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  1. I have a gen 172 pure white divine, He was... expensive. Pure whites and pure blacks tend to be desirable because they're a nice base for dyes, and also because they tend to be hard to make from something coloured, but are good for lightening/darkening colours in a line. There are other reasons, obviously, since pure whites and blacks were valuable before dyes came out, but I haven't figured those ones out XP


    Also: ARGhfdasdasjl I hate Kaylie. I've only been able to catch her once. The rest of the time she bites me. I'm not supposed to be edible. :c



    Some people retire because they're attached to the waja but don't want to breed it anymore. A kind of... "I love you but you're in my way" thing.

  2. We used to get flowers if someone went to our profiles and clicked a "give a flower" button. As you can see there's a lack of such a button right now. :B


    Also: Mmmm rainbow kitsune fire. I wonder how it would go if you bred her with something coloured that also had the same marking in rainbow?



    My prized waja:


    user posted image

    Marterra Astaeris. Right now she's inverted, though. Waiting for the colourglitch fix. Here's what she's supposed to look like:


    user posted image

  3. The flowers were just a popularity thing they started last yearish. I don't think they turned them on after the site went down around then. Right now the coders' priority is to get the whole site functioning, so yeah. ^^;


    As for how much your own wajas cost, that really depends. There are really two values for each one... there's the price the Obsessed Waja Fan will pay, and the price users will pay. Between the two they can really differ depending on a bunch of things like breed, stats, how many offspring, colour, mutations, generation, and such.


    OWF calculates an arbitrary value according to the numbers. Actual people will put a price tag on it based on how much they personally want it.



    • Any of my customs would probably OWF for just over 110k. If I put them on the market, however, I could easily get in the millions.
    • I have a gen 16 that would probably OWF for about 100k, and on the market she would probably go for about that much as well, because the buyer would then OWF her.
    • I also have a gen 172 with maxed stats and no offspring. OWF offers 618k for him. I bought him for 15mil. :B

    Really depends. I bought a custom off someone for 5mil. Translate that into CWP (the secondary currency you can buy with real money if you want) which currently runs about 3-4mil apiece on the market, that's $2. It cost the original owner $30 to make her. xd.png

  4. xd.png Pears tend to be very valuable because of their various affects. They have high resale value because they affect breeding, that's why the shop is almost always empty. If you guys want a crash course in pears and their uses...


    Non-stat pears:


    Love (1 required for each breeding)

    Age (boosts a puppy waja immediately to a breedable adult)

    - also age pear crumbs, I forget exactly what they do

    Gender (swaps gender, not to be confused with male pear)

    Mutation (adds random mutation)

    Marking (adds random non-dye marking)

    Instant Birth (pregnant waja immediately gives birth)



    Stat pears:


    Normal (+LQ)

    Male (+MG)

    Strange (+MU)

    Ice (-In%)


    LQ = "Litter Quantity", the chance of having more than one pup from a breeding

    MG = "Male Gene", the chance of a pup being male (Wajas are female by default)

    MU = "Mutation", the chance of a pup getting a random mutation it would otherwise carry or not have

    In% = "Inbreeding Percentage", normally determined by how many times an ancestor is repeated in the recent pedigree, frowned upon by many players


    Note that marking and mutation pears are only available in the leaf exchange (unless you buy from other players), and instant birth pears are not currently available outside of player shops.

  5. I have no idea why it wouldn't give you any invites... o.o; I have 116 invites left though (my main and side both had 60 each, I've sent 4 from my side), so I'll happily ping invites around. :B


    If you're looking for a stud who's always at 1wc no matter what, have a look at Jeradi, the King of Monsters. The stud with the most offspring in the history of Wajas... For a while his page wouldn't load because his offspring list is OVER NINE THOUSAAAND. Well okay, I think I'm exaggerating, but at last count it was at about 3000 or so before the script was changed to show only the most recent 101. And that was a while ago, so I wouldn't be surprised if he'd hit the 4k mark already. xd.png


    Also: Guys, don't share your login name if you can help it... I believe that's for login purposes only. ^^;

  6. Invites are in Account Setup.


    WC isn't hard to make once you get the hang of it. When I started out I'd spend hours and hours playing Runegame (play on medium, finish on move 20 to get 9k; playing smart with a fast connection you can have 100k in about 5 minutes), but now it's a little easier because trivia usually gives out 100k+ if you get them all right. Fish-a-Waja every day averages about 5k for me, as well.


    I must warn against just buying up the cheapies if you intend to sell pups. Most of those are muddies, and breeding muddies to more muddies of similar marking score logically produces more muddies. There isn't much of a market for them, and considering how cheap you can get the parents for, the chance of selling a similar pup for more than that are slim... So I wouldn't recommend buying those unless you want a challenge. Some breeders buy up cheapies to breed up the line into pretty pups.


    But if you can find some sales that are under 100k, buy a few (only one male needed, preferably of a highish gen) and a bunch of love pears to start up a OWF mill. Breed five pups a day, and once they age you can stick them in OWF for at least 100k each. Higher gen and higher stats can net higher profits. For example I have a maxed gen 172 with no pups. I can OWF him for 681k (but I won't, he cost me 15mil. :B ), or I can do the smart thing and just breed him to a bunch of lower gen females and OWF five pups a day. If I double that production by sending five over to my side and selling there as well, that's easily 5-6mil a day.


    I just don't mill because I'm lazy. xd.png



    But like I mentioned earlier, I can breed people some Wajas to start off with if they want 'em. I have a reasonable collection, so take a look at 2778. Some of my project Wajas are kind of sitting in limbo while I figure out which studs to use to get rid of those sneaky little markings, so I don't really mind if someone wants something to start off with. :3

  7. I didn't miss much. :B


    Once the breeding script gets fixed up, I'll breed some Wajas for you guys. Just don't sell 'em to the Obsessed Waja Fan unless you're in dire need of monies, 'kay? We can't get 'em out of her cave once we sell them to her. xd.png

  8. http://www.wajas.com




    All three domains go to the same site. xd.png


    It's an adoptable wolf breeding sim. Each user starts with nothing, you have to work your way up til you have enough money to buy a waja from another person (the game doesn't create preset wajas, all of them come from existing players), and once you've got a waja or two puttering around in your cave, you can breed them to make more. There are lots of markings and genetic mutations that can appear on a waja... anywhere from none at all (ie. 'markless') to all of them at once (ie. 'paintballs' or, if faded, 'mudballs'). There's a lot of variety and it's quite good if you want to learn about colour mixing with light. :3