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  1. They respond to stimuli but don't actually feel "pain". Things hurt and cause pain because that's our way of registering something as dangerous that we need to get away from. Plants, for the most part, can't exactly get away now can they?
  2. I do have the shiny events but it's not the same as SRing for them! Besides, when I lost my original Black I lost one of the two sets of shiny beasts I had :c I was lucky I had another set (or maybe just one extra Raikou? I can't remember now). I still have the shiny dragons *somewhere* I think. Don't remember which games they were for. Was that Black and White? Might be in my second copy, I know I didn't lose them. Japan gets everything and it's totally unfair. >:C Don't they realize Pokemon is super popular here, too? I don't see why they don't release Pokemon movies in theatres anymore (seem to be on TV for a bit and then they're sent to DVD/blu-ray). But events. I need events! ;A; They get sooo many. I was waiting for so long to get the shiny Hydreigon event and we never got it. :\ Mystery: Does this help? It's southeast of Mauville and you need a level 100 Pokemon.
  3. I have a huge list of shinies to SR for. -Regirock -Ho-oh -Latias -maaaybe Latios -Palkia -Giratina -Virizion (though I wish it was a bit more of a true pink like it used to be rather than the almost salmon/coral it's become) -maaaybe Terrakion -Reshiram -maaaybe Entei -Suicune -Tornadus -Landorus -Cresselia WISH ME LUCK though not yet since I'm not even close to that point, but still. Curse these version exclusives! Really wish I could get Lugia, Dialga, Zekrom, and Thundurus, too. :\ If Articuno, Moltres, Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Shaymin, Victini, Keldeo, Meloetta, and/or Genesect are ever added in a way that can be SRd I will try for them, too. However, I'm highly doubtful any of them will be available outside of an event, and most of them will be shiny locked if they're event Pokemon, so...
  4. That's true! Considering the hero from Black/White and N/hero from the sequels would have Resh/Zek. I think a few other legends may be "required" but I know those two are. Storm: Congrats on the shiny Reshy! Sadly the nature isn't perfect but otherwise, that's awesome! (also hopefully that characteristic means it's a perfect, since one of the IVs for that one is 31. Don't legends now have 1 or 2 stats with guaranteed perfect IVs?) I would be so sad if I reset that many times only to accidentally kill a shiny legend/have it use Struggle to kill itself. May try to bring something with Heal Pulse. o3o Note to self: Use a Gallade with False Swipe, Heal Pulse, Thunder Wave, and Hypnosis. Perfect plan! > For roaming or Pokemon with Roar, I guess Mean Look works. Mean Look overrides Roar, right? Dx EDIT: Wait no it doesn't. I was thinking Teleport and stuff. Oh well, Roar still wins. :c So long as I'm higher level it shouldn't be a problem. Level 100 Gallade, yes!
  5. I named him Nikola. Besides, why Thunderlion? Electrikes and Manectrics aren't lions, they're maned wolves! Luxrays are more appropriate thunder lions. I totally had a dream last night where I found a shiny and accidentally killed it. D: Don't remember what it was. I think it was a Ralts? I dreamt that I was using my Vigoroth and I totally thought it was my Metang, so I attack, but then I realized I meant to send out my Vigoroth to use Yawn to put it asleep...and forgot! What a horrible dream! Ooh! Catch Virizion in either a Heal Ball, Nest Ball, or Dusk Ball (probably Heal Ball, especially if it's shiny!). I would suggest Friend or Love Ball but I don't think you can get them (easily) into ORAS.
  6. Layout change? I suppose it will add one more link to the top bar, but otherwise everything should be the same...why should that need to be "optional"? From what I understand it will be a separate page (or at least that's what most people want) and the current layout shouldn't be touched at all.
  7. My quest for the perfect Electrike is over (though I may still try to go after a shiny eventually) because I was too impatient. I still managed to get a really good Electrike, though! Wish it was female, but I got a 3 star (HP, Sp Attack, Speed) Timid Lightningrod male. It has Switcheroo which I don't really care about, but it looks like it may also have perfect or close to perfect IVs in Attack and Special Defense, too. c: Too bad it doesn't have great defense. Not like it needs attack because it's Timid. Regardless, I'm pretty happy with him! Now if only I had a good name. xU
  8. But isn't she like a time traveler too or whatever? So then it could make sense that she had a daughter but is now a teen again...or something. Maybe she also just looks young or is around 18/19?
  9. Bulbapedia just lists '12', not two different ages. That's what I meant. |D So May and Brendan have always been 12. I want to romance Steven D: He's young enough! ...I think. He's 25. IT'S FINE. TOTES FINE.
  10. I definitely agree with granny over there about Steven being a dreamboat :Y It's a parallel universe, right? So maybe this Brendan and May are older? Though, Bulbapedia records their ages as 12 so eh, I'd consider that old enough to be a teen or at least a pre-teen (since 'teen' refers to the -teen in the names, so 12 is still pre-teen :U)
  11. The biggest reason M-Ray is banned is due to it being an unrestricted 800+ BST Pokemon. It mega evolves without a stone, only needing Dragon Ascent, so it can have any item it wants. It has a higher BST than most (all?) Ubers and a useful ability. Details here. tl;dr It's the very definition of OP.
  12. I realized that. c: If I ever adopted, I don't think I would ever try to force my child to learn who their biological parents are; that's really up to them. But I would still encourage testing for medical reasons. Actually that's probably good for *anyone*. I'm not so sure you necessarily need to contact anyone for that, though, right? Simple blood tests should be able to cover most things. Still, probably easier to just ask someone and hope they know at least the worst things running in their family.
  13. I see, I misunderstood you then. o: Sorry about that! Though, I do think it would still be hard to monitor a child's every moment online, at the very least. But either way, I don't think it should really be much of a point for or against the suggestion. I think it should be left at: "Some parents do not want their children on a forum, so it would be good to have the full news post on the main site". Doesn't really matter about the supervision tactics used by the parent other than not wanting them on forums. o:
  14. Well, personally I don't really think it matters who your biological parents are, but it definitely matters what their genes and genetic history are. It's probably best you do learn at least what kinds of disease or other genetic 'quirks' they may have (good or bad). c: I think that's really the important part.
  15. Well, it's not like our bodies are perfect. o.o I don't know why specifically their bodies don't (always) paralyze them, but it's pretty much just like any situation where someone's body doesn't do x or y or whatever. But most of the time, your brain paralyzes you for that reason. Often times during REM sleep we can 'see', 'hear', and even 'feel' things in our dreams. If you've ever seen someone or something (like a pet) when its asleep and it begins twitching, that the paralysis keeping them from moving around too much. Cuz if you COULD move around when you're not truly aware of your surroundings, you can easily stumble into things or swing your limbs around and bruise or break them.
  16. I wouldn't say it's good OR bad. It's just dreams that you're able to be fully aware in and thus are usually able to totally control or at least move around in the way you want. But it can have some scary side effects, most notably sleep paralysis, in which you are awake and can see around you but cannot move due to the body's way of paralyzing you during REM sleep to prevent you from possibly hurting yourself. During this time, many people report auditory and visual hallucinations that are generally very nightmarish (ghostly voices or figures, or even monsters, for example). Others report simply feeling a lot of dread like something bad was about to happen but they couldn't do anything about it. Sleep paralysis isn't unique to lucid dreaming, but generally you're more likely to experience it if you wake up in the middle of a lucid dream, iirc.
  17. When I was a derpy child I think I named them based on their species name. Entei was Volcano, Suicune was Aurora, and Groudon was Continent. I know, so creative. Then again a lot of the names were weird or at least had very obscure references. Now, I do try to give them somewhat interesting names, with default going to what they're based on, for the most part, or after characters from other games, like Mewtwo=Sephiroth (Final Fantasy 7) (this is also sometimes the name of my Darkrai since it bears more resemblance in appearance rather than concept, but sometimes Darkrai is named after Zangetsu from Bleach), Moltres=Phoenix or Phoebe (sometimes Ho-oh is Phoenix so the Moltres is Phoebe), Zapdos=Izimbra, Articuno=Simurgh, Lugia=Deluge (technically named after a spell from the Tales series called Mighty Deluge), Shaymin=Philia (Tales of Destiny)... I named my Giratina either Pride or Superbia, probably Pride, after a character in an RP I had with a friend. My Raikou from SoulSilver is named Lucifer as it means light bearer or light bringer or something like that, iirc. My Victini is Nike, named after the goddess of victory. My Reshiram is always Phivos. I actually named it after my Chronomon Holy Mode from Digimon World: Dusk, which in turn is just the name of a friend that I thought sounded cool. :U Zekrom is usually Saros, named after one of my friend's characters from that RP I mentioned. My Xerneas probably has the most creative name thus far with Enige. I think it means "agreeable" in Greek. I named it that because, on my first battle with it, it stayed in the Quick Ball I threw at it. Heatran is either Pele or whatever other volcano name I can think of. I should really just name it Dodongo (or maybe name my Groudon that...but it sounds kind of lame, you know?) Rayquaza is ALWAYS Slifer. Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf are usually Du, Mich, and Uns respectively. Uh...I think those are the only ones I really remember. I never have good names for like anything else so they're usually just the Japanese names or something in some cases, or just the species name. :U Ugh I need to plan what I want to name Groudon this time...I think Gravity Well will juuuuuust fit. o3o It's the name of a spell from the Tales series as well. Maybe I'll think of something else. I had a hard time naming my starter, too. At first I called him Geico because that was the name of my original Treecko, but I didn't want him to have that name anymore. So now he's Su Ryong, named after the tree dragon from Breath of Fire 4. I could have saved that name for Tropius, though that's usually Tropicana or Mokele (after mokele-mbembe, the dinosaur cryptid on which Tropius is based).
  18. Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric was going to have a Chao Garden and the Chao were originally designed to look like dragons huehuehuehuehue wait Hoopa also has rings IT IS SONIC O: I'm still searching for shiny Electrike ewe Hoping for a 3 star Timid/Modest Lightning Rod one with Flame Burst :U Or at least a regular lightning dog with that. Also can someone please tell me what characteristics really mean. I used to think they corresponded with the first highest IV, or in the situation of a tie, basically go through all the stats and loop around to the first one and display that message but now I'm not so sure...Is it just a random one displayed now!? I caught some 3 star Electrikes and they would have a message for special attack IV but they would have a stat before special attack that was also 31 along with sp. attack and now I'm just really confused. I COULD BE WRONG ABOUT MY STARTER COMPLETELY! D:
  19. I didn't like how my Bank Celebi was, both nature- and characteristic-wise, so I just left it in the Bank. I'll probably somehow get 'butts' in its name because I hate it. Celebi DOES look like a Chao. In fact that was the original Pokemon to look like one, though now Hoopa looks like one as well. SONIC CONFIRMED AS NEW POKEMON. :Y lol Shaymin
  20. 10/10 You're everywhere! But especially forum games and general discussion.
  21. Am I the only one who wishes event pokemon could be named :\ (ones given to you, not ones gotten through an event item that you catch) I think there was like one event Pokemon that COULD but I can't remember which. Maybe Zorua? I think it's Zorua I'm thinking of, though that still feels less like a normal event Pokemon. It's not like the event Celebi could be named. :\ I just want to name my future Hoopa Spoopa or Spoopy or even 3spoopy5me if I can :'U Yes they're dumb names I know but I need it to happen. Then again I might just call it "Chao" because let's be frank, Hoopa is literally a Chao from the Sonic universe and it's unleashed forme is somewhat like Chaos, which was once a Chao
  22. ...well it's official Hoopa is my new favorite legendary now
  23. Ooh nice! Definitely Dusk. Definitely. Unless it's shiny, in which case, either Luxury or Heavy if you can (probably Luxury since I think it matches the colors better. Heavy was the only other black ball I could think of). Personally I would just reset until I caught it in that ball :U
  24. It's not weird! Sometimes I like to match the Pokeball to the Pokemon, but sometimes I just like to catch Pokemon in balls I like. I particularly like balls like Moon, Dusk, Premiere, and Timer balls. c: Maybe dexnav hunt for a while? Or is 40 the highest it goes? You're re-fighting trainers too, right? They level up as you go through the gyms, iirc.
  25. I hope the Christmas dragon is the dragon I want to submit. ;n;