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  1. Now I have 28 eggs - and gone for more hunting!
  2. This will be my planned name sheme for my DC Hunger Games. I used names of bad charakters (careeres tributs, people involved in the Games etc.) for first names. As I didn't have the names of enough people I splitted up the full names onto the tributes of one district. Everyone get a matching family name in German (a job fitting to the products of the district) and "of [Number]" for the district. Gloss Juwelier of One Cashmere Juwelier of One Brutus Friedenswächter of Two Enobaria Friedenswächter of Two Coriolanus Ingenieur of Three Snow Ingenieur of Three Alma Fischer of Four Coin Fischer of Four Seneca Energietechniker of Five Crane Energietechniker of Five Claudius Lokführer of Six Tempesmith Lokführer of Six Romulus Holzfäller of Seven Thread Holzfäller of Seven Effie Weber of Eight Trinklet Weber of Eight So now for hunting dragons!
  3. I see your intention, but maybe I am a bit dumb, but even if I start with district-mixed pairs, I still can follow the individual tribute and it would still an even lineage. My starting CB-generation would in that case look like your 2nd-generation (there you have district-mixed pairs). From the naming point of view your lineage might look a bit more neat. I will stick to the rules, but can't see the necessary of it right now.
  4. Sorry I might have explain better. I saw at your HG Viktor and you started with pairing the female/male tribute of each District as a starting pair. But in the game, the tributes of a district most likely wouldn't fight each other first. More likely they would fight other districts. So I would like to start my lineage with mixed pairings from different district (llike female of District 1 with male of District 8). Of course sooner or later two of one district might be fight err breed together, but that might happen in the game too. Actually I am thinking to start with new dragons as I would hate to rename my old dragons (who have a Sindarin naming sheme). It might took me longer, but it will fun anyway. I deceiced, that I will make a hunger game with names of the capitol/bad characters of the book.
  5. I never done anything like that, just did collecting dragons and do my own lineage, but that's a great idea, so I want to join! Forum Name: Drachenbraut Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/Drachenbraut About starting the lineage. Must I start with the male/female pairing of each district or can I start randomly?