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  1. The lack of Coppers falling in the cave has to be a glitch. They are not suppose to be super rare. And it does not make sense they breed very well but, barely fall in the cave. I hope if it's a glitch TJ fixes it soon. And I did not read the rest of this thread so if my post is a double of someone else - sorry
  2. It's weird to see members using the Thuwed name. I know it's a free for all but, Thuwed is so strongly associated with TJ dragons. Seeing the name used on dragons that are not TJ's feels like theft. Also doubt TJ is going to ask you since that would be breaking his own rules declared or not naming is a free for all. I'm not saying you did wrong and I'm not speaking for TJ just saying it's strange.
  3. I second what Naughtrish said. Thank you to everyone who won and answered so many questions. I've been reading through this thread it's got a nice sense of community. Congrats to all those who won and thank you TJ.
  4. It's sad that there is a possibility that this years winners will hide like last years winners. 2010 Tinsel winners were very easy to get trades with, some even gifted 2nd gen tinsels while others were very fair. It was so much fun trading back then.
  5. If I had won Hm I would choose a CB Ultraviolet, or Cb Alt Black or Cb Alt vine. I love the Ultraviolet dragons. I love the hollies also but I have 2 and giving up one would make everyone who has one of my hollies babies loose the holy parents name and that would be sad. Congrats to all you winners. Sure hope you do not hide like last years winners. Not that anyone has the right to tell you what to do but, it would still be nice if winners this year played with the grace like the winners from the 1st year.
  6. Your house is absolutely amazing. It looks like a painting. Just amazing. Mine remains the same. Before I saw all the mind blowing creations I was so impressed with my house. It still makes me smile however, I am so glad this was not a contest for a new dragon. There's a huge gap in creative abilities. Its so nice to view these wonderful creations without pressure.
  7. aangs-sister Thank you for this beautiful and exotic holiday dragon. Your story about the Wrapping Wings is touching just lovely. I hope you feel better soon Thank you for this really special dragon. Question: Do Wrapping Wings and Ribbon Dancers hang out? As in one does the laying of the wrapping paper for their decorations and the Ribbons do the Ribbon work like tieing? Happy holidays Edit the lower case d on Dancers
  8. That's an awesome house.Not important if you borrowed idea's. I think we all have at times.
  9. Ones a super hero the others are evil little dancers Thought I was being so creative
  10. I added it for you. You have to list your name http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/j_hammett98 I would guess you love Blue and I have not seen any plain done up Ginger bread houses. Everyone looks amazing.
  11. Your blue house is awesome. I used the red, black and white: http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/kaylah I really love the way my ginger bread house turned out as long as I stop looking at all the others. Mine looks plain.
  12. I thought my Ginger House was nice but, its so plain and boring compared to the others. The Houses are so beautiful. Here's mine: http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/kaylah Happy Holidays Thank you TJ and everyone who made this Dc fun fair...fun
  13. Thank you TJ for fixing the glitch w/o making us recatch our eggs. Happy Holidays Caves up
  14. whats going on is there a 2 egg limit? My son caught 4 eggs now we do not know what to do?
  15. For Christmas I would like a Cb Blusang or Pb Alt Vine or a surprise low gen bred egg or any CB . Surprises are special. I received a beautiful surprise from Riverwillows Thank you. Merry Christmas
  16. It's all a joke. An April fools joke that wasn't very funny anyway that's what I think.
  17. The Heartseeker Dragons are amazing. Thank you LadyLyzar and TJ for picking this dragon and thank you to all who worked to give us this mighty handsome dragon. We have gotten some really amazing dragons as of late. I named mine Truffini and Cocoa Fondant (the last name I may change). Thank you again and than you to everyone who worked to put together the valentine cards. Anyone who wants to be sent cards pm me
  18. Happy Valentines Day Every one!!! Please help answer this question: I have gotten many valentine day cards sent to my Valentine heart Box but I cannot read them cause they pile on top of each other I cannot move them. Am I missing something? Pm me or post answer please.
  19. I think the Royal Blue would look nice with Nocturne. Maybe Nocturne male and royal blue female. I think I'm going to try that if its possible.
  20. Thank you for answering my questions just one more question. Are they dropping in all caves? If not which caves are they dropping? Thanks again
  21. I just saw the new eggs. I read they are for the Chinese New year. Are we limited by 2 eggs of each? Can any one tell me how long they will drop? I did not see any info posted by tj on the 1st post. Thank you
  22. Congrats to you!!! I hope whatever you win you will love!! Happy New Year to everyone.
  23. Mine are named: Holly: Jubiloso Holly: Holly Jolly Thuwed Yulebuck: Christmas Treasure Yulebuck: Yuletide Bliss Snow Angel: Holiday Delight Snow Angel: Tiz the Season Ribbon Dancer: Nayualla Ribbon Dancer: Nidasa Winter Magis: Sant'alas Winter Magis: Snomas
  24. WOW I am so happy. These are amazing looking dragons. Thank you!!!
  25. Thank you TJ and all the members who made this possible. The decorated dragons look awesome. I love the story. It's all so great!!! Thank you Happy Holiday's