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  1. I believe it stems from a survival aspect. If you're wrong about something, there's a good possibility that it will lead to bad things, usually death. It's not so much as being afraid of being wrong as it is the fear of the repercussions of being wrong- even if those repercussions are just you feeling bad about being wrong. So, yes, it probably is about security, but I believe the underlying reason has to do with survival. Nowadays, obviously, we don't *think* it's really related to survival because often the matter of being right or wrong on a subject isn't a life or death situation, but instead it's about ridicule and looking stupid in front of others, and/or about what Nine mentioned: self-doubt in other subjects. But the reason for feeling bad from those things, I think still stems from a survival aspect. c: But if it isn't truly a life or death situation: I think we all need to learn that we can and will be wrong from time to time, and need to accept that. If others become sore winners, just learn to brush it off. If it doesn't really matter, sometimes it will take away some of the initial pleasure the "winner" felt in realizing they didn't really win anything. If you can accept when you are wrong, it also helps lessen the feeling of humiliation and anxiety. Besides, when you are wrong, normally you also learn the correct answer, which will help in the future, so maybe even thank a person who corrects you. Instead of feeling good about showing you up, you can help teach them that they can feel good about helping others rather than boasting about being right. Right? idk I might be wrong. :Y And that's okay.
  2. Wait why would you be able to customize your trainer in this game? It was never present in the originals and May and Brendan are already established trainers. Hoenn was never really about the "beauty" aspect like Kalos is, so it makes sense it wouldn't have it, even hair/eye/skin color. I do hope they have it going forward, and I think they will. --- YES I GET RESHIRAM I really want Zekrom too, though :c Both of the shinies are awesome!
  3. I mean I think mixed sets are sometimes used on regular Kyogre, but I think they usually have Choice Scarves, which are usually more useful. But that's not the point; usually Kyogre thrives on Thunder/Ice Beam/Water Spout, which even Primal Kyogre uses. o3o It could have really used a speed boost, or even defense. I think other than the occasional coverage move like Earthquake, neither Kyogre really uses physical moves, and solely physical sets wouldn't like being burned, though I think the only move that can burn Primal Kyogre would be Scald. Primal Kyogre doesn't suck, it's just that usually a choice item alternative is more viable is all. Though, regular Kyogre's bane is Primal Groudon.
  4. So apparently Primal Kyogre isn't as useful as regular Kyogre, aside from being decent against Primal Groudon when its ability overrides Groudon's. I think it would have been better if the attack boosts were given to defense and speed, or even just defense or just speed, but it was wasted on attack. :c Well, I shouldn't say wasted. It does have some physical moves. Some. Earthquake is nice, and I suppose if someone really wanted they could run a physical set and use Aqua Tail but it's soooo weak and unreliable with its imperfect accuracy. Why would anyone bother? xU
  5. If we really do have less releases in general, I hope they will be larger releases to make up for lack of dragons. :c
  6. That's not exactly what this suggestion is about...
  7. The Help page only has five of them. It's lacking Summon, Bite, Splash, and Expunge. It would be nice if, when you use a BSA for the first time (or maybe just go to the 'actions' page of the dragon with the BSA? Click on enough dragons with it?), it unlocks in the Encyclopedia, at least for the ones that aren't on the help page.
  8. But that would be December... I do believe TJ did say (or at least hint) that they would still be monthly. The only thing that wasn't going to be clear was exactly when in the month it would be; even weekdays aren't impossible. He just said it was more likely it would be on the weekends. o3o It might be completely random again, which is unfortunate. While I understand the toll it must take on TJ, especially when he has all of these big updates, I still think it's definitely not as great anymore without the certainty of releases.
  9. Oops! Was probably thinking about regular Drought and Drizzle as far as overturning each other. owo;; Eh well, I just got it backwards. :U
  10. I suppose that's true! Of course, with the Primals against each other it depends on who's sent out first. Kyogre wins if Groudon is sent first, and vice versa. EDIT: WELP! one of the high level Electrikes I was hunting was level 34, so it had Roar...and used it. And broke the chain. Guess I can safely go back to town and heal. :\ I'm wondering if finding different Pokemon DOES break your chain. The info on Serebii says it does...not sure which source to believe.
  11. Without a doubt I'm sure that Primal Kyogre is still the King of Ubers. Primal Groudon and Mega Rayquaza may come close to stopping it but it still destroys them. o3o
  12. hoping for midnight tonight. :\ TJ pls ;A; Yup! In fact I believe the number on the CL is ~400-500+ dragons. c:
  13. Wow, so it's okay to not try to make DC as available to the largest possible audience? "You can't play the game in full, sucks for you" is basically what your post translated to. :\ While I suppose you can play DC just fine, it sucks not having all the information about whatever new update or release there is, which imo hinders those that cannot access the forum. The elitism can stay out of this. I think TJ should try to make this site as available as possible to all kinds of audiences. Also who says he has to post it twice? I'm sure there are ways to make it work without manually posting it. And even then, it doesn't take much time to do that if he just copies and pastes it.
  14. But what on earth is wrong with the whole first post of a news thread being available on the main site? This isn't about the new news feed really at all, or not liking drama, although some may not want to potentially read the drama anyway. This would BENEFIT them because they can still see things important to actually *playing* the game and changes made without the rest of the drama. There are kids games as well as several resources a lot of children nowadays have to access for homework/other school reasons. Not really sure what the rest of the post about education in differing countries has to do with anything. And I seriously doubt it's "a select few". While those that cannot have/do not want a forum account might be few, this would also be helpful for those that don't have one because they didn't notice it or whatever other reason. There are far more accounts on the main site than on the forum, after all (and a bunch of the forum ones, as I've seen, are all spam accounts). I really think this would just make it more fair for everyone involved if the first post could be read on the main site without having to go to a completely different site, let alone that it's a whole forum. I think it better evens the playing field between those who don't use the forum for whatever reason and those that do. While you don't need an account to view most of the forum's content, especially news posts, why should that matter??? Some just can't see it even if they wanted to!
  15. I kind of figured Salamence would end up Uber. o3o But what about some of the others? I'm curious if Metagross's position was restored or not. ALSO THE LATIS AREN'T SHINY LOCKED? YESsSSssssSSS. Dunno if I want shiny Latios. I might SR for Eon Ticket Latias though. c: Might still try for Latios. Did the US ever get the Eon Ticket and I totally missed it? x.x Otherwise I feel like I would try to get it ASAP and somehow streetpass everyone. Too bad using the PSS/being online doesn't do anything. Or does it? Does it count at all? I mean it counts in Pokemon but I don't know if the 3DS registers online encounters with streetpass.
  16. I find gems and crystals and other minerals highly fascinating most of the time. I think my favorites are peridots (which are also my birthstone) and obsidian, though the latter isn't exactly a gem as it is glass. A cartoon called Steven Universe came out just a year ago and it's one of my favorites! It features a lot of characters that are beings known as Gems, with the main cast being Crystal Gems. It's a great show. c:
  17. I fully support this. The news feed is wonderful, but being able to see the full first post of a news thread on the main site itself would be awesome. Even if I don't use it much since I frequent the forums, I'd still like the option. It ONLY needs to be the first post and nothing more, though edits will still be taken into account.
  18. The stars mean how many perfect IVs of 31 they have, yes. They may have more than 3 when there are 3 stars, all it means is they have 3 guaranteed. One or two just mean they only have one or two perfect stats.
  19. So? That already happens in other games that don't have locks, I'm sure. What does it matter if they happen to be shiny afterwards? Starters don't show up shiny in the bag at the beginning, but they can be shiny.
  20. I have no idea why any legendary ever would be locked, but they have been :\
  21. Well, those are the ones that might be locked, if they are. I heard confirmation of Groudon and Kyogre, at least. Everything else is either unknown or confirmed not locked.
  22. Eh? Kyogre and Groudon, and possibly Rayquaza, are all locked. The rest don't seem to be. Deoxys might be.
  23. What I personally don't understand is why you're (or anyone else is) against the first post of a news thread to be on the main site as well...it makes a lot of sense to me. It's true you don't need a form account to read the news posts, but some people aren't allowed and some just don't want to view the forum. Why not make the first post available on the main site? I don't know why we're getting caught up on education and child-raising...
  24. ASDFJKLJG; MINUNS ARE BUTTHEADS >:U cute as they are, they are now the bane of my existence I'll probably restart shiny hunting anyway, but with more preparation H.
  25. cocoa/cacao beans, you mean? I mean, they ARE used for making chocolate, but I'm sure you've seen the varying types of dark chocolate, where they have different percentages of cacao. The higher, the more bitter because they don't have as much sweetening things in them. They're more "pure" chocolate, in a sense. o3o