, to unlock them. :\ I did do work. I have collected dragons. I think it's fair to have the ones I own count for unlocking information. I never said I thought I needed to collect ANY dragons for it, because I know I don't. I went through and observed all of mine as soon as I could. Again, I feel I already DID the work, at least partially for almost every dragon/creature (I do not have one of every dragon just yet) but they don't count for anything. They don't even show as owned. Then the "owned" total needs to be fixed, or at least split into currently own/killed/abandoned/released sections. Excuse me for being peeved that work I have done isn't counted. It doesn't even need to count what other dragons I've looked at. Even though I would rather have my dragons count towards unlocking the 'pedia, I want them to at the VERY least count as being owned. I supported the suggestion to have it so in the respective forum section for that reason. I want my work to count for *something*, even if all it is is the owned/currently own/whatever count.
  25. Lots of private spriting projects on my end. I want to eventually move most conversations over to skype, though. I also keep my accepted and (sometimes) rejected dragon requests. I have certain other secret things in there, too. I usually try to keep only the relevant/otherwise important things and delete the rest. I COULD move stuff to google drive or some such place but if it's out of sight, it's out of mind; I don't go there frequently enough or have any reason to go so I never remember. It wouldn't work for me. I don't particularly like using normal email; my main is cluttered and I still need to fix it, my school one is strictly for school, and I have a third that I pretty much never use because it requires logging out of my school one to get to, which I don't bother with doing because I use my school one far too frequently. I only have the third one for writing the occasional youtube comment, as since the comments update youtube refuses to let me do anything without having the whole google account junk. :\ And trust me, those secret projects are VERY relevant.