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  1. well that's dumb Really wish you were able to choose, or it was influenced by the first contest you go into :\ The cool one is my favorite...oh well at least it can be changed, but that's seriously stereotyping. I suppose it's not the first time its happened. --- WELP I have to sadly end my shiny hunt because I didn't go into it having lots of healing items and I'm out of them now. High-level Minuns are seriously dangerous.
  2. Bahaha, I'm taking it super ultra slow. Right now I'm juuust above Slateport at the first grass patch (haven't even talked to Stern yet ). I took a break to try to shiny hunt. It's getting dangerous with levels but the experience and increased odds of shiny are worth it. Hoping I can find a 3 star shiny Electrike, and maybe it will have a good egg move (Flame Burst!), too. I found a 1 star high level one with Flame Burst, but I really want a 3 star Dx Also, for those who don't want to have to get tons of repels: I've found that running JUST off screen of the edge of a patch of grass basically forces the Pokemon to be on the edge. Above Slateport, I've been running around up and down between the sign and the fence post on the right. It's the furthest I could run around and still trigger the DexNav. All the Pokemon so far have been on the rightmost edge of the grass patch there. c:
  3. There isn't really a solid suggestion here at all, just some initial ideas for a suggestion. What's being suggested, however, from what I can tell, is just ideas for methods of different kinds of alts (color morphs most likely) for different dragons. Why would it say which dragons do what when that hasn't been decided yet? Though, to be fair, it's implied that it means dirt-common dragons, to make them at least *somewhat* more valuable. I do wish the OP might be updated to have some of the ideas in the other posts quoted. I'm really liking a lot of the ideas here.
  4. OOH that's great to know! Although, I'm not really sure how to start a chain? I assume it's either whenever the DexNav responds to a nearby Pokemon or you initiate one by selecting the Pokemon to search, right? I guess it doesn't really matter, so long as it's not a normal battle and you don't scare off Pokemon. WAY easier than the Pokeradar by far!
  5. That would be awesome! Though it might be hard to track who the original owner was. o3o
  6. Personally I think it would be a great idea to have the full news on-site as well. Just the first post, since that's all that matters. It would also be good for those who just don't feel like going to the forum just to see what's happening, not just for those who can't.
  7. Rhynn: Well, usually when there are leftover pre-order items, they just become available to everyone on a first come, first serve basis. At least that's been my experience. c: Congrats on the figurines! now give them to meee
  8. Isn't the January "release" the raffle dragons though? o: I suppose there's not a normal release but I believe the raffle takes up that time. It would be hard for TJ to have to contact the winners, give the ones who reply their prizes, AND do a normal release, I would think... It might be tomorrow but I doubt it will be Sunday. We'll see, I suppose!
  9. The game series 'Deep Sleep' make me too scared to try lucid dreaming on purpose. ;n; Though, in a dream recently, I managed to turn a scary tarantula into an adorable fluffy kitten. :U
  10. Like as in totally restart? From the start menu, you must press and hold up+select+B and go through some confirmation screens. Unless you mean reset? You can hard reset by turning on and off the system (or at least going to the home menu, closing the game, and then starting it again), or soft reset by pressing start, L, and R all at once.
  11. I learned that you only start getting random horde battles after getting the mega bracelet or whatever. o3o Though, I've been using Sweet Scent to initiate them and, though they're a bit dangerous when I have a Pokemon without an area attack right now, they're AMAZING for grinding. My Graveler is super useful and has Bulldoze and the Magnemites and Minuns aren't really enjoying it. :U Sturdy Magnemites+Supersonic are super annoying though. Buuuuut I'm not really starting hordes to level. I'm trying to find a Minun horde with a Plusle and not getting much luck. :c Curse you, really low encounter rates! EDIT: Huzzah! Found one finally.
  12. This. If there's nothing to do other than saying "oh hey I caught this dragon!", why not just find its code and link to it to show it off? Honestly I think the only thing I would want to do with a dragon from the wilderness is be able to breed with them, because there are so many awesome dragons in there that would be useful, but that has been hardcore rejected. At least the interacting suggestion was a cute idea that had a use, though I still probably wouldn't use it.
  13. Ok Pie, sure, it's not unrealistic for him to act that way in thinking "ew gross it's a girl"....but he doesn't say that! If he had maybe freaked out *more* about her being a girl, then it would have seemed like it really was an "ew gross it's a girl" situation...but it's not. And it's a really *really* noticeable difference from the first game. What came off as just a young boy who thought he might be friends with another boy but was just a bit surprised she was a girl and brushed it off, is now a young boy who thought he might be friends with another boy and was slightly disappointed and very shocked that she was a girl and seems to begrudgingly accept the friendship. He boasts multiple times throughout the game about his achievements and even seems surprised when you do anything. I remember him saying something about being amazed at how I managed to sneak up on that Poochyena in that little tutorial. >___> Anyway, I'm not really trying to delve too much into the topic of sexism, but I just want to say that, while it might be "realistic", it's also delivering the message of "this is how other young boys act towards girls, it's okay to act like this if you're a young boy". Same with the girl's side. The original text wasn't nearly as bad, though Brendan did seem to come off as a little bit arrogant and cocky from time to time, but now it just seems he views May as being completely inferior to him because she's a girl. That's the point being made. Not sure the Pokemon world is patriarchal or not. I'm not so sure I've ever seen proof of that other than how new Brendan treats the player. o3o But anyway, on a lighter topic: with all the discussion about how that one character (I assume its one of the GF avatars) gives you a certificate for showing a Groudon/Kyogre/Rayquaza from the respective original games (I think you have to have G/K/R from R/S/E respectively, so Groudon from Emerald or Rayquaza from Sapphire wouldn't work?), I just wanted to say that I remember my mom telling me that if you have the shiny event Beldum (possibly its evolutions too) in your party and you talk to Mr. Stone after delivering the letter to Steven, that he'll comment on it looking like one of Steven's Beldums. o3o Just a nice easter egg. Not sure if anyone noticed that or not. I haven't tried talking to him with a Metang yet so I don't know if it will work. It might still register since it's still from the event.
  14. Ooh yay I just got it! Exciting! I have to say, I think it looks nicer on the Portal 2 skin than the default one, BUT I still agree with Cazanna's post for adding a little bit more space. I think I also slightly prefer how the default skin has a bar between the main text and the news column. It helps separate it from the cave text. The sort page has it for Portal 2, so why not the main page? But all in all I really like having the news column around. c:
  15. One of the meanings of wyrm I've known, other than the legless dragon kind, was just another term for "dragon" in general. o3o
  16. AW DAMN D: It's too bad my originally Ruby doesn't save anymore...all of my original Ruby Pokemon are all in my original copy of Pearl, which I lost. :c Maybe my mom has something from Sapphire/Emerald but I'm not sure, since I think she may have lost whatever game she transferred those Pokemon to as well and I think Sapphire went kaput. Emerald might still work.
  17. I do have to say, I think N is probably the most attractive character Pokemon has ever had, or at least one of them. Very interesting, too. and would have probably fit right in with the rest of the cast of Death Note...after he competes with Near for the title of "the true N" that is :Y
  18. Ugh I wish we could romance the other characters! D: I would TOTALLY romance Flannery in a heartbeat. And Brawly. And Courtney and Shelly. Steven. Zinnia. Archie. I would somehow get Silver, Morty, Karen, Lance, Volkner, Flint, Cynthia, Elesa, Skyla, Cheren, Roxie, and most definitely N in the game to romance them. OH, and that one guy I don't remember the name of who you do sort of romance in B2W2 if you play as the girl, plus Guitarist January. OH. Curtis. Then again, knowing Cynthia, she's probably already SOMEWHERE in the game. She stalks you everywhere. Everywhere. I actually do want to somehow make a Pokemon game (probably not ROM hack because that's too limited) and including romancing characters.
  19. He has. There are some small differences in the original text and this one, but they've added a lot to it that makes him seem even more disrespectful and cocky in general, and May seems even more gushy and weird. Oh well, I still like being May and being able to show up that dbag. >:\ This probably explains why it never bothered me in the original. He was still kind of a jerk, but definitely more friendly than Blue/Green/Gary and Silver. It was less of an arrogance thing and more of a true rivalry or something. But these differences. ._.
  20. Yeah, the quotes are on Bulbapedia, too. Text seems to be mostly/completely the same, so I can tell how different it is. But still I do not remember him being such a jerk... And I hate when he brags about how completely his pokedex is. I'm like "I bet you anything mine is more complete."
  21. I personally don't dislike Brendan but I greatly preferred his Emerald look to the ORAS one. I have NO idea why he's randomly tan but May isn't? Can't be genetics, Professor Birch is hardly that dark and none of the parents, Norman included, are that dark, so I assume it's from sun but May is still white as ever. Pika: But isn't May that way if you play as Brendan? o3o Or do they have different lines? Just kidding, they totally have different lines. Like completely. I do NOT remember him being such a buttface in the original. Wow. Shows how good my memory is.
  22. I want to learn how to use various weapons, guns included, for self-defense. I want to own a gun for emergencies. But other than those situations I have no desire to ever use a gun, and even for self-defense it will be semi-reluctantly.
  23. I would give it to Wally if I could o3o Poor boy is probably going to die young anyway, might as well let him have the experience right?
  24. Isn't that a good thing though? I mean, for the most part.
  25. Only Master ribbons? :c b-b-but I liked having all of the ribbons! That's pretty awesome, I kind of figured. I actually had the idea during Black 2 to start marking based on IVs, since I didn't think the contest stuff mattered anymore, but it's such an old habit that it's just stuck. ...that seems TOO easy, but okay. o3o I guess all I'll have to change now is the moveset.