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  1. I strongly suggest using the Calendar up in the top right corner when it's a bit ambiguous like that. It marks the release on the 31st. I still suppose it's a bit ambiguous but if it had meant starting at midnight then, it would have been on the 1st of November which doesn't make any sense. Also, on all Halloweens past it has always been from the very start of the 31st to the end. c: Hopefully soon we will have that news feed on the main site. TJ pls. PLS. SOON. That and the clock please. Just somehow give us those things first. :U
  2. Ditto. I assume it's taken to mean *you* are writing the encyclopedia. Thus, while you may know of all the dragons (hence the silhouettes all being there in the beginning), you need to raise them more or at least observe them to write in the information. Once you get the information, though, then it's just what an encyclopedia is: volumes that simply present information. I'm glad DC has it, because it makes it official. The wiki, while nice, is entirely unofficial and more like any unofficial strategy guide or walkthrough (everything on GameFAQs, for example) as opposed to an official one. I do agree, though, that the wiki is very useful and currently still more useful and readily available as opposed to the wiki. I'm still using it for now and probably always will. It is more for fun, imo, though! A nice challenge to give me a new goal now that my trophy isn't changing.
  3. Well, if this forum is ever supported, I would love to see this implemented. Doesn't really affect me but I know a lot of users have a hard time on their mobile devices.
  4. I loved the Earth one. It was very fleshed out and interesting. Second favorite was definitely the Life one, though. c: I liked all of them, though. I wish some of the tone in them was a bit more similar to each other. x: I didn't really like the Light one because it seemed a bit too lighthearted to me in the midst of all the seriousness of the others. It broke immersion for me with all the enthusiasm and the character (I really didn't feel like I was actually the character in that story) thinking of all the hero-stuff. Still a good story though.
  5. Joined! It sounds neat. c: Hopefully the layout and background images will eventually be bigger and centered and, for the background image anyway, be in a fixed position. One of my biggest pet peeves in website design is the background image not being fixed! Unless of course it has a continuous pattern.
  6. There doesn't appear to be anything new.
  7. No. The only waiting anyone was doing between killing and reviving were those who killed on certain days before today to try and maximize the zombies they could get. But you don't have to wait; you can revive immediately.
  8. They have orangey lines appearing on them as they crack, it seems.
  9. I seriously doubt that was intentional. If you check, all the spoilers are removed now.
  10. There are two, actually, but one of them is actually faceless and white and is currently undergoing active work so it was probably that one you saw. (the other is in my sig) Flitz, bby, I will hold you <3 I'm so anxious right now!
  11. I like pygmies, I just personally don't care for the Pumpkins too much. :U I'd like more pygmies though.
  12. I'm really hoping that needing their eggs to unlock the egg picture means TJ is secretly going to rerelease both of them at some point <3 TJ bby pls <3
  13. I think maybe it would be easier to make it opt-out, even if that would rile some feathers. It wouldn't show scroll names if someone has their name hidden. I think it might? still pull up dragons on totally hidden scrolls, as well.
  14. I know you can observe them for some credit. Not sure if you can complete their entries that way, though? o3o I'd really like to know, too.
  15. Fi, since you're interested and I haven't shared my own opinion, so far my list goes: Black Marrows > Graves = Shadow Walkers > Vampires >>> Cavern Lurkers >>>>> Pumpkins I mean Pumpkins are okay but eh :U
  16. That shouldn't do anything. I have pop-ups blocked and always have and have managed to get (and see) all the treats.
  17. Dunno if spoilers are allowed but...did she really click *everything* at the graveyard? c: (hope that doesn't spoil anything too much. Haven't really been around enough for the event to know or not)
  18. ADP how is it that you always seem to have wonderful ideas? >w< I would LOVE to see this added! Hopefully, though, it won't lead to too much pestering. :c As it IS optional, at least it's not like it's anyone's fault but that person's if they put their dragons in and end up pestered.
  19. Yes, I think I have to agree. Maybe the action can still be "Kill", but the description can change to say "Kill the creature by melting/burning/roasting it" or something
  20. You can at least make Ridley fight on your side, so that's cool.
  21. I'm excited for 8-man smash! I kept getting more excited when the number kept going up. :U I like that more people will be able to play <3 Now the only problem will be getting enough controllers if we all are at the same location.
  22. I'm late to the party but I saw the big announcement video for the game when it came out over the weekend and everything in it was amazing! ...but mostly custom stages and Mewtwo <3
  23. If someone can't post due to post moderation, they need to have some other way of communicating they took the egg OR avoiding situations where they *have* to post. I don't mind that the mods closed the old thread for the problems it had. Really I don't. I, for one, just want more of their involvement in their feedback on suggested rules we come up with. Right now, the thread still has problems, even if it *is* hopefully not breaking rules as much. We're not asking for the *exact same stuff* back that got it closed; we're trying to prove how some things WEREN'T problems and trying to propose other ways of going about the rules but we need the mods to give *some* feedback on if they think, in theory, those rules would work or not. I don't want to see more call-outs, but I also want ways of trying to at least sort of enforce giving back. Because in the context of a thread like that, where users are meant to give an egg(s) when taking others, taking WITHOUT ever leaving one to match (so long as they stay 1:1) is stealing from others who are trying to play fair. Clearly it's no longer okay to call out people (technically it never was...) but you HAVE to understand the reason behind it. The call-outs weren't the source of the problem, they were just the reaction to the problem. All I want to see is something allowing for protection. Users can still post one-ways but at this point I just want to be able to use PMs/two-ways if I feel like I want to protect my egg from someone who will potentially just take without leaving something else for the thread. I might not even use the thread again, even if that's implemented, but I'd like it to be there. :\
  24. My family has always been "you eat what's for dinner or you don't get to eat". If I had turned down food without trying it my mother would make sure I didn't attempt to get any other option except what was for dinner. Of course, I was never really super picky and I would grudgingly eat the food I hated just because it was for dinner, though I would still tell my mom I didn't like it (so she found other options because she loves cooking). The two things I hated most were lima beans and stuffed bell peppers. I could tolerate the stuffing in the bell peppers even though it always seemed bland and gross to me (and occasionally tried to eat the bell pepper, at least a little bit, to prove I was trying, but to me cooked bell pepper unless it's diced up small has a gross texture that makes me want to puke and the flavor is disgusting), and I got by with swallowing lima beans whole or at least mixing them into whatever else I was eating. o3o Lucky for my family I loved broccoli, peas, Brussels sprouts and spinach so they didn't have to force me to eat green veggies. But yeah, what Fuzz said. If they don't eat then they get to go to bed hungry. Saves you more food for leftovers! c:
  25. Perhaps holiday rocks only show up around holidays, then, to possibly avoid some confusion?