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  1. The lunar new year is typically red and gold, fuzz.
  2. There is no way to "fix" it at this point. The game has been taken down, attempting to refresh it will result in a 404. I tried to get back in directly via URL just to see, but it appears our little game has perished.
  3. Doing a geno run. Having bad time. #ideservethis EDIT: Finished phase 1 on attempt #11. Knew what would happen if I spared. Did it anyway. [dogsong plays in the distance]
  4. If it was, then it was a glitch exploit and probably defaulted the day to one choice or the other.
  5. No. Stocking = Participation without completion Giftbox = Completion: 6+ Nice Coal = Completion: 6+ Naughty There were 11 quests. This is Day 12, and its quest does not have a naughty/nice option. There is no way to be equal parts naughty and nice because you must complete all of the previous quests to access the final day.
  6. It's a reference to last year's event. This is the only time we see Avery in Valkemarian Tales: Jolly Follies.
  7. It is Alfador. The person who made him just used different purple because they were only told "purple". I know because I'm the reason this cat is purple. Purplecat exists because I asked for Alfador and would not shut up. If you don't want to think of him as such, his canon name is Alfie. Which is short for Alfador.
  8. ALFADOR Looks like he was hotfixed in. <33333
  9. This is Day 12, and it doesn't have a choice. If you have reached the party (and your badge), you will have done 11 quests.
  10. See above: Tehpikachu got a lump of coal. If you only made 4/11 naughty choices you were still primarily nice, and got the corresponding badge.
  11. Not you. I'm curious about what s0r0k4 said.
  12. Out of curiosity, how many naughty choices did you make...?
  13. You can let go of the mirror and grab it from a different direction.
  14. You went too far north. Explore the eastern side of the map before you enter the mountain caves.
  15. There's no legitimate way to get up to those caves as far as I know, but I didn't make the maps. Plus the mushroom cave is probably where those mushroom-loving howlers live. You sure you want to go there? Poppers might not save you this time.
  16. Galys' house is on the west side of the same map that the tailor's shop is in. Follow the dirt path to the west (left) from Robin's shop. You can also slide on the pond along the way to speed things up. And what makes you think Robin's a she?
  17. As Odeen said above, that bug should no longer work and people will have to do it the correct way. Please don't encourage people to exploit glitches to complete their quests.
  18. No one's said anything yet, so even we're in the dark.
  19. Because patience is a virtue. ;D And yes, it perks up if you make the nice choice the next day.
  20. Hmm. Well, alright. If TJ's on it I hope he can fix it soon so you can finish the event.
  21. It was tested as extensively as we could within the time we had. If it wasn't we'd be getting weird glitches that would allow us to do stuff like fling Ansel, Bord, Quark, and the reindeer across their respective zones at high speeds (which I did during testing, with our following npc, because it was funny). The live server that is processing thousands of other functions (including other instances of the game) at the same time is a vastly different environment than the server we were testing things on in our small group. This game has a lot of moving parts, and a lot of the breakage seems to happen somewhere else down the tubes between server and end user. Which is not to say all problems are out of our hands. As far as I've seen, this time warp bug of yours is extremely rare. Have you reported it directly to Marri, Odeen, or birdz with the necessary information so they can figure out what's happening? We're aware there are bugs to fix; it's pretty much inevitable considering we made an HTML5 RPG in 45 days. But extensive bug reports help them get fixed much faster.