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  1. Yeah I feel the same, but I don't think we can do anything about it unless they restart the day for everyone once it's fixed. :c
  2. Yeah the options seem to have been flipped for today somehow. They're working on it though! If this is your first naughty choice (it was for me oops) I'm sure Santa will forgive us for being naughty once or twice.
  3. 502 Gateway errors are typically networking or server errors. You can try refreshing but if it doesn't work, chances are it's something that needs to be waited out until wires get uncrossed.
  4. Joe is the shopkeeper, his store is west of the fountain (ie. where you got the axe on day 1).
  5. Obviously you should be naughty the next few days to cancel it out.
  6. Are you pressing your interact button to grab the rocks? It only works on the gray ones, and you can only push/pull forward and backward. So if you've grabbed the rock from the top, you can only move up and down, not left or right.
  7. Have you tried pulling it southward?
  8. Try moving it to the right instead of the left.
  9. We are safe from Zubats in Valkemare!
  10. Buffy always spawns in the same place. Try looking in different parts of town, not just the town square. Spoiler -> If you go north of the town square and keep going up past Gladys' farm, you should find a calico wandering near the north end of the fields, just outside the fence. That's Buffy. Exact location varies, she wanders a bit.
  11. I must say I'm really happy that so many people have decided to take up the traditional RPG habit of "enter every house, explore every map, find every secret". :3
  12. You should've picked up the watch on your way home after rounding up reindeer. If you completed that day in a strange way, go back up the mountain and dig up the snowdrifts south of where you found them; this means going back through the ice puzzle and tree maze. The correct solution to that day was to lead them south through the pass by digging up the snowdrifts, finding the watch on the way down. I know some people got through that day by waiting for the reindeer to glitch into them or backtracking through the puzzles somehow; if you did it one of these ways, you can still go back up and dig up the watch.
  13. Some people have gone back to find it, so you should be able to! Just be careful to avoid terrain edges, people seem to be getting stuck there a lot. :x
  14. Strange, I got there without a problem and completed the day. I'm guessing everyone's already tried a hard refresh?
  15. That's a little dark, methinks. More like he and Alana might be mad at you for a little while.
  16. Someone got theirs to work earlier by turning the sound on, have you guys tried that?
  17. It looks like your choice may be locked in when you get the completion message. For future days, it may be better to just let the text fill in on its own at the end of a task to be sure you're making the choice you wanted. But I'm sure Santa will forgive you for accidentally being naughty once or twice!
  18. They're not supposed to follow you back through the zone boundary. You should have gone south from where they were hanging out (past the ice puzzle and maze), dug through the snowdrifts, and led them down the ledges. It should then ask what you want to do with them before you reach the loading screen to get back to the ranch. If you did those steps and never got the prompt, you may need to hard refresh the page or use the unstuck command.
  19. If you're on a computer, it's below the controls list. On a mobile device or tablet, it should be just below the game itself. It doesn't look like a normal link but click it anyway. It reads, "Out of bounds? Click to reset your location." If that doesn't work, try hovering your mouse over the link, then doing the following very quickly: F5, click, mash space to get through the "Are you sure?" popup.
  20. Yes, I agree. I understand that glitches and such are frustrating, but insinuating that the game was never tested is probably something that shouldn't be done loudly in public. It was tested, but like all games, it runs differently between a small testing group on clean machines in a low-traffic environment, compared to the live server where there are a lot of calls being made to different parts of the site in addition to game data, to say nothing of whatever extraneous forces (like ISP problems, end-user computer software, browser, etc) may be at work to make any particular user's experience less than optimal. Like for example no one really knows what happened to the collision on that one sign yesterday, it was fine when we tested it, but something happened when it went live. That's why the coordinators are still hard at work trying to hunt down and squash bugs as fast as they can. EDIT: Production on this one started immediately after Halloween, that was higher priority at the time and the focus needed to be on finishing that before we could pour all available resources into this. Some people bailed for various reasons so our team was quite small, and on top of that this is something we haven't done before so there's not really any code we can reuse, unlike decorating activities from previous years.
  21. I'm afraid Running Shoes haven't been invented yet in Valkemare.
  22. Well, he might also eat the beans if left unattended.