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  1. lol it's been months and some of your requests are literally years old but here's Benates for Delilah!
  2. Haha, my fault because I totally forgot to alert you even though I kept telling myself to. Thank you for your kind words, and I'm glad this helps. It is after all the point of this art request thread, haha.
  3. Aw thanks. :3 Yes, I love watercolour. It's one of my better mediums, though I'm currently out of practice (needs to get back into it before class starts). And yup, that's my name on DA. My name here is actually an alias (don't remember why I chose an alias anymore). And this is what my real name looks like in Chinese: Wow, haven't written it in over a year.
  4. Aaww, thank you! I've recently been concentrating on making my art even more stylized. Glad to see it paying off some. And sure we can trade art. ^^ I'm still on break but it's going to end come September so I should do my bit before then. And that's a lovely sketch! I like the line quality. You can either PM me to talk more about the trade or discuss it here, it's fine for me either way.
  5. I'm glad you like the charizard KyrstalSharz! And asfkjhsalf Xythus it's so nice to hear how much you like my art. Unfortunately I have neither tutorials or livestreams. But if people are interested enough I wouldn't mind doing some and if I'm confident enough one day, maybe I'll do livestreams, hehe. Anyway I just came back from 3 weeks of backpacking and to get back into the swing of digital art I started off with rampaging_wyvern's Truffle! Hope you like him! Sorry for literally doing these requests only when I feel like it. :/ But on the up side the longer I get around to it the better I get at painting! Also while I'm at it, I just wanted to tell you guys about the artist Drkav who draws some of the most expressive characters ever. I love her OCs to bits. http://drkav.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=/
  6. I adore it to bits too. When I first saw it, I mentally squealed and giggled like a nut job. Pretty much the same story for me here, except with Rivendell elves, but that soon changed to Mirkwood elves, thus Thranduil.
  7. nope, only on the cave itself.
  8. Love what you've done with my digital painting!
  9. I put others because I find myself taking a special interest in eccentric characters (think the Doctor, Sherlock Holmes, Bartimaeus from the Bartimaeus Trilogy, Jack Sparrow). And eccentric characters are always males. :/ I do especially love the extreme peace lovers that can rip apart everything if they wanted to though. It makes for a much more interesting story than the usual blast everything to smithereens because they're forced to find an alternate solution or personally suffer greatly. Those are so rare (only examples I can remember now are Aang and the Doctor). The ones that capture my /interest/ a lot though are the ones with moral ambiguity.
  10. I agree that quite a number of characters with negative traits come from the water tribe but I think it's also interesting. Because a running theme in the Avatar world is balance and most of the most of the villainous waterbenders are out of balance especially the bloodbenders. For Pakku, he's a decent person, but extremely sexist, so he learned from that like Sokka did (so they may not start off as feminists, but they are feminist characters). The element is benevolent and its culture is benevolent but some people are just not as benevolent. And every culture (even in real life) has good people and bad people in it. There are quite a number of benevolent water tribe characters to balance this out too. I'd count Korra as one because despite her violent tendencies, she is still a supporter of peace. And Yuei is one of the greatest example of what a water tribe person represents, along with Katara. And Pakku belongs to this list as well because overall he helped a lot and even aided in reclaiming Ba Sing Se. There are some slightly more ambiguous characters too like Valek, who isn't "evil", but is just highly opportunistic and disloyal. The twins too were rooting for what they thought was right until the near end. So it's overall pretty balanced. And the showrunners rarely ever have all characters purely good or evil, I think they like pointing out how good people have bad traits and bad people have good traits too. Just my two cents to the discussion that accidentally turned into a ramble. One: Well, Raava never mentioned that they can't be separated under any circumstances, so I guess only something as powerful as Vaatu could. Two: That's because bending appears to be a thing that's more genetics than spiritual. So if that's right, Korra would have gotten her multi-bending ability at birth. She would have lost her spiritual connection but the bending remains hers, so she becomes no more than an average multi-bender. Not to mention Wan got the bending powers on his own, rather than when Ravaa joined with him. Three: I have no idea but maybe Korra needed a reminder that there is no light without dark and vice versa. And I peg Jinora as an exceptional spiritual person, just like how there are some exceptional waterbenders that can blood bend. Last: Well, it is a lore (never fully confirmed as fact) and like in real life there are lots of contradicting lore as well. Perhaps they were very isolated and they were the only benders for generations so they all just assumed. Um, I hope these help? Just how I see things.
  11. Aaah, thank you for all your wonderful comments while I've been away at college. @ChocolateIzzy: Sadly requests are closed now because there are tons coming and college is starting up within a week for me. There's always the waiting list though! @Evensong: Sure, you may have to wait for quite a bit though. @jellyscnet: Requests closed for reasons mentioned to ChocolateIzzy. But I think someone from page 1 or 2 requested a ninetails... I'll be sure when I get there. @SpiritWolfe: Thank you! Though there is a very long list. Also here is Pinch of Stardust's mighty/mite team with some unconventional colours because they are so cute:
  12. Eeee thank you. I was torrent downloading it but the first episode is called The Man Trap, and I wasn't sure if it was the right episode. And oh my gosh Deathly Hallows you lucky person. My only other premiere was Cloud Atlas and it was when they were releasing it for a second time, but it was still so cool. Star Trek is still appropriately cute and funny guys and the balance for the characters are all still there and they get their moments to shine and they still love lens flare.
  13. (no spoilers) Oh MY GOD GUYS OH MY GOD! I got to go to my country's premiere two days ago and OH GOD IT'S BRILLIANT. OH GOD I LOVE IT AND I WOULD WATCH IT TWO MORE TIMES IF I COULD I'm definitely watching it another time Oh thank god they utilized Benedict Cumberbatch's wonderful acting skills. And god I wasn't disappointed when I was looking to see more of the Enterprise's characters. If your country has it in IMAX 3D and you're into that kind of thing and you're considering whether or not to go for it, I'd say do it. It was my first time and woooww it's good. Especially when they warp. Bit too confusing sometimes in the fight scenes but other than that. I only watched the 2009 movie on Tuesday but I just sort of descended into oblivion after that, and now I utterly love it. Honestly, I wouldn't mind if someone can give me download links to the old series?
  14. Haha, feels great to kill people with amazement. In other news, I finally finished that angry charizard: I hope your friend likes it CrystalSharz!
  15. Same here too but other than that, I want dragons that "belong" together be together, so I try to sort it by elements so you have the water-related dragons, sky-related, fire-related, earth-related, etc. And then I lump the "extras" at the bottom. I just find it neater this way. And it looks easier on the eyes too (to me anyway). So I guess, in a way, I want my full scroll to look "nice" too.
  16. Okay update on that angry Charizard: He's actively breathing fire but that comes in later. Also wanted to add that I've made a Superwholock design and put it up on Threadless: They choose designs based on votes and comments, so if you want to help it get printed, please vote 5 and comment! Sadly there's only 2-3 days left for voting. You would have to sign up but it'll only take a few minutes. And also I'd be eternally grateful. Thank you for your support for my art guys!
  17. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD GUUYS! OH GOD THEY JUST ANNOUNCED THE NAME OF THE SEASON FINALE: The Name of the Doctor (for those who don't want to find out) OH MY GOD JUST I'm hyperventilating. I want to know but yet I don't? I just hope they don't let the audience know.
  18. Yes! I always thought about this whenever I see concepts, especially great concepts where the conceptor can't sprite. And I also worry about this when artists hold discussions about the completed dragons because quite often the original concept maker would have little to no say on this. The concept maker really should have more input and credibility I think. They're sort of like writers to movies and television. The spriters bring them to life but the idea started with the writers. They're the ones that know the idea inside out really. I support this!
  19. Oh my gosh thank you for your response guys! I'm really happy that you all like it. @Serekiel: I wish you could buy it too! haha. But really, it's nice to hear that you'd like to own it. @Delillah: I watch lots of TV but never use the TV. I download it off the internet. But I say watch Sherlock first, they literally only have 6 episodes, whereas Supernatural have about a billion. They're both brilliant shows, but if you want constant tears and pain, Supernatural, if you want something smart with great characters too, Sherlock. Eeee, yes, I've put up another one of my pieces now. It's 3 here so I have to pop off to bed before adding more. I have never attended art college before, nor any "real professional" art tuition. I just sort of kept at it I guess? I'm going to college next month though so even better quality art hopefully! P.S. I also have a Tumblr art blog. @AnnieLyla: Screeches. Thank you! And I've just put up the horse one too. You should give Sherlock a shot too! It's brilliant and benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock is very fascinating and (at times) heart breaking. @Sandface: Well, you're in some luck because Society 6 is now having a sort of promotion, so free shipping to anyone who uses this link to my Society 6! This offer sadly expires on April 14, 2013 at Midnight Pacific Time so better decide fast if anyone wants anything (at a slightly cheaper price). Just some of the new things available now.
  20. *bows with a flourish* And thank you Delillah, I'm glad you like the little Easter eggs! :3 BUUT GUUUUUUUUUUUUYYSSSS LOOK WHAT I DID: It's Superwholock, a crossover between Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock. Aaaand I'm going to make it into a shirt since it had great feedback on Tumblr: So I want feedback and opinions before I put it up for a vote on Threadless. Would you buy it, critique, comments, etc would be very much appreciate. Also I've started selling prints, iphone covers, laptop skins, etc in my Society 6 I'm thinking of making some of my other artworks available on Society 6 too. Is anyone interested? I'm thinking of these: Thoughts?
  21. Oh my god Just howww The closest I got is Hobbitton and that's not even spelled right.
  22. Oh he mentioned that he participated in the 2073 (or some such year) anti-grav Olympics or something similar with that bike and came in last. He probably stole it or "stole" money from somewhere to get it. That idiot. Haha. EDIT: The alien was called "The Great Intelligence" if I remember right. That name appeared in the Christmas episode too. potential spoiler(?): if I heard correctly the Great Intelligence appeared in old who as well, around the 5th Doctor's time?