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  1. Oh wow congrats on the contests! Is it like the first games where you have different ranks? o: Also, huh. Seeing how your Durant is marked makes me curious as to how everyone marks their Pokemon, if they do. I mark mine based on their nature/favorite flavor/contest type, since they're all the same: circle for cool/spicy, triangle for beauty/dry, square for tough/sour, heart for cute/sweet...and then there was a change in the amount of marks! Originally I had all marked for smart/bitter and none for no preference, but with the extra two marks they added in 4th gen, I use the star for smart/bitter and the diamond for no pref. Pika, your Durant is like the opposite of how I would mark her! I would normally have it the other way where everything but the heart was negative/lighter. Now I'm really excited to win some contests! I remember only ever being successful with one Pokemon in Ruby and that was my Salamence. I did contests again in 4th gen, too, but I can't remember if I got very far or not. I didn't do much of anything with the musical whatever because it just wasn't the same and I was bad at it. How on earth do you get ONE Pokemon to be good at all of them though??? I couldn't win the master contests in Ruby without having perfectly full sheen, and that took up ALL the fullness, even though I used the best quality berries. The sheen was the ONLY thing that ever kept me from getting 1st on my other Pokemon even though I blew the competition away for the appeal... Tell me your secrets! D:<
  2. First time I played Ruby I totally thought Maxie was an older woman. :U I kind of wish he was. Tazzay let's just somehow work together to find all the shinies.
  3. you guys are all finding shinies WHEN IS IT MY TURN :C omeg ruby pls. bby pls. Just one. Eh, I'm sure I'll be lucky at some point. :U
  4. ooh, I do like the more roomy look! It looks nice.
  5. Uhhh but shouldn't Team Aqua be on your side in OR...? So that means you can like Archie all you want? He's the bad guy in AS (IF, that is, it's pretty much the same as the original games. I assume it is, I haven't gotten too far). I really like Archie too. :3c --- wyvern: Bahaha, if you do happen to get one of the games (preferrably AS :U) I wouldn't mind at all helping you get everything you need as far as version exclusives and such.
  6. Eh no Skarmory doesn't really have much place there...I would suggest a Fighting or Fairy type of some sort. I was thinking Gardevoir/Gallade or maybe even Medicham. o3o You're also lacking a little in electricity so maybe an electric type? Then again Gardevoir and Gallade can both learn electric moves, though you're going to want Thunder Punch which you'd have to wait for with Gallade...But you can teach Thunderbolt to Gardevoir! Sadly either one adds another psychic type, but at least Metagross and Gardevoir/Gallade have very different weaknesses and resistances.
  7. idk I've always liked Hoenn and its water. I do wish it had more resting stops, though, where you could heal without having to Fly/Teleport/Surf all the way back.
  8. I think even though I had the guide for original Ruby, it was still a pain to get through water routes. There are SO MANY BATTLES, including trainers, so it really wears out your team if you don't have repels. Luckily there is the Black Flute and I believe it's functional again, so if you at least want reduced wild encounters there's that. Or bring a TON of max repels. Not getting into battles really helps you get faster through the vast expanse of ocean. Not to mention that you at least now always have access to an open map so it gives you a rough idea of where you are.
  9. If we ever have something that just isn't spicy enough, my mom loves adding a pinch of ground African bird pepper (piri piri) to dishes. I really like that it adds a really good kick without altering the flavor too much like chili powder and others will. I don't really know too much about spices and things. I want to learn a bit more, though. My mom's a much better cook and knows a lot about that sort of stuff so I let her do the experimental mixing.
  10. Oh, yeah, I guess I can see that. It was mostly with the owner of the animatronics, though, IIRC. I suppose Soos and Giffany could be seen a bit like that, but I didn't really see anything necessarily "problematic" with either instance.
  11. No! Hopes of getting shiny Primal Groudon and Rayquaza are dashed ;n; Oh well, I'll be trying hardcore for the other legends I want, particularly the Tao dragons. Maybe not Kyurem. I don't care about Kyurem's shinies. :U Dragoon: Well, X/Y did raise the chances from 1/8192 to 1/4096, and that carries over to ORAS. I also wouldn't be surprised if the DexNav somehow influences the Pokemon you're looking for to be shiny. I don't really know too much about it though so don't quote me on that! Congrats on all the shinies though! now give them to meeee
  12. As well, they generally will add/keep words that are used a lot, even if they need to change the definition to add in a new meaning (I believe something fairly recent happened for the definition for 'literally' because it is more often used for figurative meanings...). Since antisocial is used a lot to mean asocial, it's likely that a definition may be added to say something along the lines of it being another word for asocial. Maybe. Might be more likely for it to simply redirect to asocial with "did you mean asocial?" Anyway, just rambling now. --- I've never minded bikers or their loud bikes, really. o3o --- A peeve of mine: when someone is trying to pass around you because they just want to go faster, and then they end up stuck because either a light turned red, there are cars ahead to make it impossible for them to continue going faster, or both. I just laugh at them and think "hah, that's what you get for hurrying! Didn't really get you anywhere." Another: People who tailgate. Not only is it dangerous, but it's rude. While the person tailgating might not realize they are, it comes off as pushy to the driver in front and in the case of a larger vehicle tailgating a smaller one, the headlights are quite blinding in their rear-view mirror. Ideally, for each 10-15 mph you're going, my grandmother (who drives buses for a living and has been for several years) told me you need about a car length between you and the car ahead of you. So, if you're going ~60mph, you should hopefully have ~6 car lengths of space between you and the other car. It gives you time to break in case they have to suddenly stop, as well as allowing others to fit in there if they need to. More driving peeves: Whenever people don't leave any space for cars to go through at intersections. Ugh. Even more: Whenever the people at my school don't stop at the STOP sign at the loop in the parking lot, and even worse when they go before those coming into the parking lot go. Basically the loop is set up to where those coming in have the right of way; the only time those going out are able to go is when someone coming in is turning or when there's a large enough gap to be able to go without stopping the incoming cars. But no, many do rolling stops at best. Most cars just roll right on through. It's annoying.
  13. I got the game when it came out and I'm not even out of Petalburg Woods yet. :U Still trying to get a Silkoon and otherwise evolving the things I can <3
  14. I meant without Sweet Scent... (and besides, nothing I currently have has it) And I've been battling a lot of battles and haven't found any yet. ._. I didn't think it was tied to the DexNav but that could make sense. I wonder what level it needs to be at?
  15. UGH I WAS SORT OF THINKING OF THAT but didn't want to say it because it sounded like a cop out. D:
  16. I know there are horde encounters but I have NOT found a single one yet. Does anyone know if there's an event that triggers them? I suppose I haven't gotten too far yet, but I've seen that hordes can appear even in the first route but I never came across any. They aren't THAT rare are they? They weren't overly common in X/Y but they weren't rare...
  17. •I thought it was two years between first and second gen? Maybe it's just my memory failing. But was gen 3 really about the same timeline as gen 1? •I think that may just be a reference to when RSE were first released, a little more than ten years ago. There are several references to the old games. •For this point and the next, is possible that the trailer-run business is what started AFTER the Royal Unova was put into use and someone from Hoenn took the village sandwiches to Unova and settled at Village Bridge. They hope to expand the business in Unova since it was popular in Hoenn, maybe? •I think maybe that's also a reference to the original games. It's also possible that, after trying to make "New Mauville", they gave up and renovated regular Mauville. •I'm really thinking these games are technically 'pre-XY', especially from that statement. •I don't think the WiiU means anything other than a real world reference. •Simply more proof of prequelness. Honestly this is reminding me of the FNAF timeline and how everyone was super shocked to find out it was a prequel...
  18. I'm not sure what it looks like as I didn't seem to get the new page, but I assume it looks similar to the news post about it. Would it maybe be better if the news and things were along the top instead of the side?
  19. *Lake Trio, but I think Pixie Trio is fine. OMG DAT TEXT THO
  20. I really hope you do find a shiny! Not only to prove it's not shiny locked, but also because you'll be incredibly lucky and that's worth congratulating! As much as I don't like regular shiny Groudon too much, I definitely like Primal Groundon's shiny so I think I might try to SR for it and Rayquaza. Does the RNG trick work and can anyone post any tips for doing it (fairly) successfully? I still have no idea how anyone does it. Me, I just keep resetting until I eventually get bored. D:
  21. It's nice to know GF is giving a little bit more attention to the competitive crowd! I love it! And really, it's nice for casuals, too, though I doubt they'd care quite as much. It may make them more likely to become competitive, though.
  22. Shiny locks have always been around. Mew is never able to be legitimately shiny in Gen II, for example. Its IVs were fixed to prevent shininess. But yes, it seems to be the *main legends* that are usually locked (Resh/Zek, Xer/Yv/Zy). I say "usually" but I mean when locking really became "popular". I'm scared Groudon and Kyogre, possibly even Rayquaza, may end up locked. D:
  23. Well, I said Jirachi because there was a problem with *legit* shiny event Jirachi being counted as illegal in X/Y, iirc. Might not be from "locking" though, but rather an oversight where the game doesn't thing there can be any legal shinies of it. OMG really??? I was enjoying the DexNav but now I like it even more!
  24. Yes, I have to agree that I see no need for them in any of the subforums, excluding DR. It's much much much easier using a poll to choose things in DR than having users post...as many people prefer not to post. I'm not sure why Merch even *needs* it (not like it gets enough traffic to make much difference), and BSAs seem very very similar to general suggestions. I do have to say, though, that some polls in DR seem to just be "do you like this dragon" rather than actually choosing from certain choices about some aspect of the dragon.
  25. I dunno, there could still be shiny-locked legends. It's just that some of them aren't locked; in other games, not every legend was shiny locked. I think maybe in X and Y they were, though. I'm glad that Reshiram isn't locked anymore, though! I've been wanting shiny Reshi and Zek for a while now <3 Course I don't think Groudon and Kyogre, or any of the other 3rd gen legends (except Jirachi?) were ever shiny locked. Maybe I'm wrong though?