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  1. Okay so this edit is pretty bad (I don't know what I'm doing and I don't know how to work with transparency lol), but I can definitely see what Sazandora is getting at.
  2. Hmmm. I have some reservations over the hatchling's description. It sounds like it might be inspired by the w*ndigo or skin walkers? If it is, I hope it's just the superficial things (voice and behavior mimicry). More 'inspired', less 'Native spirit but a dragon.' Or, if it is, at the very least the concept artist/spriter are Navajo or Algonquian. Then again I could just be making a mountain out of a molehill and that's not where they take inspiration from at all!
  3. Heyyy, doing much better! Haven't lost one yet.
  4. My current set-up. Haven't lost a dragon yet, though that's bound to change soon, lol. I think my previous record was around 114? We'll see if this fares any better.
  5. Have: 2G Radiant Angel x Silver Tinsel [Trade] Want: 2G Heartstealing from Heartstealing x Gold Tinsel
  6. Winter King Claudius, his advisers, and his Court of Birds.
  7. Okay, now it's doing even more weird stuff like not saving progress after I leave the page? I just picked up some snow, repaired what was damage, got to level 10, and came back to find everything had reverted??? Edit: My resources aren't showing either. Edit Edit: Got resources to show by returning to my base and coming back.
  8. Seems I'm not the only one with this issue. :C Using Chrome on pc. Tried hard refresh and soft refresh, and opening an entirely new web-page. No dice.
  9. Anyone else bugging out when they try to attack a random fort? It's not that I don't have weapons (I've placed 8 snow cannons); the golden cursor freezes on the grid and refreshing the page just kicks me back to the main screen.
  10. I have been breeding these two for a silver Tinsel offspring since NOVEMBER to complete my end of an IOU trade bargain. I just...anyone know the chances of that happening? I've NEVER had THIS BAD of luck, and honestly, it's really frustrating. I'm thinking of getting a new Khusa, though I know empirically that's not supposed to improve the chances.
  11. Late to the party, but here's my boy! I thought I was done with the design, until I realized how well the black kitsune mask looks on Caligenes!
  12. Mmm, I was talking about the yellow one. I'd say, from an anatomical standpoint, it looks most like a Siren salamander (to me, at least).
  13. I think the word you're looking for is Lindworm.
  14. *Chants* Power Rangers dragons, Power Rangers dragons, POWER RANGERS DRAGONS.
  15. Ah, it looks like someone else is a Eunice aphroditois admirer! One of my most favorite aquatic nightmares! Also digging the Thundercracker and Slytherin eggs.
  16. Back on this site after a fairly long hiatus. Decided to try and progress one of my personal lineage projects further, and voila! Tinsel egg right off the bat! Here's to hoping the influence works!
  17. Since "I'm kinda dead here," was previously posted, I'll go with: I'm not freezing (It's kind of ominous sounding.)
  18. Not I! But I really haven't been very vocal about the win before now, so that could be why.
  19. Oh my gosh! They are so gorgeous! I love the Winter Solstice, and I love these beautiful ladies. <3
  20. After four years I have still yet to grab a Holly. I've been stalking the AP like mad this year and hope I will eventually beat 200-odd people to the punch! Edit: This community is amazing! I was just gifted my first Holly. I can't wait for them to hatch and gender; I've already started to think of a name. Thank you, thank you so much!
  21. Oh no, is that from a past release? I saw the Aspect Egg and completely spazzed out. Darn.