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  1. I hope so too, it already looks so good. Gonna make scowly faces at Capcom until they announce they're bringing it Westward. *w*
  2. Took me way too many tries but I completed it, it's a pretty intense fight. You start off with Diablos and Steve hanging out together, both of which go apex partway through, then once the first one dies you're on a timer before the corpse despawns (so don't carve) and Jho shows up already apex. After the second horrible failure I decided to fence them so I could focus down Diablos as fast as possible and hold Steve on one end of the arena once Jho showed up so I could stick with one boss at a time for most of the quest. Still carted twice. BLESS YOU WYSTONES.
  3. "Too many people like this game so I'm not gonna play it" isn't a great mentality to have, imo. People have a lot of reasons to enjoy games, so if you won't play a game because it's too popular, it seems like you've arbitrarily barred yourself from trying games that you may actually enjoy on their own merits. However, I will say that I won't play FNAF because I don't do well with jumpscares. I enjoy watching other people play it, but I wouldn't be able to play it because it's just not a genre in which I enjoy immersing myself. Plus I find jumpscares to be a cheap form of "horror"; at its core it's really just a mildly-creepy image paired with a sudden loud noise that startles you, and if it happens consecutively too many times you become numb to it and it loses its effect. More on-topic: How many people remember Ephemeral Fantasia on PS2? I adored it but it did so poorly that Konami actively denies its existence now. :C
  4. best use of Rainbow pigment y/y
  5. Dalamadur: 440 metres of NOPE
  6. For those who feel like 4U has been easier than expected, it's not just you. Capcom nerfed everything during localization and boosted droprates so we'd shut up about the difficulty curve and the desire sensor. Having played both versions I can say I've noticed I take more damage from the same hit on the same armour in Japanese. Now it's "lol 4 minute YKK full health no supplies used". It's also why we can't play online with Japanese players.
  7. According to my contact at Nintendo, there are currently no plans to release the small N3DS. ;;
  8. KingZanto: Sadly I have no idea where he got it, he was on vacation in Japan with his wife and nabbed it while he was there. All I know is he had some difficulty deciding whether he wanted to get me a figurine or the Jho plush, until he realized the plushie had tiny adorable little arms. But GGGHGHHG I'm jealous. If they released the small one in NA I would've gotten that just for the interchangeable faceplates. Have you seen the poogie ones? :3 Re: Bow mechanics, I'm told you can change it back to classic mode via settings. Being unable to read Japanese, I can't open up my import to confirm how. ----- The N3DS is launching in NA the same day as MH4U, isn't it? I have a limited edition one on preorder myself.
  9. It'll do you some good to practice on the demo. Mechanics of some weapons have changed (eg. bow now plays like a 3rd-person shooter unless you fiddle with settings) and glaive does take some getting used to. Plus learning how Feral Wyvern Virus works will probably help in your first formal encounter with Gore Magala. Unrelated to MH4U: Lookit what my brother brought me from Japan!
  10. Now I just need to finish Dragonwrath and I'll be done with Firelands forever! :3
  11. Does Thori'dal not count as a legendary?
  12. There's an ORAS collector's set that comes with the exciting bonus of... 200 Potions. And I guess preorders also get a Hoenn map? I got 2 maps because I preordered both games. I just didn't get the potions because I preordered long before the collector's thing was even a thing and will never need that many potions anyway. Ever. Meanwhile, Japan and Europe get metal boxes and figurines. I'd buy a collector's set for figurines. Potions though? Seriously? Not even super potions, just the regular old 20hp potion. OH BOY.
  13. So what do you guys think of the NA preorder bonus? I, for one, can't think of any situation in which I might possibly need that many potions... :|
  14. Now none of you have an excuse to suggest mind control BSAs for daydreams ever again. >8(
  15. Update on Gengar distro situation: I just swung by my local EBGames for a second attempt, hoping they got more in. Snagged a card for my Y cart, looks like they're getting more cards in to meet demand. Now I need a third, for my downloaded X. Maybe next week... >_>;;
  16. Dunno, depends on traffic for your stores. Try the lesser-known ones, chances are there are some people who have been hunting for extras to sell on eBay or something.
  17. All the EB stores in my area are actually completely out of Gengar cards. I'm lucky a friend dashed in on the first day to grab me a card to give me for my birthday. When I went to a lower-traffic store in search of one for my Y version, I learned they were also out, and they told me that all the others within about an hour of Vancouver were clean out, too. :| She gave me a Diancie card as consolation though. :V
  18. Tip for ditto catching: put a magikarp at the front of your party. Transform picks up capture rate. :B
  19. I have two (relevant) 3DS systems: #1: Wooper / Dugtrio / Palpitoad #2: Tangela / Ivysaur / Maractus I can unlock both with my X cart if you need 'em. My third is a Japanese import and doesn't have Pokemon in it (I got it for Monster Hunter imports), so I imagine you won't have much use for a Snubbull / Swirlix safari without the third unlocked. If you don't want mine because they overlap with your existing safaris I totally understand. I only recently managed to complete my safari list, and condensing those lists can be a nightmare, especially toward the end when you're looking for that one specific combo that will let you knock out three overlapping safaris.
  20. Gible took bloody weeks, I didn't even count how many eggs I just auto-released anything that had Sand Veil and/or clearly-not-right stats. Pachi took a couple days just to get the egg moves on because I kept getting females while I was egg chaining, then the rest went pretty quickly, partly because I was rapidly chucking any rejects that I could spot at a glance. Strangely I don't actually use the pokemon I breed very often, I just like having them.
  21. Usually 31/31/31/31/31/31 (or 31/0/31/31/31/31 for special attackers because I do not like confusion damage, also varies slightly if I'm breeding for HPs) with nature, ability, and four egg moves of choice which I may or may not keep through use, as I prefer breeding 4 egg moves on things to give myself options. Also, preferred gender (always female if I can help it, because she may later become a broodmother for 5IV giveaway presents) and a matching or otherwise appropriate pokeball (default would be Lux if I can't think of anything because they're snazzy). In this case she's Jolly nature with Rough Skin in a great ball, and in terms of egg moves I've got Outrage, Iron Head, Rock Climb, and Double-Edge. In other news I've also bred a perfect Pachirisu. 6IV, Impish, Volt Absorb, Premier Ball, Follow Me, Ion Deluge, Iron Tail, and Covet. I can now mimic the World Champion Pachi if I want, since the only egg move Se Jung Park put on his was Follow Me. :V
  22. Finally got my perfect Gible, time to breed Follow Me Pachirisu. >:3
  23. We were having a random conversation while trading. I was messing around and honestly my part in the conversation is silliness that's probably wrong and should not be taken seriously.
  24. Straight from a Nintendo employee (friend of mine) I was trading with the other day: I.... curse a lot in casual conversation I'm sorry >_> But yeah uh. Gamestop peeps should not make people call Nintendo as it accomplishes nothing, please have higher-ups reread the email.