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  1. I think both Old Chica and Bonnie are terrifying. Of the new ones, Mangle and Toy Chica are definitely the scariest. The Puppet technically isn't an animatronic but he's just as scary, if not more. I think it's the most unsettling thing in the game in general.
  2. I forgot about my Halloween hatchlings and they all died and I only managed to revive one- oops! :U At least it wasn't any Desipis, which almost died themselves because I don't use my scroll often enough. (sorry breeders who bred those eggs, I wasn't trying to make them die, I just forgot)
  3. Maybe you should tell P that you want to take a bit of a break for a while. Explain how conflicted you feel on the relationship and why you're confused, then say that you're going to just take a few days to calm down and really think over everything and if it's really worth it going forward or not. That's what I would do, I think. And whatever decision you make, I'd tell it to P so she's not left hanging. I'm sorry you're having to go through with this. Ending relationships is never easy. :c
  4. I really want more space pokemon in general. Hoping that this game somewhat signifies future generations might have more *3*
  5. Ooh I just learned about this elsewhere! I'm so excited! Dat new character, Zinnia, looks crazy. Like legit crazy. I love her.
  6. I'm so sorry that happened! I hope everything gets better. D: *hugs* Clearly those "friends" aren't true friends. You shouldn't associate with people who will only drag you down. Don't you dare apologize for your existence! For as long as I've known you, I've known you to be kind and caring to others and able to offer sympathy and advice even when *I* could not, all at the expense of your own mental stability with having to listen to everyone's plights constantly. You're a very selfless individual and as far as I could tell, I honestly had no idea you were as young as you were until you had mentioned it this one time and I was surprised! I thought you were at least my age! From what I can tell, I don't think P was exactly trying to be mean; I have a sneaking suspicion she was manipulated by B given the situations you described. However, I don't think any further relationship with her is healthy, considering it seems like she still wants to side with B and you've had a falling out. You can't force a relationship, and you certainly can't force one to be fixed. Time can sometimes heal old relationships, with the parties involved generally forming a new one rather than trying to mend the old one, but I'm sorry to say I don't think you're going to be on friendly terms with either of these people again very soon. :c If I were you, I would distance myself from them and find some nice quiet things to entertain me for a while, maybe even talk to other friends or old acquaintances if I really want the company. Who cares if they might think you're "childish" for blocking them or think you're just "running away"- you'd be doing something healthier for you and it's not like they seem to want you to stay around. Forget them, they aren't friends. Yes, friends may get into fights but true friends would at least feel some remorse and not further guilt the other party. They would try to apologize.
  7. We can't at this time. Check out the Encyclopedia Helpers in Site Discussion.
  8. wat I'm confused by like everything you just said. :U I don't think I've ever heard any "problematic" jokes? I'm not trying to defend it, I just don't remember anything insulting/problematic/whatever offhand. o3o
  9. Emma: I'm sorry you have to deal with that. :c I hope it eases up on you at least a little bit to where it's bearable someday! Or maybe even gets totally cured.
  10. I feel like taking advantage of changing IPs to click a dragon multiple times should be considered cheating... :U
  11. I say Happy Holidays to strangers/those whom I don't know what they celebrate because I feel it encompasses everything happening during that time, even the other meaning of "holiday" that refers to vacations, as many people like to travel and go on vacation during that time (though it's usually to visit relatives and celebrate a holiday). If someone gets offended...whatever, I wasn't trying to be rude. I was trying to encompass everything because I don't know what they personally celebrate. I don't know them. I'm not a mind reader. And I think forcing ME to specify a certain holiday is much more rude, as it assumes there aren't others who don't celebrate that holiday and/or assumes I celebrate a certain holiday (I do celebrate Christmas, but I'm not going to tell everyone Merry Christmas because I know some people just don't celebrate it and I'm not super into the religious aspect of it at all anyway). Sometimes I just reply with "you, too" because that way it seems to not trigger anyone at all.
  12. Apparently Mangle also likes to just hang out on the ceiling of the office, just sitting up there, doing nothing. Sometimes she might kill you but other times she just hangs out. Her presence does seem to lure all the other anis to the office more often though, apparently. I really like her death animation, though. It's my favorite by far. Foxy's is my second favorite. I think those two are definitely the only two so far that I've seen that you can infer definitely hurt you and probably most likely kill you.
  13. Seems like coincidence to me. I mean, they're both nocturnal and related to the night sky in some way. It just seems logical for a possible conclusion drawn that they may interact in some way. c:
  14. Aw I totally love her death screen! She's just awesome in general (and so sad, the poor thing! :c) Golden Freddy's is interesting! I know a lot of people were saying stuff about it proving GF wasn't a hallucination, but I still feel like in the first game that GF was definitely a hallucination for Mike. But this one is defs real. It makes sense for it to be GF's, though the ears don't make sense. They look more like Foxy's, but both Mangle and Foxy have their endoskeletons. Unless it's basically an extra endoskeleton for Mangle, since she is meant to be taken apart and put back together, so having a spare endoskeleton for her could make some sense. I think BB just doesn't make sense in general :U It COULD be a hallucination. That would make sense. EDIT: With how Mangle comes down to bite your face, I think it's possible that if Foxy wasn't the cause of the bite, it definitely could've been her. It could make sense, too, given how her state of being a mangle of parts could lead to hatred and lashing out, or simple malfunctioning. Course PG mentions Foxy being twitchy, so he's still a possibility. EDIT 2: With all the parts in odd locations and Mangle's habit of hanging from the ceiling, she reminds me a lot of GLaDOS from the Portal series! o:
  15. Yeah, I've only ever seen the endoskeleton in the Prize Room and in the left vent...not sure what's up with it but it kinda looks like a goat or cow with how the ears are. The BB under the desk is weird. I think it's just him with purple/pink eyes, for whatever reason, but not sure how he gets there. Mangle's design is also heavily feminine, with the colors (white and pink), sleeker face, eyelashes, and lipstick. Considering how feminine they made Chica look, I think it's save to say that the over exaggeration of Mangle's features in this way mean she's definitely a female. I don't particularly care either way what anything is, but imo it's just nice to refer to them as either he or she rather than it. What is her death screen like? I really haven't seen too many yet. Still haven't seen old Chica's, either Freddys', Toy Bonnie's, Golden Freddy's, or the Endoskeleton's (if it has one). I've only seen the common ones of the Puppet, Old Bonnie, and Foxy. I just feel like I know soooo little about the game right now :c
  16. Yeah, kind of I suppose. >w< I'm still not 100% sure either way, but I'm leaning way more on the side of prequel. There are still too many holes that seem to support it being a sequel, but I think more evidence points to prequel than sequel, is all. o3o The biggest hole I see is Foxy. Foxy is in even more disrepair than the first game, and if Foxy really DID cause the Bite, then why was he repaired even slightly? The first game made it seem like Foxy was regularly taken care of, just as the others were, but then after the Bite they retired him and didn't bother fixing him anymore. However, more support for it being the prequel is Golden Freddy. At the end of the game, Phone Guy makes reference to a spare suit in the back that someone was going to be using. Phone Guy also mentions a special event that's going to happen soon, presumably a birthday party when the Bite will happen. He tells you to stay close to the animatronics to make sure no one gets hurt, so it's likely that you, Jeremy, are the victim of the Bite. That's just more on the Bite, but I think it's still more evidence to support the Bite hasn't happened yet and thus it's def a prequel. So mysterious! I'm so excited. This game honestly has a really cool and really interesting story. EDIT: SHIRTS! https://www.shirtpunch.com/designs/details/...-fazbears-pizza
  17. Well, here's the thing about it being a prequel... •The game itself says it takes place in 1987; it's on the check the player gets. The first game takes place sometime after, as "the Bite of '87" is referenced as having happened already. •The game also never says that the restaurant from the first game is the one that this new restaurant is the reopening of. In fact, it names a completely different building! I can't remember the exact name atm but it's on the Wiki somewhere. (it's like Fredbear's Family Diner or something, I believe!) •Phone Guy is still alive. While it's possible it's just a completely different character who happens to have the same voice (since it's Scott), the Phone Guy for FNAF2 has similar mannerisms when talking to you, most notably his greetings. •Yes, the animatronics are "old", but they're old from the original diner. The reason why they're used again at the restaurant in the first game is because the owner's are incredibly cheap and had scrapped the newer ones at some point. Something I read from someone's post: "The newspaper article says that they got rid of the NEW anamatronics, but the old ones were kept in case someone bought the company." •The paycheck is less money. It's theorized that the first game takes place somewhere in the mid 90s to early 2000s, so the paycheck being less makes sense due to inflation and a changing economy. •The animatronics walk around during the day at this point, which is also related to the '87 incident. •At the end of FNAF2, Phone Guy mentions wanting to take the night shift at some point, which means he hasn't yet. •Yes, Phone Guy mentions there being no more doors, but I think this is still in reference to the diner and/or possibly a bit of an oversight/informing players with experience with the first game that there are no more doors. Obviously there are still things that give evidence for it being a sequel, and there are still the mysterious game over Atari minigames and a few other things. I guess in time we'll know! I have a sneaking suspicion that the minigames show the events of the murderer luring the children into the back room, or something. I'm still not very clear on what they're about, though "save them" is said over and over (I think it's spelled out, actually). Also just read this:
  18. After having read more and more on the game, I think I'm going to redact my statement on thinking that FNAF2 isn't a prequel; I wholeheartedly believe it to be a prequel now. I also believe that the new Foxy, aka The Mangle or just Mangle, is female, due to extensive research as well. c:
  19. Foxy is always the saddest character imo. In the first, he was left to rot in an unused area, and in the new one he's just a mangle of parts because kids keep taking him apart and rebuilding him and they've given up on fixing him. He's still my favorite, though! The new is actually kind of adorable when he's hanging from the ceiling.
  20. But the basic action IS available. This isn't a requirement; you may have more eggs but, while this does make it faster, you're still able to fog every egg. Of course, I personally don't care if it's a basic action or a BSA. I'd prefer the BSA, but won't have a problem if it's just a basic action.
  21. Definitely not a prequel. Phone Guy mentions right off the bat that it's new and there were troubles in the past; I assume with the past animatronics. Also, all of the old animatronics are still around and can and will come after you, judging from the trailer. While I can kind of see how some things may look like prequel material, I think it's just misinterpreting what's actually happening.