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Mystikees.png banner6.gifSee my profile for info regarding offspring from 2014 raffle HM Holly: "Peace"IOUs accepted for Avatar of Creation: 2G from GoN x Silver or Gold

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    Happy to breed and gift my favorite BSA dragons (purebred if desired): Red, Pink, Magi, Purple

    2014 raffle winner: Female Holly, code "Peace"
    Name: Mystik Peace
    No Holly egg requests accepted.

    Peace eggs are gifts from me to you. They are not to be traded, frozen, neglected, bitten, abandoned.

    If you include Peace in the name, you will make me very happy!

    Requests for breedings other than those below will be taken on a case by case basis. Generally, the answer will be no. Sorry. Peace is a busy girl! However, if the resulting egg will be part of a lovely lineage, I will definitely consider it.

    Soulpeace sibling to this dragon:

    You may also request a Peace grandchild, a Soulpeace sibling to this dragon:

    Golden Wyvern sibling to this dragon:

    Red Stripe

    Mystik Peace egg request list
    <Requests are temporarily closed>