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  1. Just wanted to voice my support for this suggestion.


    I usually end up quite busy during the end-of-the-year transition, and even worse, this year I've found that I'm quite busy doing some artwork and things for another site. I also don't tend to check my email often enough, so being able to do this *first* would be awesome!

  2. Also can we agree to disagree on whether we like these? Personally my mind makes unfavorable comparisons with the Carmine Wyverns but I've still got one of each on my scroll. Ya win some, ya lose some. (Don't ask. It would not be a work-safe conversation and we'll leave it at that.)

    Haha I don't think anyone is trying to argue about them c: just stating opinion on how they think the dragon looks. If you like them that's fine, some of us just don't care for them too much. I for one of course agree to disagree, but I'm not angry with others liking them XD

  3. They have pretty colors, but idk, these just aren't doing it for me. :c (also I kind of agree with Nine on everything)


    Ah well, congrats on the release Pie and Tiki c:

  4. -snip-

    I think they mean father of the child, not the mother's father. XD But still, what you say is true, there are parents who refuse to allow their children to get abortions and it's horrible.

  5. Because its absolutely biased upon certain (and i've got to add it once again) minorities!

    Why does it matter that it is a minority? Why can't news just be on the main site for everyone? Why should anyone have to go to the forum for important information?


    It doesn't matter about having to join or not, it's a matter of having pertinent information regarding the site on the main site.


    Who. cares. about the reasons brought up for this idea other than it would help everyone, forum goers or not. So you're against the reasons others have made for the suggestion. But why is the question. Just because it isn't beneficial to you doesn't mean it isn't beneficial or would serve no purpose. It's helpful to everyone and especially so for those who do not go to the forum for whatever reason.


    From what I gather, you simply think it's unnecessary and none of the reasons in favor for it make you think so. On the other hand, many think it IS necessary and extremely helpful. I think that's honestly not going to change at all between us. But if it doesn't affect you, and it's helpful to others, what's the harm in it? You seem to be so fervently against the idea, at least enough that you're arguing all the reasons for it. What is unnecessary about it? Why force anyone to come to the forum (or even to the Wiki!) to view information about the site?


    I agree with Xanthius on this:

    I think you and I shall just have to agree to disagree whitebaron! I actually agree with you that it is not necessary (and that the discussion keeps involving irrelevant points). I understand that people can take 10 seconds to only view the news post and nothing else - especially now there is a news feed to link directly to the post.


    Where we differ is how we feel about 'should we bother.' I think yes, because I think the main site should be as self-contained as possible and even if it is unnecessary I believe it would be nice to allow people who want to avoid forums to still see the news, as you can miss out on things if you don't check the news. You think no because they can see the posts now without a forum account so should come onto the forum and look, and avoid missing out that way.


    Both sides are completely valid, and I will be frank, entirely opinion based. Well, except I'd REALLY like the news feed on a separate page but I digress. I don't see the harm in having the news posts on the site, you don't see the point *shrugs*

  6. Ew why did the Mercury Pygmies, Mithrils, and Regal Diamonds win. I really don't like any of them that much.


    Antarean VS Blossom Angels

    Coral VS Black Ray Lindwurm

    Duality VS Frill-Gill

    Dwarf Bok Choy VS Indigo Fire

    Mercury Pygmy VS Mithril I really don't like either one but I guess I'll go for the pygmies :\

    Phantasm Dragon VS Rain

    Skymaster Ampipthere VS Regal Diamonds

    Tanglewyrm VS Willowherb


    A lot of my favorites have lost within these last few rounds so it's just getting easier for me to pick things. But it sucks that it's the ones I REALLY love going up against each other, which makes it so in later rounds, the things I hate are against what I love, when both of the things I loved previously I would have picked over what I hated...oh well, such is the way of these tournaments.


    Really hoping that the final winner will be any of these dragons except the three I said I didn't like. I'd also rather not really see the Indigo Fires win, though they're cool..

  7. I never said there was anything wrong with that? I'm fine with the suggestion but I don't think it needs to be implemented, and there's nothing wrong with that.


    Geez I'm not trying to attack you or your opinions on wanting that. I'm just saying I don't that. If it's implemented I want to hide my online status and hopefully there will be a setting to turn off the chat is all. I just don't know if the forum supports it (maybe it does? idk). I don't think it's necessary. While you don't think news on the main site is necessary, it's still valuable information about the game that I think should be on the main site.


    That's all.

  8. I am not on IRC, do not have AIM and Facebook. But I do have a forum account. If you do not want me to bring up the same arguments people are bringing up at the "have the news on the main site because not everybody wants to visit the forum" we better stop right here, love. <3 (and no, I am not being sarcastic with you)

    If I feel something would make things better for me on this forum, this is the thread for posting it.

    Nope these are different arguments. Similar yes as it's asking for a feature off-site to be on-site so you don't have to go somewhere else, but there's a big difference that makes them very separate.


    The news being on the main site allows players to not have to go anywhere else for valuable information. A messaging system like what you described is *not* necessary, as there are already ways to communicate on the forum itself. While not specifically the kind of messaging you would like, there are still options that don't require you to go off-site.

  9. while prince xanthius does make a valid point about choosing not to sign up as a better reason than all that child/blocking conspiracy thinking:


    why would you choose not to read the news if you want to know them?


    You are neither required to make an account, nor required to read any more than the news post itself. i read the news for possibly a year before signing up.

    That still requires you go to the forum, and some people do not want to go to the forum.


    That's it, plain and simple. If you can't understand that some people don't want to go to the forum, then I don't think there's anything anyone can do to convince you to support this suggestion for those people.


    I believe that no one should ever have to go to this forum. At all. For ANY reason. All that should be needed is the News feed and the first posts for the threads on the news feed (and maybe even older posts).

  10. I'd say Surf/Aqua Tail, Ice Beam, Earth Power/Earthquake, Thunderbolt, Iron Head, Energy Ball, or Flamethrower. There are lots of choices but it depends on your coverage. Also maybe it might be better if you go full physical? Mixed is dandy and all but it means you can't be focused with your EVs. I suppose it's up to you; burn sucks and special walls aren't fun either. But if you go physical, going with Outrage for dragon STAB is probably best, or Dragon Claw if you don't want to be locked. And then I would say use Dragon Dance for that set and nix Calm Mind! You could probably throw Crunch or something else physical onto the set for the last slot.


    I like using this site to check the coverage of a set. You probably want the third attack to be something that gives you the most coverage that your STABs can't get.


    Your biggest problem with Dragon/Flying STAB is that Steel resists both, so Fire and Ground moves are top options. Ground would be better, since otherwise Aggron and Heatran are neutral for Fire. The only thing you won't hit is Skarmory, which you would need Fire or Electric for.


    So, I suggest doing one of these sets:


    Mixed (and more EVs to physical attack since you'll be rolling with Calm Mind, or more to Sp attack if you're going with Swords/Dragon Dance):

    -Calm Mind/Swords Dance or Dragon Dance

    -Dragon Ascent

    -Dragon Pulse/Outrage

    -Earth Power or Earthquake/Flamethrower/Thunderbolt/whatever else you want



    -Swords Dance/Dragon Dance (depends on if you want more attack, or less attack in addition to speed)

    -Dragon Ascent

    -Dragon Claw/Outrage

    -Earthquake/one of the other physical moves mentioned below


    Alternatively, instead of bothering with boosting moves you could go with Life Orb (especially for mixed sets) OR a Choice item for focused ones, to free up a slot. I would go with both Ground AND Fire moves in that case. Sadly there aren't any physical Fire moves Ray can learn, or even Electric, so you probably want Crunch or Iron Head (Skarmory still resists Steel but it would be better for Fairies. Crunch isn't resisted by Skarmory anymore but with its high defense it still isn't ideal, same with Aqua Tail). There's also Stone Edge/Rock Slide, Shadow Claw, and Brick Break for physical moves. You could also have Extreme Speed solely for it being a great priority move.


    You can't have a fully special set on Mega Ray due to Dragon Ascent. I suppose you could just not use it? But that would be a waste imo. Dunno why you would want Modest on that.

  11. I am talking about an "online/offline" icon under everybody's Avatar and the option to open a chat window and talk with 1 or more people at the same time. (I do admit, I have no idea if there's a forum software which supports something like this - as me not being such an internet animal - but one can dream :lol: )

    Can't you just use the IRC to have a private conversation? I think I would hate it if I had kept getting pop up boxes because someone wants to chat. :\


    Besides, if people *do* want to chat, that's what the AIM links and such are for! If someone doesn't want people chatting, they have them disabled. You could even share contact information on Facebook if you want that Facebook-like feature.


    And anyway I kind of doubt the forum software has anything like that, or even plans on implementing it.



    I'll be trying to take my 3DS EVERYWHERE and have the wireless communication on :3


    I'm just saying, but considering it is a specific set of IVs that create a shiny pokemon, the IVs won't be that good.


    But good luck!

    As Polly said, IVs haven't determined shininess in a loooong time.


    And besides, shiny Pokemon more often than not had slightly better IVs than normal Pokemon.


    EDIT: just thought I would share this:

    user posted image

  13. What do you mean by trainer class?

    Via the PSS (Player Search System on the PlayNav) or via a woman in Fortree City, you can select which trainer class you appear as to other people. Others can see your icon via the PSS, and if you battle with them they will see you as that trainer class. They will also see you as that class if you exchange secret base data, just like in R/S/E. In the original games, though, I don't think you could choose what you appeared as? It was based on your trainer ID, I believe. It might have had a small selection though (I know 4th gen did so that might be what I am thinking of).


    What's with all of you guys actually having plans for your teams though?? I just... Went through the game winging everything and with like 4 early game pokes.

    I used to do that, but now I really like having a team that, as cheesy as it sounds, speaks to me. I like having a little bit of planning so I can make sure my team is fairly balanced. Sometimes I change my mind halfway through getting a team member and they end up a back-up (I have so many back-up members in X, like my Talonflame, Lucario, Absol, Xerneas, Blaziken and Pidgeot and a few others).


    But it's mostly for balance. I'm still not fully decided on members. I figured I might just try to wait and see how the options play out. c:

    And thanks but no thanks its 11:30(34 technically)pm right now I think it would just be too awkward to trade... I also don't know how to :P I'm not really into trading, and I know you can get a raltz pretty early (albiet they're rare). And I don't understand how the super training works that's why I don't know about the dawn stone.

    If you add each others' friend codes on the 3DS via internet, then get on the PSS on the game (which you get after talking to Wally at some point? Like the first time you meet him and he catches the Ralts, he thanks you by giving you the "PlayNav" which has the three modes from XY with the PSS, Pokemon-amie, and Super Training), you can get on the internet and then just trade with each other.


    It's a lot easier than it sounds, and thankfully you don't need to be in a pokemon center or need the pokemon you wish to trade in your party anymore. c:


    Super training is also (fairly) easy once you get the hang of it. It gives you a tutorial on how to do it. I strongly recommend learning how to use it; while there are other, faster methods of EV training your team, super training is available way earlier. It takes ~1 hour (or a bit less once you get the hang of it) to fully train a pokemon, and then you can go through the secret super training to get various evolution stones! Sadly the Dawn Stone one is one of the last ones to unlock, but it's worth it, I think. c: Here and here are some pages with info about super training.

  14. This is disgusting. People need to hear about and fight this; Michigan

    Haha what


    “No one from the LGBT community has ever had fire hoses turned on them by the police department, they have never had to drink out of an LGBT water fountain,” pastor Stacy Swimp told the House committee that considered the measure. “There is no record of LGBT — homosexuals, lesbians—being forced to sit at the back of the bus in an LGBT section.”

    Sure, but it doesn't mean that acts of violence and other forms of discrimination aren't carried out against them.


    America has always allowed for citizens to believe what they want, but NEVER to do what they want as they please because of said religion. If someone thinks for one moment that freedom of religion means they can do everything under the sun influenced by religion, they're wrong. They may believe what they wish. They may practice religious acts so long as they don't impede on the freedoms and rights of others. They may NOT do something that would impede on those rights. And this completely impedes on the rights of gay people. :\

  15. So I finally got around to picking what trainer class I would be


    I had really been wanting to choose either Delinquent or Battle Girl. I would've been good with Hex Maniac or Ace Trainer, as well.


    But then I saw the icon for the Pokemon Ranger. SHE LOOKED SO DETERMINED.


    I'm now a Pokemon Ranger and I am not regretting it in the slightest. XD Besides, I do really like the female Pokemon Ranger. They generally have nice sprites and the art in this one is awesome. I really like the ponytail (which is also one of the reasons I love the Battle Girls so much).

  16. Why aren't you allowed to nickname Pokemon from other OTs anyway?? Like there's the whole "it contains that person's wishes" thing but that's a pretty flimsy justification and I feel like it's a thing most players would appreciate.

    I don't care if it's a traded thing, but event Pokemon should *always* be nameable imo unless they already have an actual name

  17. Antarean VS Assassino

    Blossom Angels VS Calligraphy

    Charred VS Coral

    Dazzeltail Dragon VS Black Ray Lindwurm

    Duality VS Fantasy

    Flame Quetzal VS Frill-Gill

    Dwarf Bok Choy VS Goldwing

    Harptail VS Indigo Fire

    Lepidoptera Dragons VS Mercury Pygmy

    Mithril VS Opal

    Phantasm Dragon VS Porcelain

    Rain VS Sea Spear Lindwurm

    Silk-tailed VS Skymaster Ampipthere

    Regal Diamonds VS Stratos

    Tanglewyrm VS Utopia/Dystopia

    Willowherb VS Tailwing


    Aaaaaall of the hard choices, finally, but I chose to still not select "both" or "null"


    I tried to *really* consider the quality and such. o3o


    As much as I love the Tailwings, they're just too old by now and it shows in their heavy amount of dithering. Even still, they're quality sprites, so I hope they're updated eventually <3 The Willowherbs...I think they're more ready but I honestly think the Tailwings are better. o3o Even though the Willowherbs are more release ready, I voted for the Tailwings because they're amazing and would be even more so with updates. c: