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  1. It's not that I hate them or anything or won't use them, I just don't want any on my *main* team. o3o Besides, I already used Groudon in original Ruby. Not sure if I want to use it again.
  2. you've washed various animals in the washing machine? I can't tell if you're joking/sarcastic, or misunderstood the meaning of the thread. o3o
  3. Thank you, but I think I want to try to get my team by myself this time o: Besides, Vulpix aren't THAT hard to find. n'aww why can't Gallade learn Play Rough >:\ I actually do prefer Gallade to Gardevoir, but the TM selection and evolutionary family in general kinda prefers Gardevoir, since it was around first I suppose. Still, Fighting moves would be nice to have, too, so I guess it's a toss up between Fairy and Fighting. Joke's on me, I'll end up with both Why does Manectric have to be built as a wonderful special attacker and yet its movepool, while diverse in type, is majority physical? I suppose back in gen 3 it was awesome because dark, ice, and fire were all special types. Hopefully they introduce some other moves for it. Same with Sceptile. Maybe I'll go with Altaria? But again, I wish it wasn't so outclassed by its mega form. Everything on my team at this point will potentially be able to mega (except Ninetales, if I have one). Altaria is pretty awesome, though. I'm trying to avoid other megas and any legendaries if I can help it. o3o
  4. I'm unsure what I want for one of my team members... I have Sceptile and Manectric currently. I think I want to have Flygon and Milotic. Maybe I'll have a Ninetales again? I'd love a Drought+Extrasensory one, so maybe I'll go ahead and do that. But what should be the 6th member? Part of me was debating Skarmory or Absol but nothing is set in stone, even the Flygon and Milotic (well, the Milotic is mostly set in stone. It would be awesome). My Mega will most likely be Sceptile, anyway. Absol would be kind of useless without its mega. Maybe I'll have a Gardevoir or Gallade? Anyway, opinions and suggestions are welcome. owo
  5. ORAS bothers me in that it's great in the hints of LGBT+ stuff but yet it's apparently also somewhat sexist :U
  6. There's the Teammates on route 177, Anna and Meg, and I'm pretty sure they're into each other. I like to think of them that way, anyway, with how they talk to each other. It's not technically romantic or anything, I guess, but I like to think it is. I think I'm legitimately scared of the young couples in this game I mean look at them
  7. Ok, I probably just misunderstood you then. I realized what you WERE talking about was related, but it didn't quite seem like you were commenting on the idea presented in this thread is all. c:
  8. If it's not in the new game, I hope they at least keep the skin tone and possible hair/eye customization. But I understand if they don't keep the clothes given how complex that system is. Even just hair/eye is complex. Doesn't look like it but it is.
  9. You have no idea how much I wished XY would have allowed all of the outfits to be available for both.
  10. Actually there aren't any female Psychics at all either. While Hex Maniacs were sometimes their female counterparts, there were both Hex Maniacs AND female Psychics in original RSE. I...I don't know why they didn't keep them? They could have at least converted the female Psychics to Hex Maniacs or something...
  11. hey guys um What on earth happened to all of the female Triathletes...? I remember going on Cycling road and only fighting guys. I thought it was weird, but then I was on 117 and didn't find the female Triathlete I remember having rematches there, either! All I can find are various male Triathletes when I look around. :c Also the female Psychic that was under Cycling Road became a Beauty. Paired with Brendan, I find this game highly sexist :Y
  12. Sure, we'll definitely get used to it after a time. The main reason I'm against it is that it completely changes the game mechanics. Instead of taking the time to raise the dragons and only being able to trade hatchlings and eggs, we'll be trading adults. Sure, a lot of things have changed, but DC revolves around raising eggs. Maybe if adults had started out tradeable it wouldn't be a big deal but it didn't. Most of the changes so far haven't really changed the games main mechanics, they just improved upon them. Biomes? There was already a cave, now there are just more. Trading? We could technically do that, Teleport just made it safer and easier. Nothing has changed; the game is always played by raising eggs and/or hatchlings to adulthood, NOT being able to trade adults. Even if the adults can't breed right away (which I assume would have to happen if this were implemented), you still get an adult without having to raise it. I mean, I'm still pretty much ambivalent to the suggestion. I don't care if it's accepted or rejected, but my biggest issue with it is that it completely changes the game's play from raising to just obtaining adults. It might not be a problem, but maybe it will, who knows. Other than that aspect I wouldn't mind either way.
  13. Sure, it's related in that it's news. But we're NOT asking to change the news feed at all. I don't care about the news feed. I want to keep it, but also be able to click on a link in the news feed OR at the top of the page (or both) to go to the full first news post.
  14. Still not really the point of this suggestion. I suggest making a new thread for that. c: This thread isn't debating about the news feed, it's asking for the whole first post of the news threads to be on the main site somewhere (most likely on a whole separate page). It has nothing to do with the new layout and very little to do with the news feed.
  15. Yup, I love the male Breeders, too (though I also loved the females from XY and the males from gen 4)! And the Bird Keepers <3 Bird Keeper Robert was one of my favorite rematchers huehuehuehuehue. I think my new favorite female trainer class is the Delinquents. o3o I've always been fond of the Aroma Ladies, too. I think Battle Girls are my favorite female trainer class from this game (I also particularly liked them in 4th gen). Ty from the "Interviewers" class is adorable too. The Lasses are kind of cute, though I prefer the DPP and XY ones. Both Rangers actually look pretty good too, though I do miss the female rangers from XY and BW. I've liked every female Swimmer thus far and ORAS doesn't fail to please, either. Not gonna go into trainer classes from the other games that aren't also in ORAS, though. o3o Is there anyone else who TOTALLY thought the biking Triathlete's goggles were literally their eyes? Because I went into a battle with one and was like "what on earth is up with your eyes!? oh they're just goggles": I'll allow only certain ones into my secret base as well. o3o Do you get to choose what trainer class you can appear as or something again? Those were fun times. I really liked how BW did it.
  16. Forums is correct. My dictionary gives me this for fora: "plural form of forum ( sense 3)." and sense 3 for forum is: "3 (pl. fora |ˈfôrə| ) (in an ancient Roman city) a public square or marketplace used for judicial and other business." But otherwise, forums is correct. Hah, I suppose American English slightly differs in spelling it without the o: syllabi. But then again there are a lot of words that are spelled slightly differently (for whatever reason!) Oh gosh criteria. That reminds me of media! Media is plural, while medium is singular, but a lot of people use media in a singular sense (NOT like news or other social media, though those sometimes irk me to, and I think media became singular in that regard BECAUSE it was used like that so much!). I mostly refer to art when I say that, though. Some other weird plural/singular words are things with -thesis and thesis itself, like parenthesis (singular of parentheses, though usually parentheses are in a set anyway). ...words are weird. EDIT: oh, when people misspell weird as 'wierd'. And also misspell misspell as 'mispell' VERY common mistake!
  17. Well, # of posts per page and seeing others' signatures and avatars can be reduced (down to 5)/turned off respectively in the control panel. But of course, if you aren't logged in...
  18. YOU GUYS I totally NEED to romance Guitarist Dalton. Game Freak y u no add romance options Dx It would be awesome if the ability to romance someone was judged based on how many times you've fought them. But srsly though, the art for the Guitarists <333 Some of the trainer classes are 'meh' compared to the original sprites but they still at least look pretty much the same. Others, on the other hand, became even more awesome and sexy I mean he's just so cool Dat face is just I need to go make another avatar to add to my rotator, probably.
  19. I just want every Pokemon to be available without needing events...maybe someday. :c But yes a re-release of that would be nice <3 I love Mew and I love shiny Mew even more. UUUUUGHHH I don't waaaant to do the secret super training to get all the stones I need but I don't feel like waitiiiing to find them eeeeither. Probably won't even find enough anyway! >:\ someone get them for meeee (not really I can do it fine enough I just am lazy)
  20. Alright, it's a minor one, but when people write "nebulas" instead of the proper plural term "nebulae" I was reminded of this when seeing people talk about the dragons. :U ahh it's just a wee bit irksome, but it's understandable. It's a weird word that doesn't follow the normal rules of English! The worst stuff is the classic you're vs your, etc. All of those. I suppose contractions in general are annoying when improperly used. I forgive those who aren't all too fluent in English but I really think it's a sign of ignorance and laziness when someone who is native and has been in school and around this stuff for YEARS to make those errors outside of occasional mistakes. D:
  21. I suppose I could use Excel. o3o Unfortunately most of those things are nooooot available at the beginning of the game and I try to EV train my team as soon as I get them so I don't have to waste time getting rid of unwanted EVs. (power items also sometimes aren't even available till AFTER E4 and I want them EV trained waaaaay before so that's not helpful)
  22. What if you could breed them to get a "present" hybrid
  23. I wonder how you guys manage to keep track of your SRs. I found it hard enough keeping track of EVs before I had super training when I was checking my Treecko! I'm going to die trying to keep count, even if I use tally marks (which are generally the easiest way for me to track things).