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  1. Thank you so much. Actually I checke my Sweetling for Dimar, if I can help with the nebula/sweetling lineage. As I found out, that my sweetlin is indeed a nebula/altsweetling paring I just thought I might can helf her, if someone provid me with a egg. I will talk it and breed a 3rd generation anyway. If Dimar want one egg, she can have it. You can get one too if you want (or I can bread you a 7th gen PB waterhorse if you want). EDIT: I just saw it - these are two eggs! Thank you so much.
  2. I checked my Sweeting - it's a 2nd gen from nebulaxalt sweetling. So if someone can provide me with a mate, I can provide you with 3rd gen...
  3. Thank you so much - I just gave it a new home...It has a nice code too!
  4. I just add my suffix, which I use for all my dragons. Excpetions are only grouplineage project, which often have their own name requirement.
  5. I caught a Shimmer yesterday: http://dragcave.net/lineage/S6lbh
  6. I just caught this on the AP: Moon with pretty lineage
  7. I got my egg too! It's much easier now as not so many people are hunting.
  8. I have one! I am surprised, that it was so easy. I am still hunting for the Day1-Dragon.
  9. Of course you can get a sibling. I just bred the egg, so it will took nearly a week, before I can breed them again, but as soon as it is possible I will try to get you an egg. As I am missing some breeds on my scroll, I would appreciate, if you might breed me an egg from these breedas as an exchange: Ice, Thunder, Gold, Tinsel or Shimmer. I will work on the lineage, but it will take some time before I will have a 8th gen. I am just building up the line for the mate.
  10. I just bred a 7th-gen-pureblood Waterhorsedragon. Now there is a lot of work to do to get it a mate...
  11. I just claimed it - a wonderful dragon!
  12. Wow 10th gen PINK! What a greata achievment!
  13. May I present my PB Waterhorse Dragon 6th gen? Calphroch-Eneguilug ar Dineth I hope to continue the lineage.
  14. I found a relative on the AP: http://dragcave.net/lineage/pD2d0
  15. Forum Name: Drachenbraut Victor's Name: Brutus MockingJay Breed: Guardian Lineage Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/D3kQg
  16. I had problem with breeding my second finalist - but finally he will be grown up tomorrow - so hopefully we will have a winner tomorrow! It's district 2 (Guardian)vs. district 6 (Whiptail)!
  17. I have to wait a week for my next try - Seneca and Trinklet didn't want to get me an egg this time...
  18. Here are my last four dragons: Brutus III of Two Snow III of Tree Seneca III of Six Trinklet III of Eight As Brutus and Snow are grown up, they did their fight and we have the first finalist: Brutus IV of Two
  19. I had to rebread district 7 as the hatchling gendered wrong, but it is again a Whiptail. I already influnced it to be female and I hope it will work this time: New Claudius II of Six And I did bread the next generation in the other cases: District 1 vs. District 2: Winner is District 2 District 3 vs. District 4: Winner is Distric 3 District 5 vs. District 6: Waiting for tribute of District 6 District 7 vs. District 8: Winner is District 8
  20. And the last district has a winner too, so the first round is finished! District 8: Trinklett II of Eight
  21. Updated results! District 7 has a winner too!
  22. Thank you! I thought why don't give the Captitol & friends a taste of their own medicine... I hope you noticed too, that I tried to get fitting breeds like a pillow for clothing-production district 8 or a horse for transportation-district 6. But I admit, not every breed fits so nicely. In the meantime 6 out of 8 districts are down with the first round.
  23. Let the Hungergames begin! Finally my tributes arrived at the Captiol for the Hunger Games! I tried to get breeds, which kind of fits to the products of the district. The Reaping My Chosen Tributes: District One: Cashmere & Gloss Juwelier of One District Two: Brutus & Enboeria Friedeswächter of Two District Three: Corliolanus & Snow Ingenieur of Three District Four: Alma & Coin Fischer of Four District Five: Seneca & Crane Energietechniker of Five District Six: Claudius & Templesmith Lokführer of Six District Seven: Romolus & Thread Holzfaeller of Seven District Eight: Effie & Trinklet Weber of Eight ----------------------- And here are the first results: District One: Gloss II District Two: Brutus II District Three: Snow II District Four: Alma II District Five: Seneca II District Six: Tempesmith II District Seven: No fighting yet District Eight: Effie has not yet finished his training