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  1. Dragons chosen for release are taken down a minimum of two months before launch. It's usually much longer than that because people can take a while to sign the artist agreement, sometimes a lot of other stuff could be queued up for smaller releases, etc. EDIT: I was mistaken, checked actual document for correction.
  2. Speaking of frills, we found this while going through a researcher's notes. In totally unrelated news my wrist hurts a lot now.
  3. Assuming that link in your sig is your scroll, you're actually locked down with new eggs. :3
  4. I mentioned this. Frills bore the brunt of the complaints because 1) it was during and after the horse release, and 2) the other dragons with the same description were Dove dragons that people didn't mind keeping. The AP was constantly blocked with them, with not a single skywing or ochredrake egg in sight, and the supply of dragonhorse eggs didn't catch up with demand for some time as a result of the constant blocks. So being the only one that people specifically did not want, and also as an effect of that myth that they were "good rare breeders" (eg. mass breeding frills to rares to take advantage of what people mistakenly believed was an increased chance of rare eggs, and occasionally to deliberately block the AP with eggs they knew no one would pick up to ensure that a trade could go through without being sniped), it all led to a glut of frill eggs that far exceeded demand, people complained that there were so many unwanted eggs, decided there had to be a specific reason no one wanted them aside from circumstance, and the rest is history.
  5. There was once a time where everyone was really frustrated with frills because they all wanted dragonhorses instead, because they were new and the other eggs with the same description were Dovealove dragons that everyone liked.
  6. [color=transparent] works for that. It does this.
  7. Well, we can't expect everyone to always be on top of what one person says. I hope you find other ways to enjoy them. <3
  8. Yes. The male and female S2s just have different markings. S1 was shrunk a bit to be smaller than the S2s, as the old one was larger than the new ones.
  9. Aria Lady Frill Puppy Manly Frill EDIT: Aria S2 Male Frill S2 I don't have the other frills on hand.
  10. I did always warn that males would be changing in the event of a rerelease. They were always meant to be different from the females. I'm sorry that your plans for the female sprite have been dashed, but hopefully you'll find ways to build lines around the new sprites.
  11. Well, the only other place they would make sense would be the forest and-- wait :|a
  12. This game. It's a game where you race horses by alternating between solitaire and strategic horse positioning with an extra side of RNG. Race horses until they retire, then use them to breed better horses. Get yelled at by rich horse owners when you lose. Get praised by rich horse owners when you win. Use your winnings to buy magical carrots. This stupid game has devoured hours of my time. I've never been so frustrated with solitaire why can't I stop playing it.
  13. I'd be fine with like... a breeding leftover anything. Up to you! I do have a 6IV Timid Ditto that I can use for breeding, so nature isn't really the problem... mostly just the IVs which take foreverrrrrrrr. I am also able to take cheaty routes for things but I prefer the long satisfying legit method so if you're in a hurry let me know and I'll speed things up.
  14. Judgemental hipsters who turn up their noses at something purely because it has a lot of fans are also the ones who have the most to learn from Undertale. Ironic that this indie game is too mainstream for them to try it.
  15. Sheer Force is Nidoking's HA. I can fire up my X and see if I can breed that for you. I think I have a 5-6IV Hustle Nidoran around here somewhere...
  16. Yep. Hard to believe the end is in sight, can't wait to see what Hussie brews up next. EDIT: Act 7. It's been a heck of a ride, folks. See you for the epilogue.
  17. EoA6 has been posted. I am full of feels with no outlet.
  18. The edit history showed a lot of correcting and re-changing of labels. I wanted to know what was going on where apparently it was undesirable to let people point out what things are, as I saw someone putting descriptive alt text on one of the eggs that was then removed. I also noticed that I no longer have the ability to edit the page about myself. I don't know if this was intentional or some wikia limitation, but it is... jarring.
  19. The way it currently works: be (or be invited by) anyone with access to the artist section, submit up to 2 eggs. People without access to the artist section can just PM theirs to the person inviting them. There's a few rules in place regarding submissions but they're usually not too restrictive. Most of us don't use our invites for various reasons, so sometimes it's worth it to go out on a limb and just ask. Even if the person you ask already used theirs, someone else might invite you instead. And before anyone asks, some people *coughmecough* submitted more than two this year because circumstances required it. We're not likely to get another year flooded with a single IP like this one unless the stars align again... or we scheme. :V
  20. I'm less concerned about the filenames than I am about the fact that the edit history makes it appear as though you've labelled a spriter renaming their own egg as "malicious".
  21. Wondering why eggs in the FoE entry keep getting renamed to blatantly wrong or misleading names (eg. for some reason "Shiba" was changed to "Fox", "Undyne" to "knight", "Spike" to "dino" etc). I mean I guess technically "knight" is also sort of correct in a roundabout way but
  22. No, you still have a little over 24 hours.
  23. WELP since the cat is out of the bag I better tell everyone what my ten freaking Undertale eggs actually... are. Most are pretty obvious, and for others some people were close but just slightly off the mark. :V Delta Rune (not AGoHD Asriel, if it was I would've put the technicolor dragon wings :3) Toriel (fireball is hard to see against forum background /qq) Sans (it was this or Bad Time Sans and this one won out) Papyrus (I couldn't do Sans without Papyrus nyeh heh heh) Undyne (obligatory egg of favourite character) Alphys, with cell phone and brief glimpses of Endogeny, Lemon Bread, and Reaper Bird; Memoryheads and So Cold sadly omitted (made Undyne, must include Alphys) Asgore (oops I made all the lost souls except Asgore better add him) Mettaton (I'm on a roll LEGS LEGS LEGS) The Player Character, Frisk (something simple and less immediately groanworthy to antifans) The First Human, Chara (made Frisk MIGHT AS WELL ADD YOU I GUESS and then I ran out of time and couldn't make goatbro) I was originally going to submit just the Delta Rune, but then the call came out for MOAR EGGS so I started making character ones and it snowballed rapidly. So anyone who felt that the spriters got a little too into Undertale: no, just blame me. I am 100% Undertale trash, have been for months, and no one stopped me I regret nothiiinngggg [Handy imgur link to all of them]
  24. My basket is filled with determination. >:3
  25. I'm at 43 now and I still haven't gotten all my eggs. This is my punishment for making as many as I did. orz