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  1. If you look at the dragons that were around when mints first were (red, stone, grey, pebble/green, black, white, water, vine, gold, silver, zombie, purple, and even ND. Pinks, not so much), you'll find that, yes indeed, mints are much smaller than them.
  2. So I basically only read the first post and this last page... Adding onto the suggestion here, (though it's probably been said already but I'm not sure) I was thinking perhaps the rogue would have a chance of killing eggs or unfrozen hatchlings on your scroll if the "run and hide" option is selected or if your dragon loses the battle, though it would be a low chance. Fogged eggs or hatchlings would be unaffected. I think eggs that are cracking and ungendered hatchlings would be slightly more susceptible to being killed in this manner, as eggs with no cracks don't have as many weak points and maturing hatchlings are somewhat stronger and more capable of taking care of themselves than immature ones. Also, as well as stats for certain dragon types, perhaps maybe having a certain amount of dragons or certain dragons of a type helps in instances where you choose to run or when the fighting dragon loses. For instance, if you had a buttload of guardians, your hatchlings and eggs would be better protected and less likely to be killed by the rogue. Mints would be able to hide eggs and hatchlings, certain dragons would attack and distract the dragon....and maybe with all this protection, killing of the egg/hatchling(s) could even be a ~80% thing without any of those factors (I'm thinking you yourself have at least a slight chance of defending your own eggs if you had a sword or knew some magic and whatnot). With it being optional (I'm assuming opt-in, too) then I don't think it would be too much of a fuss. But I figured maybe it adds another bit of survival and other mood-setting things like that. ._. Course maybe my suggestion is just a bit fat wad of phooey and everyone should just ignore it. Maybe it's just way way way too much, but personally I think it would be neat to have another "risk factor" alongside sickness (that's not forced, I mean, like Earthquake or Bite). Obviously this add-on has kinks in it, but it's possible for them to be worked out.
  3. I do like the idea of it being bolded and MAYBE a different color. Because even the accepting/not accepting aid messages we have now are hardly noticeable, and they're italic and in parentheses. They look too similar to the rest of the description, and they're too close. On hatchlings it's not as bad, but eggs? You can hardly see the text at a quick glance.
  4. I love both of the dragons hnnng Bleeding Moons are amazing and the spots on the Fleshcrowne make it more amazing. I really want to breed the Fleshcrownes with Frills! o: They look like they'd go well together.
  5. A few of the dragons seem kind of modern for these medieval times... Personally I don't think shelter seems "too modern" at all. I frown at pound because it sounds informal and almost bad (I watched too much Lady and the Tramp, I think). (Personally I WOULD use Jessica for a medieval world, IF I found that it was a name that existed in that time period AND area I was talking about. But that's neither here nor there.) I think maybe you're being a little too picky. o3o And that's not bad. I just can't think of a "better" name that's not "too modern" for something like this. Unless it should be something related to a nest. The OP mentioned it only being available at certain times and not all the time, so maybe the eggs are in care of a traveling caravan? Though I doubt caravan was a word in medieval times. Ugh, I should be more focused on the idea itself and not the name...
  6. Well then umm... What about cote or pinfold/penfold? Also pound and shelter really aren't as modern as you might think. (Shelter, since wiktionary didn't have it: ORIGIN late 16th cent.: perhaps an alteration of obsolete sheltron [phalanx,] from Old English scieldtruma, literally [shield troop.])
  7. I always say I'm gonna look for Royal Crimsons when I go to the AP...keep grabbing other eggs instead. Found the start of a lineage I actually like here And I was severely surprised by the lineage on this little cutie. o: One part of it started as a light pink-female silver checker, next part was half of that + male silver-skywing checker, next part has Thuweds that I really want a 2nd gen from, next part has purebred light pinks, and the last part (which kind of broke it) is a different PB line. I should check for other Thuweds, but for now this is the first Thuwed descendant I have that I know of. I don't really care for lineages, but it's still fun to see really cool ones that people worked hard on (only for me to fudge it up--usually accidentally).
  8. What if it was just called a 'Shelter'? I've been on a few sites with pages kind of like what's being described and they're called 'Shelters' there. The problem with "community unlock" is that it just doesn't work. No, of course not everyone would participate, but there's the problem. Most people, especially people who don't know/care much about the ratios will have the mentality of "oh, someone else will do it, I don't need to, that's not my job" and then of course they'll sit and wait for the rares to pop up... Good in theory. GREAT in theory. But in practice it just ends up not working. I've been there. Community unlock is on a few sites I've been on. Had everyone participated, at least a little bit, we could have had the prizes within 1-3 days instead of who knows how long.
  9. I like a mixture of all three ideas (5-10 minutes, reduced 5 hour wait, AND multiple APs) I feel like one hour might be too short, though. 4 is still too long, so is three. I'm thinking 2 or 2.5 hours. At least to start. I'm just kind of worried, though, because there's ALWAYS tons of caveblockers in the AP...and they still take forever to get picked up. Even with 10 minutes intervals, that's still over 100 more eggs dumped into the AP, and that's not counting all the eggs dumped by people. I think, even though 5 minutes sound WONDERFUL, 10 would be not quite as harsh for the AP. I feel like multiple APs could benefit this idea, just so there's not a concentrated backlog of 1000+ caveblocker eggs in the ONE AP.
  10. The change doesn't make it fundamental, it affects a fundamental part of the site, which is breeding. If you WANT to go at playing the game alone, you still have the option to. I guess I'm just not understanding that part... Again, it's still independently yours. You don't have to allow your dragons to breed or not-- and that's okay! Begging already probably exists in the form of PMs for people who show their scrolls/participate in breeding and that kind of stuff. It won't lead to begging. And not every scrollname is the same as the forum name. Any begging posts are SPAM and would be treated as such. Posts, PMs, and emails are all also VERY easy to ignore and you don't even have to read them, just delete them. You may have to delete them a bit often, but I don't think it would be much more than any begging messages already existing. No one's hassled me to breed because I've recently gotten more rares and I don't say that I have breeding lists, I'd think. o3o Nothing's wrong with emotion, until you argue using it. This isn't my opinion, but emotion makes for strong arguments, yes, but often they are not...valid? I don't want to use valid. They are used some of the time to avoid facts and appeal to the human side of us. :3 I understand the feeling of solitude, but I think it would still have that even with this feature. I mean, Teleport didn't necessarily take away from the solitary nature. You still have to come to the forums if you want to set up something for specific people. Also the forum is the opposite of the solitary feeling...I guess it offers the right amount? Otherwise I can't put two and two together. It doesn't make sense to me that you want solitude but are on the forums...maybe to pitch in ideas and find breeders? That's what I originally came here for. o3o KageSora: You do explain it well. That makes sense, but the forum also makes it kind of social, too, I would think. I think with the objections and what I inferred from the first post, it WOULD be opt in. I guess I'm so used to most sites having SOME bit of social features (even though I have a facebook I barely use it except to check on things from my church group) that it doesn't seem that weird for it to change to being somewhat more social than it is...
  11. It IS an opt IN feature, right? Not opt out? That way no one gets bombarded from the start? I really like the idea. I would allow most stuff to be bred, but I'd make sure that the person is actually in need of a certain dragon (either they don't have the dragon, or have ONE but need the opposite gender). I don't stalk the breeding threads and don't want to necessarily list myself as a "breeder" because I'm technically not, and not everyone on DC uses the forums... I'm not sure I understand you... ...is a fundamental part of DC NOT breeding dragons? Fundamental, in the sense that I think you're meaning, is 'forming a necessary base or core; of central importance' To me, it seems the fundamental parts of DC are: -Collect and raise eggs/hatchlings to adulthood -Breed dragons to get more eggs ...and that's about it. That's the core of DC. Everything else is fluff. They've already been altered several times before. Adding new dragons alters it, because now there's more dragons to raise. Adding in the BSA's alters it, because they affect raising and breeding. Changing rare breeding to allow rarexrare alters it because now breeding is different. I'm just not sure if what you said is a valid argument. I think I get what you're TRYING to say, but you said it in a way that is incorrect. If you want privacy, you can always hide your scroll, or at least the adults. Also, if this is implemented, HOPEFULLY it's opt in and not opt out. But how will it not be independently yours? It's not like, even with the option on, that anyone can freely breed with your dragons. You would still have to approve the pairing. You would have control over which dragons are allowed to breed with others and which aren't. That sounds like control to me... We've already had plenty shifts "away from the DC we know". Again, as I said above, adding new dragons, BSA's, different breeding compatibility...and adding onto just that, the addition of the badges at the tops of pages AND the separation of the cave into six biomes and no more AP blocks. I really would like more in depth opinions against this. Arguments that are based on literally detrimental things and not appeals to emotion and 'glittering generalities'... With the 'glittering generalities' and appeals to emotion, it takes away from the validity of some of your arguments...and I think you're trying to be valid, and you CAN be, but just try to avoid those things.
  12. Original as in first idea, not brand new idea. I KNOW there are other renaming threads. The most recently-posted-in thread (that I found when doing the search) was last posted in on the 3rd of May. I stated in my first post that I didn't want to necro-post it. I know there were a few older threads, too, but they were just that: older. I realized that adding/renaming biomes would NOT be an original idea. It's just that all the suggestions I've seen don't quite seem to satisfy, so I offered THIS idea because it seemed like it would be a little more specific and satisfying than what we have now.
  13. Tales of the Abyss, hard mode, I actually died fighting in Mushroom Road. Dying is a feat in and of itself right now due to high level and so many crazy AD Skills. I got surrounded by all the monsters and they have multiple-hitting attacks and so I just...died. Course I have an AD Skill called "Angel's Tear" that auto-resurrects the character once per battle, so everything was alright after all. I didn't even notice I died until I saw that Angel's Tear had been used.
  14. O...kay... Everyone seems focused on my little wisp of an idea that was a possible city "biome", and NOT the original focus of my thread. ._. I was thinking the city would get shot down anyway. While I like the feedback on it, it's not really what I was looking for and wasn't planning on keeping it around. And I said that it would probably have pygmies and drakes- SMALL dragons/dragon-like creatures, not huge dragons. Not even vicious dragons. Why? For all the reasons stated: they would not be tolerated. But just as there are feral cats, I feel like there could be a few feral small-breeds around the towns and such.
  15. I didn't want to necro-post this thread and also my suggestion was a bit different. So, I don't fully like the idea of JUST "renaming" the biomes because it STILL doesn't completely cover everything in there... So I had another idea: Why not combine similar biomes and also rename slightly? That is to say, the names (they'd have to be listed vertically probably to save space) would be "____&____" I was thinking the biomes could be like: -Alpine & Tundra -River & Shoreline -Desert & Savanna/Grasslands/Field (personally I like savanna the most) -Forest & Swamp -Jungle & Tropics -Volcano & Bad/Wastelands That way it's a little more specific and still encompasses everything. Although, now that I think about it, I feel like there could almost be a biome (although I guess it's not technically a biome) for civilized areas, like villages or cities/kingdoms. After all, I feel like some species get along rather well with humans and such, and there are possibly some that roam the streets, etc, or live in a hayloft or something. Maybe something like the pygmies and drakes, or other small breeds. Especially some of the breeds that are based on birds... This was focused on too much and clearly shot down. I wanted more thoughts on the original idea of the thread, not this part, though I was curious to see others' thoughts on it... ._. Also, for emphasis, note that I said small breeds. Some feedback suggests big, cattle-eating stuff would be around. I guess they would, but they'd be chased off so you wouldn't really find them there.
  16. Wat? ._. I never said you would have to wait a day on the eggs. The thing for the hatchlings is just to help ensure that they don't accidentally die of sickness after being sick+ERing as an egg. I was saying that AFTER that day, the hatchlings would also have the view caps like the egg view cap suggestion I quoted. It doesn't even have to be a day. That would be the maximum time. I was thinking anywhere from an hour to a day. :3
  17. Oh, I meant I liked the hidden code that is only for the owner. I completely didn't edit the quoted part...I don't feel like going back to edit it now I suggested that because someone mentioned their Prize dragons still remaining sick after hatching. A day would mean that they have 6 days left? It's not really that crazy a time? And generally the views gotten while being ER'd as an egg are enough to at least gender the hatchlings early enough. I've had them gender at 5 or 6 days left and then I still have to wait forever for them to grow up anyway... It's not hard to add a hatchling to another hatchery anyway, if they need it.
  18. I like this. This combined with a few other ideas would be good. Would hatchlings follow suit? Maybe hatchlings, for a period of time after hatching (especially on some hatch sites where for a few minutes the hatchling is still in ER after being put there as an egg), they can't receive any more views? Maybe even up to a day. And then from there, they would have the same kind of "cap" like the eggs. Is it really that hard to, on the get code page right when you get the egg, to follow the egg's link to its page, then go to actions and hide the egg? Or even go straight to your dragon page>actions>hide? And then it stays hidden until you unfog it. I would suggest being mindful of the time on your egg... I wouldn't mind if a BSA like the one proposed for Grays fogged all the eggs/hatchings, but I wouldn't ever want a timer on it :\ That makes the game TOO easy. That's currently the best way to combat view-bombing. Fog the eggs as SOON as you get them and be mindful of their time. Wait till they get to "4 days xx hours" and then do all the influence/incubate or other things you want to do...
  19. actually it's just %20, no second % Also I feel like using named linking as an argument against it is kind of poor, only because you COULD just use the dragon's code :I I mean, I guess it's kind of neat? I don't see why it's important to use its name...
  20. I can see no umlauts, but I suggest accents, this thing (that I never remember the name of) ç and tilde-n's ñ because we actually use those in English (they're taken from other languages, but we still use them) such as in fiancé and fiancée, façade, and jalapeño. shut up Firefox spellcheck I know you don't recognize the symbols, but I promise they're spelled correctly
  21. I can understand having . and ~ I could also see allowing things like accents (é) and umlauts (ö) and the tildes actually OVER the letters (ñ) and maybe even these thingies (ç) ...but that's all of the ones that make sense to me. I don't like the idea of question marks or even asterisks. Though if those are added, I feel like all the regular characters (!, @, #, $, %, ^, &, *, (, ) and whatever else that can be normally typed) should be allowed. Well maybe not @ or #... Okay so I'm undecided.