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  1. Just got my first zombie, and got 4 of the new Halloween eggs.
  2. Coupled with my insane ping times, I'm probably going to miss ALL of the halloween dragons.... *Sighs deeply* Always happens. Bloody Australian government thinks that copper wiring is best.
  3. Zorua - I used the flux buddies pack quite recently. Its....too convoluted with a lot of the addons. I've been doing two things, keeping on with my massive wizards tower, Just two levels to go before I top it with my lighthouse, the land flattening exercise around my base, making my two tunnels (One to spawn, the other to my second house). All will be using glass tunnels with slabbed bases, plus glowstone lighting.
  4. Bacon and Tomato toasted sandwich, with coffee.
  5. Just caught a green dino egg off the main page. All my other dinos have been traded for....and my ping has been horrid. so....just blown away
  6. Caught myself 4 bronze lunars, a summer age and some other random stuff including an undine that I wanted...
  7. So. started playing today again on my special private server, got a huge surprise when I logged in and my tower was almost done, Just need to finish the enchantment room at the top, and then make the top floors lighthouse (about 18 blocks of glowstone and 5 blocks of netherrack. Then, I have to do my road to spawn (Overworld track) and do my underground railroad to my second base.
  8. Missed a Leetle tree, then a CB gold and CB gold Wyvrn, THEN my GON and alt black only had one black egg.... Dang. EDIT Then just missed a copper...because my internet is so slow....lag of 380 over to portland.
  9. Just missed a leetle tree...argh! I saw it there, clicked away, clicked back and someone else got it. I never get CB rares....seriously.
  10. Cool, going to get colder tonight, but almost 100 percent rain tomorrow, and thunderstorms before dawn.
  11. A roast pork belly with fennel, rosemary and apple cider vinegar marinade, with garlic and honey (slightly overdone) roast veg, including carrots, parsnip and potato.
  12. Sunny side eggs cooked in a little butter, and chilli fried bacon. Served on top of peanut oil fried bubble n squeak (A whole mix of leftover veg with shredded potato on top.
  13. Got one dorkface at least, inbred and father got killed as well, but here Dorkface I need to search my breds for interesting parents.....
  14. Gifted the last of the trio, got a golden wyvern and gave my swallowtail dragon, the name....Laden. Bwahahahaha
  15. Bacon and eggs with Garlic mushrooms and bubble n squeak
  16. Missed an ice by skipping the page. Grrr, And missed a red dino that I haven't got. sigh. Well, my internet is just...no good for catching anyway.
  17. Got one each of the birthday drags, and an extra. Had a Gold Wyvern and an influenced gemshard I refuse to abandon. Edit: just incubated and hatched. Then caught the other 2 eggs I needed with a first try.
  18. Made a chicken tonight with rice and peas. The cheesy chicken with Bacon and cream. yum. Tonight I'll either have Tacos, or Indian, then tomorrow looking at getting a roast, then the sunday will probably go the option that I skipped first.
  19. Binding of Isaac, War thunder, and of course, Ingress. Busy ingress preparation, with a shard here in perth, (#15) and an anomaly due in less than a month
  20. CB gold Wvyn, and CB Lindwurm. plus picked up a red and black for TGT. I have a common pyralspite and gemshard as well. Missed magma and ice, but not too fussed with those, as I already have them.
  21. Missed a magma and ice egg...however that means I didn't get egg locked.
  22. Saw a cheese egg, skipped it accidently. even better since it was on busy hour
  23. A small pie with Siracha chilli sauce on it and some water.
  24. Just got a CHEEEEEESE dragon egg.... Haven't picked up any rare cbs so....whooo
  25. If you LOVE arcade games, and world war 2 sims, go and try War Thunder, it's Russian based, but some epically beautiful games, bombing, fighters, etc. Also has tanks and tank AND air battles in the same game.