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 Feel free to PM me anytime.  My WishList in DC Wishlist thread.

 Need Holiday mates, or something else bred? Just PM me what you need. 

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    IOUs Owed to Me:
    North (ForestPrince) -Oct 2017 IOU-owes 4 CB 2017 Halloween(Omen) Hatchies for 2nd gen Witchlight from Silver Tinsel-----did not pay

    danaseilhan-15 CB Hatchies from list-for each of 2 CB Silvers
    has sent Total 31: -------Completed

    IOUs I owe:
    To Spiteful_Crow -3rd Gen Holly from Dejorikar HugZ for Xmas.---Done
    To angelicdragonpuppy -2nd Gen Snow Angels from Green & Purple Nebbys for Xmas.-----Done
    To Dragon_Arbock -2nd Gen Silver X Sweetling for a Silver Mate before Valentines.-----Done

    To Ainisarie -2nd Gen Soulstones from Script for Valentines.

    USA in Central time zone
    My CB Hatchie NEED List in Google Docs Link:

    List above is Cave Born dragons I might need - or to see what Cave Borns I have for breeding, see my list. Feel free to PM me if you need a Holiday or a Holiday Mate. I mostly just bred my Holiday dragons if someone wants the egg. I collect CAVEBORNS, up to 32 of each different breed/color, after I reach a count of 32 I dont need anymore of that type. But I do collect certain dragon types as CB, like electric and aria (old bright pink).

    Since I really dont need much other then a few CB dragons I am still collecting, I usually dont ask for anything in return for breding someone an egg. Even if it is a 2nd gen metal, although I cant promise I will get a 2nd gen metal to give someone since metals dont bred shinny eggs much better then prizes do. But I will try if someone needs one, just PM me. My scroll name is the same as my forum name Zylara.
    I won a CB Silver Tinsel in the June Raffle Drawing 2017. Due to the lack of being able to get a 2nd gen shinny from a CB prize, I will not be trading any 2nd gen Shinnys away until after I have bred myself several 2nd gens to keep. So only 3rd gens will be traded, and 2nd gen tineslkin/fails. Right now I am breding to Holiday dragons only for 2nd gens to keep.
    I will bred my tinsel to a Halloween (during Halloween) and trade the 2nd gen Halloween egg for current Halloween CB Hatchies. Will do the same on other Holidays in exchange for certain Holiday lineages I am looking for. PM around the holiday time for information. I will NOT even start an IOU list for any CB prize 2nd gen offspring, since it takes way too long to pay off the IOU.
    How I name my dragons:
    Several years ago I picked the surname HugZ since I hug everyone due to a habit of mine...everyone needs a hug. So all my dragons get a name made from their 'code' and the surname of HugZ. I recently, due to re-reading Anne McCaffrey books, decided to change some of my dragons names a bit. Anne McCaffrey Dragons of Pern all have names ending with 'th', so I have been changing all my bred hybrid type dragons to have just their code plus a 'th' and HugZ at the end. I am also working on changing all drakes to have their 'code' plus 'sk' and HugZ after the way Anne McCaffrey and her son Todd did names for the watch-whers in the Pern books. Then I picked 'sh' for pygmys and 'st' for 2-headed dragon types. Sometimes it makes the names rather hard to pronounce if there are no vowels, but I have always felt dragon name should be very hard for a human to pronounce anyway. Numbers in codes are turned into letters, usually vowels, but not always. A 5 might turn into a S or maybe an I or E taken from the spelling of five. I am also a Game of Thrones fan, so I named my Tinsel after my favorite direwolf. My Holidays I always named after some type of Holiday candy or special treat, or after what the dragon made me think of. With Halloweens, starting with ShadowWalkers, I pick a word that describes that type of dragon and then look up synonyms of that word. With the last few Halloween releases I looked up one or two words that described the dragon and used that word as it is in different languages.