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  1. I'm just gonna leave this here. c:
  2. I pretty much only buy new consoles for Pokemon and Monster Hunter, so with that and the $400 price tag, I'm not as hyped as I could be. There will be a Switch for me when the time comes. That said, however, attempting to do anything multiplayer on those itty bitty controllers looks like a one-way trip to Hand Cramp Town. I'll have to see whether they'll come out with extra controllers or attachments or something so they can be comfortably used by adults with normal sized hands.
  3. Called iiiiiit Also no, we're never told that Baby is designed after anyone. That is straight-up headcanon territory.
  4. Thanks, but I already said that.
  5. You seem to be misunderstanding the point of my post. Which is that the Christmas dragons, which normally have a temporary limit of 2 during their release, are not currently listed on the Breed Limit page. I'm currently waiting for an ER egg to speedhatch before I can Science.
  6. Yeah while handy for some, that chart isn't accurate. For example, I've always said a vine is the size of a draft horse, and the encyclopedia entry states clearly that its neck is both proportionally short and physically strong enough to fight a struggling buck without injury. What should probably be done is we artists should decide on and fill out the appropriate information. We do have a place to list average sizes and such.
  7. They're making a Monster Hunter movie. Done by the same guy who did the awful Resident Evil movies. I read the articles with their plans. It looks like he didn't even get an unpaid intern to watch a few hours of lets plays or do any research on the game at all. capcom no
  8. There's no question that these are probably things the girl said or when she said them, but the question is, why does Eggs hear these snippets? Are they memories? If so, then it implies that he's connected with her, but not her father (because her dad didn't know she'd snuck off when he wasn't looking, so he wouldn't have any memory of those ones). If not the PC's memories, are they just exposition given to the player? If so, then the only link we have is the "to be with her again" line in the fake ending, which may or may not apply, being the fake ending. Why does Baby need to be designed after a person? There's plenty of cartoon characters with red pigtails, many inspired design-wise by Anne of Green Gables and/or Pippi Longstocking. The girl was told that Baby was made just for her, but that doesn't mean she was made to look like her. That aside, all three of them are quite different. The pigtailed girl is tall and lanky, dark-skinned, and clad in plain shades of orange with a sleeveless top, the daughter is shorter and rounder, blonde and fair, with a much more colourful outfit and puffed sleeves. Baby's design is all red and white with puffed sleeves and a touch of blue eyeshadow and boy does she have curves. The dialog from Ennard and Baby's Night 5 lines rather imply that all of them wanted out and teamed up.
  9. That's an assumption. They never have a conversation, there's no back and forth. The man we know as "Mr. Afton" only has the one spoken part in the entire game, when he's talking to the board about the suits. We can say definitively that the player character is connected to the girl (whether as her father or other important person) and possibly had a hand in the making of the animatronics ("Didn't you make her just for me?"), and that her father was almost certainly involved in the process no matter who he turns out to be, but not that he (and/or Eggs) is Mr. Afton. If the PC is the father, however, why do we hear "Daddy isn't watching" at the beginning of Night 5, and the "Don't tell daddy that I'm here" line at the end? Is the child audio truly directed at the PC, or does he simply remember overhearing it? For all we know, Eggs could be an underling or co-conspirator or something. See also: the Mike sticker and "Please enter your name as seen above the keypad". Unless the PC's real name is Mike Afton or he's using "Mike" as an alias, I suppose, but the former is an unlikely conclusion since it's drawn based on an assumption and circular logic, and the latter doesn't have very much hard evidence going for it. ----- The game points to Ennard being an amalgamation of the others. There's the "If they find us like this, we won't be able to try again" line, they talk to us using Baby's voice in the Scooping Room (also referring to her in third person - "Circus Baby has already been here today") and refer to themself using "we" pronouns ("If we looked like you, we'd have somewhere to go."), and even from the design itself, there's... a lot of eyeballs in a variety of colours. As for the girl's voice, it can't be the pigtailed redhead. The minigame clearly shows a blonde.
  10. What do you mean Sans isn't Ness? Some of MatPat's proofs don't even make sense. Fat affable William Afton lost a lot of weight after getting scooped and turned into a meat suit? Look at Ennard, tell me a fat man (or even an emaciated man) can have that amount of metal inside him and look like he's lost weight. Circus Baby is 7.2 feet tall and Ennard's clearly bigger than her. His proof also uses the book to say the man is scarred all over, which is impossible because the player dies to the scooper + getting stuffed with Ennard, and dead things don't heal. Also, if he did get Springtrapped, how did he get out again without ripping up his flesh suit for the events of the book, and why would he get back into Springtrap for FNAF3? And this isn't even taking into account the fact that the book itself is a parallel universe and an invalid resource for game theories. Honestly, if MatPat spent half as much time testing the robustness of his theories as he did writing smarmy condescending filler, he'd be a much better theorist. Seriously, how much time did he spend talking about reading the book and being all smug about it? And in the end none of that mattered because the book isn't game-canon, much of his theory is built on a foundation of sand. The only things we know 100% about the game-universe Mr. Afton named in SL are: A man British Accent Important person at Afton Robotics (not necessarily involved in design or production of animatronics) Had to answer for certain design choices in the animatronics regardless Nowhere does it say he personally built anything or that he was involved with making the suits at all, and using the child audio to try and pinpoint the player character as Afton relies on links that aren't necessarily there. We don't even know the man's first name, and the voice-is-Afton's-daughter thing is just a popular assumption based on an accent and a company name. Accents and professions don't make blood relatives, so I'm going to consider that connection a red herring.
  11. Yes, but both universes can have people by the same names in them. The nature of parallel timelines allows them to be different people even if their personalities are the same. Zeditha - Red ending is the real ending. Brightening the screen during the credits on blue will reveal "FAKE ENDING" text in the background.
  12. You shouldn't include TSE in your timeline, Scott book(s) are a different continuity than the games. So we can draw lines between the two, but as far as theorizing goes, they should be considered parallel universes. Similar, but separate.
  13. I was of the understanding that "Purple Guy" Not-necessarily-first-name-William Afton did the actual killing before FFP closed its doors at least the first time, since the animatronics were tools used in those events. So since SL happens after, there's no way Ennard-in-human's-clothing could possibly be the culprit in those specific events. Also, since the private room ending is explicitly the fake ending, I'm inclined to take the events therein with a grain of salt. That said, if they are specifically put there to make a link, it has yet to be explained or even hinted at. I know people have been throwing "mad scientist" theories around, though.
  14. Since everyone else touched on everything else (including your misconceptions about the Inuit), let me just point this one out. Just. Why. Did you know? Rice is not a perfect food. It doesn't have a ton of nutrients (excepting golden rice maybe, but that's a GMO hybrid so it probably doesn't count as vegan-friendly) and about the only thing it really provides is starch. I'm Chinese; rice is a staple of my diet. But if I ate only rice, I would eventually die of malnutrition. If I also failed to increase my energy output accordingly, I might instead die of something related to weight gain, because carbs that aren't burned are stored in the body as fats. You know why it's such a popular food in the third world? Because it's a carb that packs a punch. It's cheap because it's a dry grain that can last years in proper storage and it expands with water, so you can eat a handful of rice and drink a bunch of liquid to fill your stomach. That's how a family of six in a developing country can survive -- not live, just avoid dying -- on about two cups of white rice (not even brown rice, which is slightly better nutrition-wise and therefore more expensive) in a week between them. And after a while, they will die of malnutrition if they can't get other foods that will give them the other nutrients they need. The same happens with any starch. Add water and it expands to fill the aching void of a starving stomach, and it's loaded with energy, sure. But it's not healthy to consume exclusively. Starches alone don't give humans what their body needs in terms of vitamins, minerals, proteins. They're cheap because of an old political ideology that pushed the price of energy-dense foods way down to feed workers. Too bad it didn't extend to keeping said workers healthy. Food isn't exactly free in developing countries; families that subsist on rice all the time are still poor and struggling to afford proper nutrition. The working poor in developed countries can't even begin to change over to a vegan diet because starches are about the only veggies that are cheap, it's even farther from the reach of the poor in developing countries. The assertion that everyone can afford to be vegan is blatantly classist. You can't say it's affordable just because one item is cheap, that's like saying I can afford to eat out at a 3-Michelin-starred restaurant every night because the water's free.
  15. So... you're disagreeing with me saying that Night 1 audio states outright that SL happens after FFP has shut down? You're talking like you're the only person who's finished the game. LPs exist, you know. I've seen both endings and read through transcripts of the audio I couldn't make out, neither of the endings are particularly contradictory to the claim that SL happens after FFP shut down, and Night 1 says it anyway. So, barring time travel, there's no way Eggs BEnnardict is The Purple Guy that killed all the kids during the FFP era, because Eggs wasn't scooped until after they shut down. You can speculate all day about the true identity of the actual guy pre-scoop, though. And of course if we take the scoop ending as the canon ending, there's nothing stopping them from going on an uncontrollably murderous rampage some time in the future.
  16. Doesn't the audio at the very beginning in the entry vent of Night 1 debunk that theory? In that SL is after the fall of FFP?
  17. The recent trimming of the completed list is likely a combination of TJ picking a small number of promising candidates and cutting out a number that either have problems that aren't likely to be fixed (eg. artists have quit or something) or he doesn't want to ever release. It's not like there are hundreds of dragons ready to go at any given time, and releases aren't exactly chosen like names from a hat. The problem with the proposed rapid-fire large releases is the size of the pool of release candidates at any given time. A large release, as you might expect, takes a big bite out of it. The process of releasing a new breed isn't as simple as TJ going "I feel like releasing this one tomorrow". Time needs to pass, artists need to fill out paperwork, testing needs to be done. And on the user end, when there's a large release that is impossible to fill out quickly, it affects slower users in a very negative way. When fast catchers get their fill, they don't click as many new eggs, and slower users face less competition. Huge releases keep faster players in the race for longer and keep the competition up, putting slower users at a disadvantage as they scramble to pick up whatever is left after the fast people have locked. While competition can be good in some circumstances, I don't think it's wise to place slower users at such a severe disadvantage for an extended period of time. Many would probably just quit if they were made to feel like they had no hope of catching up after months and months of huge releases with no end in sight. On the other hand, large releases are cause for a lot of excitement (in part due to the aforementioned competition) and certainly have their own time and place. Perhaps just once in a while, as much as we'll be inclined to grumble about egg slot shortages, and not in rapid succession.
  18. I agree, the stranglingly-short leash is frustrating to many, and I'd go so far as to say it's a significant contributor to the players' misbehavior. We also all know how frustrating it is to, for example, get warned for writing a handful of words in all caps in a medium-sized post (which I have been) and generally treated as though we were all errant toddlers instead of people. That frustration needs an outlet, and often the outlet turns out to be particularly-impassioned posts, where we pour all our fury into disagreeing with someone. Which inevitably pushes someone's buttons. Considering that warns are simultaneously "just a reminder" (as TJ says) and a threat of looming action (according to some mods in the feedback thread), and are handed out based largely on report volume rather than report content (as I was told by at least two mods who have handled my warns), we have a community in a perpetual state of chaos and confusion. In essence, perfectly normal people are often getting politely reminded that they're going to be punished for not being universally liked. Moderation here is ironically unmoderate. I can't imagine anyone willingly joining into this kind of atmosphere unless they like feeling powerful, they like being punished, or they're trying to fix it to no avail.
  19. These forums also have a reputation for being polarized and toxic. I know when I recruit (and I've done my share over the years) I actively tell people not to touch the forums if they can help it. I'm sure others do the same; I also know of several users who have introduced their children to the game and explicitly forbid them to use the forums because of how extremely and insidiously hostile the community can be here once you've outgrown your newbie hat (or, heavens forbid, have an idea to improve the game). Even if new (and newish) players do not come in forewarned, people do often lurk before registering to gauge what they're getting into, and are turned off by the prevalence of heated arguments and the passion people seem to have for upholding the status quo. Upward shifts in forum activity are less likely to happen for this reason. Well, that and the language barrier, since I know there are people from different countries who also play but can't use the forums because they don't know any English. Which, unfortunately, means there are very few fresh faces coming in, and fewer still who aren't swiftly intimidated into falling in line. Which means there's little room to reform the community, which perpetuates the bad rap, and the cycle continues.
  20. Finally hit 840 myself last night. World quests have not been kind, I kept getting set pieces that were lower ilvl than my class hall pieces, and the wrong-stat trinket bug. =_= Still need purple rings, too. Bleh.
  21. Loved Val on principle as a druid, especially that cutscene (adored the nod to Dragonheart especially), but I found Malfurion's voiceovers insufferable toward the end. Mighty druid, fought the Nightmare, suppressed an elemental lord to be killable... literally whines for his wife. I just... :| A+ writing in general though. Seeing Tyrande's character development firsthand as a Hordie was refreshing.
  22. Truth: Food allergies are not "crazy health problems". Truth: Soy is one of the most common deadly food allergies. Truth: Tofu is made of soy. You are shaming people for things that are beyond control. That is bad. Your lifestyle choice works for you, good on you. Other people's needs and circumstances are not yours and often cannot be compared. In some areas, vegetables are scarce and therefore prohibitively expensive: let's use your example of the native peoples in the far north. Veggies there are $10+ a pound there (to say nothing of organic) and people who work up there do dangerous physical work for not enough pay, so they are basically denied a varied diet by the economy. Their entire paychecks are often devoured by the grocery bill, leaving only barely enough to cover other expenses. This is called a food desert and a vegan lifestyle is absolutely unsustainable in areas like these. Sure, it's "available", but it's not affordable unless you're rich, and if you're rich you don't live in places like the tundra or way out in the middle of nowhere with only one store that can price gouge because they have no competition. Furthermore, blaming short life expectancy on the meat content of one's diet is a correlation-not-causation fallacy. The natives of the far north live in a damp, dark, dangerous environment. These factors are much more likely to affect life expectancy than eating a ptarmigan. While I agree with the idea that livestock should be treated well and their suffering minimized (because ethics), I disagree with the idea that consuming them should be treated as an absolute last resort. Veganism is expensive. Even if you live in a place where it doesn't cost a ton of money, it costs a lot of time that a lot of people do not have. It takes a lot of planning and a lot of research to figure out a plan, and a lot of dedication to stick to that plan. The cause is noble, I will not deny, but the means is far out of reach for large swaths of the population.
  23. Heyyy Legion's been out almost two weeks and no posts about it yet. Thoughts? Funny bugs? Who else is already pretty much burned out on quests? Opinions on class hall content? Have you fallen halfway down Stormheim yet?
  24. I know that feel. If you're looking for the regular mizu claw and not claw+, you're farming low rank and breaking her nails. Forever. Desire Sensor is a fickle creature.