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  1. Adding another shiny notch to my record: checking out a new safari to make sure it fit what I needed, find shiny Phanpy. :V On the subject of Pachirisu: I'm considering breeding Premier Ball Volt Absorb Pachis with Follow Me, Iron Tail, Covet, and Ion Deluge. Good idea? Bad idea?
  2. Yeah, research suggests 1:512 chance of finding a shiny in safari, I believe? On the subject of battles:
  3. My Shiny stats: Random encounter: 2 (Trapinch, Ivysaur) Horde: 1 (Psyduck) Wonder Trade: 1 (Eevee) TSV hatching: 11 (Nidoran f, Wooper, Noivern, Staryu, Growlithe, Swinub, Scatterbug, Gastly, Froakie x2, Vanillite) + 19 I hatched for other people, which don't count because they're not mine. And three that I Powersaved for giggles: a Mawile and a pair of Fletchlings. They don't count because they were Powersaved. And loads of trades. So many.
  4. When you get to Huntail and Gorebyss, remember that one of the evolutions can be found by fishing. Which one depends on which version you have: Huntail in X, Gorebyss in Y. That way you only need to evolve one Clamperl.
  5. horses are graceful majestic creatures
  6. *highfive* I soft reset when my pokemon faint because I love them
  7. tbh I think they should've just renamed the item back to Exp. All to reduce confusion. Show of hands, who else tried to put it on a Pokemon when they first got it?
  8. Ehhh. http://radondoran.tumblr.com/post/58711418294
  9. A NEW CHALLENGER HAS APPEARED We’re adults and we get to decide what that means: Home Depot Edition
  10. Yeah I had the overleveling issue during my X cart too, I just steamrolled everything to the point where I accidentally killed Xerneas several times and the only reason I came close to failing my first e4 run was... because I forgot to heal after emerging from Victory Road. And I still won. I'm going to run my eShop X file with the Exp Share off because it's easymode otherwise. :|
  11. That... is something I never knew. Huh, good thing to think about on my Nuzlocke Y run, then, since I switch back to normal gameplay after completing the story. Of course, I say this as I obsessively Amie and Super Train every single thing I catch on it and delay progress for weeks at a time. And my Pidgey decides to troll me at every possible turn by killing everything that's eligible for catch. Maybe I'll just put False Swipe on something for this purpose. :|
  12. Have you considered other options for the evo items as well? I've been spending my Pokemiles over on Global Link and I've gotten a King's Rock, Reaper Cloth Magmarizer, Prism Scale, and a handful of evo stones out of it myself. I know Dubious Disc and Upgrade are also in there, sooooo... Plus the minigames are super easy and rewards aren't even related to your score. Scoring in the balloon popping one is actually programmed to be completely unrelated to how well you do in the game itself, even. Flail around in the minigames for a few rounds, collect stuff. Even some BP items, like the Power items for EV training. Also, Lucky Eggs!
  13. You can try breeding and/or training Pokemon and posting those on GTS for valuable things. Elgyem is great for trades, too, so if you can get your hands on one of those (maybe by offering something you've trained/bred!), breed it and drop the offspring into the GTS for what you need. Also, other forums. GameFAQs is great for finding dex fills and event pokemon, as long as you don't mind clones. Otherwise, Reddit is also a good place to find trades.
  14. Nope, I caught these myself. I much prefer Pokemon Bank, since cloud storage systems are designed such that the data is stored on redundant servers with multiple backups in assorted geographical locations to prevent catastrophic data loss. I'd bet money that people have tried breaking into and messing with, say, Dropbox and Google Drive. Same concept, different files. I personally found previous transfer-up systems to be godawful and I never want to see another pokeball crossbow ever again. Plus with PokeTransporter you can move up entire boxes of Pokemon at a time in moments instead of being subjected to an unintuitive, time-consuming minigame to transfer... up to five at a time, was it? Six, maybe? Minigames are great for transferring small amounts of stuff. They're a horrible chore when you have an entire Pokedex to move.
  15. So I'm working on those spewpas, and I accidentally let one evolve... it turns out my vivillons are polar instead of high plains. ??????????? o_o
  16. Tynamo was a nightmare to get, and it was the one time I didn't get a bite on an Eevee. I had to get it from a friend who lucked out in Wonder Trade. ><
  17. Why would you have to buy the game again? Even if you don't have KeySAV (or you don't want to shuffle your boxes around to bruteforce your keys) you could always just trade eggs over to someone who does and have them check, or even do the Battle Video method. If your pokemon are too common, you could IV breed and/or train. My 5IV reject Eevees have only failed to trade once ever, and they don't even have egg moves. A Japanese Xerneas can usually be traded for almost anything, and I've gotten those for Eevee! People have low tolerance for tedious tasks like IV breeding, EV training, and grinding. Offer Pokemon that are ready to go and they will gladly pay up. Another option is to trade for some of the more obscure dex fill pokemon. Cottonee, Darumaka, Drilbur, Elgyem, Frillish, Tynamo, and Yamask can be bred for fantastic trade fodder, because they're transfer-only from Gen 5. Most people do their Pokedex filling in order, so by the time they reach the Gen 5 bankmon, they're so tired of spamming the GTS that they'll trade whatever is necessary. Elgyem tends to work best for this purpose, in fact, because it's the very last breedable bankmon. Again, capitalize on low tolerance for tedium.
  18. Oh I wouldn't be doing it normally, but my friendlist is at 99/100 and I need that last slot for TSV hatching. I prefer having actual friends in my list, but alas, due to the nature of Friend Safari... :V I'll let you guys know what to put up, I have some caterpillars to train. :B
  19. (deleted accidental fluke doublepost) Event Pokemon are not tradeable via GTS. They usually have some feature that is in some way illegal (eg. cherish ball, weird moves*, certain ribbons) so they're not transferable that way. You'd have to put something up on GTS looking for something mundane but ridiculous so it doesn't get sniped. I know a guy who asks people to post level 15 Luvdiscs for Level 100 Luvdiscs, and through him I've obtained fun things like 10th Anniversary Lati@s. This is why I want to use Spewpa, because who levels up a Spewpa to 100 without evolving it? * Weird moves meaning anything it can't learn by normal means in main franchise games. For example, I have a Togekiss that was imported from that can't go through GTS because it knows Tri Attack. Tanabata 2014 Jirachi has Moonblast.
  20. Uhhh guys I can't add any FCs. My list is quite full. :x What I can do though, is I can trade via acquaintances. Basically what we'd have to do is get on at the same time, someone posts something on GTS asking for an improbable trade so we show up on each other's acquaintances lists, and start the trade that way. I've been considering using a level 100 spewpa for this sort of thing, I just need to get one, which isn't hard postgame with Lucky Egg + Exp Power 3/S + Le Wow carry group.
  21. The ones in party are for you guys!
  22. Okay. :V The highlighted one is the hacked HP Fire one.