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  1. I have all my CB Christmas dragons still up for breeding, except for my Solstice. If anyone is looking for a specific 2nd gen pairing, send me a PM! I just don't have CB prizes to pair them with. PS All dragons will be named before breeding. :)
  2. I was in a hardware store standing in line at the service desk with a faulty device and accidentally overheard the lady in front of me talking to the service desk person... Customer: So I bought this wireless router yesterday and it doesn't work. Could you take a look at it? Store clerk: Sure! Let me see if I can power it up. Did you bring the power cable? Customer: -in a confused tone- But it's wireless... Apparently she thought that a wireless router doesn't need any kind of wire/cable whatsoever. I admit, I burst out laughing which confused her even more.
  3. Trope


    I just don't get why so many countries and states are against decent sex ed. I hated my Catholic school (never felt at home there), but their sex ed was amazing. When I was 15, we had a three-day sex ed trip. We talked about everything: sex, abstinence, birth control, what to do if your partner/you has an STD, consent, ... Abortion was discussed as well. We got an explanation about what abortion is and while the school perhaps put a little too much stress on the fact that abortion is Not Good, they stressed that it is the individual's choice and to never judge someone who wants one. I really liked that part. We also had a yearly sex ed day where we had class discussions, but the school also invited public speakers. Those were rape victims (both male and female), people with HIV and other STDs, ... I still remember the woman who talked about the baby she gave up for adoption, her doubts: had she done the right thing, was her baby alright? The second speaker that year was a woman who'd had an abortion, and while she regretted the fact that she'd been careless with her birth control, she did not regret the abortion itself. More like, she was angry at herself for letting it get that far. I won't say that the woman who had the abortion had it easy, but comparing the two, it seems that the woman who chose adoption suffered a whole lot more. I learned that day there's no such thing a 'just give your baby up'. It's something you carry with you for life.
  4. It's moving, but very slowly. Currently spread is losing, it's at 48,74%. For those interested, you can check the percentage by right clicking the page and choosing "Inspect element" or by pressing F12.
  5. Green is safe, red is virus.
  6. I want to cure the dragons... But I really like the spread badge. :< What to do, what to do. ;-;
  7. Just got home from a weekend with friends and forgot all about this... Time to start collecting x.x
  8. I suppose that's the good part: can't get your heart broken. ;p I don't even get crushes. The most I get is a general "Hey, I'd like to get to know this person better!" feeling in a purely platonic way.
  9. Very proud of this catch: Spriter's alt baby!
  10. I passed my theoretical Advanced Nitrox exam!
  11. I'm an aromantic asexual. On the one hand, it makes me sad I'll never experience what it's like to fall head over heels for someone. On the other hand, since I've come to terms with myself life has been so much easier. Whatever I (don't) feel, I'm me, and that's just fine. Now I just need to explain this to my family members who are all still convinced I'm going through a phase...
  12. Never cared much for first anythings... But I think my first was with a random boy I was messing around with on a family gathering. We were both bored and started flirting and in general had a lot of fun together that evening. Didn't go further than kissing tho. For those wondering: he was a close friend of my cousin who she had dragged along, so no family relation between the two of us
  13. Tanglewyrm, I've been stalking them since the beginning when they weren't even sprited yet. I find them marvelous.
  14. I'm 26 and single by choice. I'm a rather selfish person and very materialistic. I'm also friendly and open towards everyone I meet (both males and females) which causes a lot of people to think I'm just in denial. Since I'm good with people, I must obviously want a relation and children of my own. What people do not know is that I'm introvert, need my alone time and don't handle unexpected situations well. I also do not like sharing and looking out for someone else. I snap when someone tries to hover over my shoulder or give me advice when I've not asked for it myself. Most of all, I hate people who try to a. help by introducing me to someone or b. see what kind of childhood trauma is now clouding my vision because I am Not Normal. There is a guy who has been trying for over a year to get me to go on a date with him. For him, it's become an obsession. People are also still encouraging him because - according to them - I'm secretly head over heels for the guy. No means yes and all that. Me? I'm plotting the perfect murder. I think I almost have it. So no. No relation for me and most certainly no children for me. I'll stick with computers and cats.
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    If younger me were to become pregnant and if I would not want to know what to do in that situation, I'd want someone to explain all my options to me: keeping the child, giving it up for adoption or aborting it. I would want the simple facts presented to me and then time to think it over and make my own choice. Cause that's what pro-choice is, keeping all the options open so the woman in question is able to choose. However, the current me has already had a pregnancy scare and I've already thought over my options. Had my pregnancy test come back positive, I would have aborted. No, I don't want you to give me information on how to raise kids. I've thought over my options, made my own decision and don't want any more info. I most certainly don't want to be guilt-tripped or pressured into doing something I don't want to do. You see the difference here? When someone asks for advice, give it to them: explain all the possible options to them; That includes keeping the baby. However, when someone has already made up their mind let them go through with that decision. Not respecting a choice already made is abuse in my book.
  16. I have to say my GoNs. I got my adult on my very first summon. His little frozen companion's egg was summoned 3 tries after that.
  17. Swimmer, lifeguard-in-training, free-diver and scuba diver here. Can you tell I'm obsessed with water? x3 I free-dive up to around 20 meters depth, when scuba diving I'm limited to max 40 meters. The pressure in your ears can be terribly annoying, but the one trick that always helped me in the beginning is very simple: 1. Put two fingers on your nose and push on both nostrils so no air can flow through it anymore. 2. Breath through your nose. 3. Feel your eardrum snap back into place. 4. Rise and repeat when the problem starts up again. The more you'll dive, the less frequent the problem will occur. One important warning: don't blow too hard or you might damage your ear. Also, when coming up again come up slowly or the pressure could damage your ears. Pressure's a tricky thing when diving, so you should always remember not to descend/ascend too quickly. Some tips for your breathing: - Start practising outside of the pool. Find yourself a comfy spot: lie down in bed, sit down in a comfortable couch etc. - Relax. When stressed, tired, when you've just finished eating you'll find that holding your breath will be more difficult. - Exhale fully - slowly. Form you lips into an 'o' shape and force the air through the little hole. - Suck the air back in your lungs. When it feels as if you can't get in anymore, starting gulping in some more. It'll feel uncomfortable in the beginning, but still keep it up until no more air goes in your lungs. - Exhale again - slowly, in pauses. - Repeat this several times. Only when you're completely relaxed holding your breath above the surface should you take it to the water. > One last interesting tidbit: our lungs work on 2 'pulses'. One's triggered by the CO2 levels in our blood and can be delayed, the other cannot: it makes us gasp for air. You know the feeling you get when swimming underwater, as if your chest is about to burst? That's the first one. If you hyperventilate before swimming you'll strongly diminish the amount of CO2 in your blood and you'll delay that feeling. Be warned however: don't do it too much or you will not notice when your body really needs oxygen and the second pulse will kick in and make you gasp for air - quite a difficult situation when underwater. Good luck!
  18. Caught my two, now waiting for tomorrow.
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    Hey all, my sister is writing a paper about abortion. She's doing fine, but now needs to find 1 or 2 people who had an abortion and are willing to answer a few questions. As one can't exactly walk on the streets and ask people if they've had an abortion, I was wondering if there are people here who would be willing to answer her questions? Obviously you wouldn't be required to answer all questions if they make you uneasy and you may write as much as you like - be it one sentence or your life story, it doesn't matter. Obviously you would remain anonymous. The only information she needs is the age bracket in which you had your abortion. If anyone would like to help her out, please PM me and I'll send you the questions. She'd be eternally grateful, because so far she hasn't found anyone willing to help her out.
  20. Looking forward to the recipe thing, it seems like a lot of fun! ^.^
  21. This is one of the topics I can't really choose sides on, mainly because I live in Belgium and guns are not allowed here. Obviously, there are exceptions if you hold a license, etc. Then again, shooting someone even in self defense will get you in jail here, so meh. As for the USA, I understand both sides. If you're used to carrying a weapon, it provides a sense of security. On the other side, if very little people have access to guns chances of people actually shooting each other are smaller. Then again, we wouldn't even be having this discussion if people would just use their guns responsibly. It's always the few who decide to abuse their right who put every gun owner in a bad daylight.
  22. What item are you missing? The Map? Then you should go visiting the shops again.
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    That is just downright scary. ;; Other news: the very first abortion clinic opened in Belfast, Northern Ireland. There are only two countries left in the European Union where women do not have the right to a safe abortion now: Malta and The Irish Republic. Still two too many, but we're getting there.
  24. While I'm seriously thinking this isn't real, I've sent a request. One never knows. x3