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    I've been playing this since release as well. I took a break since I was/am working two jobs. I actually met my now fiance on ARK (from half way across the world!), so it holds a very special place in my heart. I'm thinking about putting up a Nitrado Server for my XB1/Win10 friends. Small, custom settings, since we all work and just don't have the time to play on Officials. But the new Aberration map is pretty awesome; I'd love to pull the Rock Drakes into Scorched Earth!
  2. Ark Survival Evolved: Mauled by a Rock Drake because I walked up to a wild one thinking it was my tamed one on the new Aberration map...
  3. The blue backgrounds should be pokemon you have caught recently.
  4. Anyone stream video games through twitch.tv? Or anyone take a fondness of watching others play games or do other creative work through streaming services like Twitch?
  5. This is the last one that I have (http://dragcave.net/lineage/ZFr1G). So I'd be looking for a Gen 7 from Team Turquoise.
  6. If it's any consolation I have business class internet at home - 265 Mbps Download and 35 Mbps Upload and the lag is still a killer - it's site-side, not user side.
  7. I'm assuming this is correct - I haven't seen another candy for a few hours at this point. 54 treats as well.
  8. I know it's a long shot - but if there are any team Turquoise members who have a Gen 7 that would have been traded to Team SeaGreen - I'm looking to try and complete my EPIC line (better late than never?). Doesn't need to be right now - I know it's about 12 hours until the Halloween dragons release.
  9. My holiday pick ups this season: Gen 4 Even Moonstone x Rosebud Gen 2 GoN x Rosebud Gen 2 Heartseeker x Christmas Gen 2 Radiant x Christmas Gen 2 Radiant x GoN
  10. Can I just proclaim how much I LOVE the new home page?!
  11. Misdirection found http://dragcave.net/halloween14/hh/2d (Story teller) keeps redirecting to http://dragcave.net/halloween14/hh/2b (Oddities)
  12. Can I just say that I still absolutely love this site for keeping track of my dragons? Granted, I have not updated it in a long time, but it's on my to-do list. I'll get to it eventually!
  13. 1. Feeling like a Failure I have a beautiful amazing daughter - she's smart, happy go lucky, a real character. And all I can think when I look at her is that I'm going to ruin her. 2. That I didn't get to choose my family I hate my family. I loved my grandfather - and when he died Sept 3rd of this year I was/am devastated - my grandmother and aunt went off the deep end (I was living with them, I was the one to call the paramedics when I noticed he wasn't acting right, etc). At this point I don't plan on seeing my maternal family ever again - they've ruined me, and my daughter is better without them in her life. 2.5/3. I blame my grandmother for my grandfather passing away They were together for 45 years - and she didn't notice anything was wrong after he'd had a stroke. His bartender noticed he was different and sent him home early, I noticed something was wrong before I went to work the next morning. They think he had the stroke about 36 hours before I called and had him brought in (I was working and he was out of the house the day before so I didn't see him at all). She'd seen him multiple times in those 36 hours but is always too absorbed in herself. At the hospital even on medication he was complaining of being uncomfortable and a bad headache and she (a nurse even who works at that hospital and deals with emergency room situations) didn't even ask for a dr to take another look at him. He went into a coma with a brain bleed a few hours after she left. And then she has the audacity to say that he was her entire world and that she loved him so much - I was with him for 15 minutes and knew something was wrong and I've only been living there for a few years; she's been living with him for 45 years, exposed to him no less than 5 times over a 36 hour window and didn't notice anything. 4. Borderline Personality Disorder 5. comorbid Bipolar Disorder 6. Perfectionistic Tendencies I don't want to do anything if I can't do it right or perfectly; I'd rather not even try if I can't. 7. I love too hard 8. Overly Analytical 9. Anti-Social Friends? Those people exist in the fake world created by tv, movies and books. 10. How much I feel like a fraud every moment of my life.
  14. Before the name claim system - a user would have ALL of the dragon names wiped clear if they were inactive for X amount of time (I read 6 months somewhere way back when - don't quote me on the accuracy of this). This means that there is a chance that they won't have to rename everything like before, just the ones that someone else wanted to use.
  15. If a post is updated or edited it will show a line at the bottom of the post like this: (Taken from *MAJOR UPDATE* The Official Art Usage Form 's First Post) There's really no legitimate excuse on Invision forums to not be able to see that something has been updated.
  16. Setting this up ttt since holiday eggs are dropping in AP
  17. Holiday Breeder Forum Name: Seasons Love What I can breed: Yulebucks (2008 Christmas) hoZZZ - Even Gen 3 Yule x White Fb7m - Gen 2 Yule x White Stripe Valentines (2009 Valentines) wcuI = CB Valentine qYUs = Gen 2 Nebula x Valentine Pumpkins (2009 Halloween) JU11U - Gen 2 Pygmy x Pumpkin Snow Angel (2009 Christmas) 5EsV - Gen 2 White Stripe x Angel OEUS - Gen 2 Nebula x Angel Sweetling (2010 Valentines) FYA8 = Stair Gen 3 Sweetling x Sunsong/Flamingo 7n1Ct = Gen 2 Sweetling x Shadow Walker Black Marrow (2010 Halloween) pbX0W - Gen 2 Sweetling x Black Marrow Ribbon Dance (2010 Christmas) Kcpd - CB Ribbon jo81 - CB Ribbon Rosebud (2011 Valentines) 8T3G - CB Rosebud 58Hj - CB Rosebud Shadow Walker (2011 Halloween) 2 Male, 3 Female, all CB. Heartseeker (2012 Valentines) GQhgZ - CB Heartseeker oFJvd - CB Heartseeker Arsani (2013 Valentines) lFNre - CB Arsani GYVgp - CB Arsani I Will Be Gifting, Trading, or Both: Both PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...ODE=4&MID=27422 Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/Heart%20of%20Snow Requester Forum Name: Seasons Love What I Want: Gen 2 Pumpkin; Gen 2 Winter Magi (x2); Gen 2 Wrapping (x2) [Prefer Paired with Metallics or other holidays where possible] What I Can Offer: Willing to breed anything from my scroll [Most dragons are CB or 'designer' lineages (some by name [Dusk, Thuwed, Dorkface] others by pattern (gen 3 checkered Red Gold example)] PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...ODE=4&MID=27422 Scroll Link http://dragcave.net/user/Heart%20of%20Snow
  18. I can breed a sibling to This Dragon for you that I believe would meet your criteria. Let me know
  19. Now that I have time again (I forgot what that was like) I'm working on updating my SLP page, but I DO have time to breed https://sites.google.com/site/seasonallinea...e-heart-of-snow
  20. Sadly there is not a Dragon game similar to the one you're looking for yet. I hope so soon - if only Bethesda would listen to all of my pleas for certain games!! Lair is probably the closest you'll get for most of what you're looking for. Different Types of Dragons, Ride Dragons, not sure about training and such. The control scheme is sloppy, but if you can get past that it can be an enjoyable game.
  21. I know on my Invision boards I can add extra fields to the 'mini profile' [which is attached to the post] - would it be possible to add a 'scroll' field - with a link to the person's DC Scroll [since it seems everyone tells the new members to put their scroll in their signature anyways] AND a little clock below them that says the current time for that person? I really couldn't care less the default forum time, but I WOULD like to know what time it is for others, especially if I'm trying to negotiate a trade with them.
  22. Most of it would have to be based on the honor system, you could force proof through ID cards - some forums do this, but make sure that home addresses and ID Card numbers are removed from the scan. The thing is: If a young members wants to get in, they will, and that is THEIR choice to do so. DragonCave, it's owners, administrators and moderators cannot be held responsible for the choices of others. That's from a US legal perspective - not opinion. Make an R-Rated section - do NOT announce it to the rest of the forums, don't even have it showing as a locked forum - but make a member group that members can apply to become a part of. If they're willing to provide proof of age then let them - if they're not willing to provide proof of age, chances are they aren't old enough anyways.
  23. But it shows up in my Trick or Treat basket? Is there something more I have to do when I click on it?
  24. Have to admit, I'm really confused about the 'trick or treat's... I've been seeing the same one [] appear on every page I visit and on every refresh for the past 30+ minutes. Hard Refresh, switched browsers, no change.