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  1. Wonderful! I have only Cavern Luckers from the Halloween Breeds. Not to sure, what to do with them. But if some need them for his own lineage, I am willing to breed accordingly.
  2. I have 4 CB Frills, but only 1 Imperial Flesh. But I can gift you one egg, if you want.
  3. Thank you so much. I just got it. I might use it to spread some Silvertinsel with this lineage: http://www.coup-detat.info/NDER/Lineage.ph...en=5&mate=sBjb6
  4. Wonderful Valentines-Lineage out there! If someone need an Horse X White Offspring (Horse, 2nd gen): Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  5. I started it and right now I am catching Swallowtails. Only two more ar needed. After that the actual bredding will start!
  6. Congratulation on all the pretties here... I am working slowly on my next Waterhorse-Generation, doing my small Pygmie-Projekt and I am catching Swallowtails form my Shakespeare-Sonett...
  7. @Ae0nian: Thanks. Your MoonstonexSilver is very beautiful too! I love Moonstones. Once I finished the Waterhorse-Buisness I might do something with them. Right now I have a breeding pair, which I try to bred every week, building up a big familiy with many children...
  8. Very pretty dragonrus! I got my first 3rd egg from the Pygmie-Checker I startet... http://dragcave.net/lineage/1DlVu
  9. Wow, what a wonderful idea! I might join later, right now I am doing other projects. Unfortunatly the sonnet I wanted is already taken! (130). So I might reserve me another: Username: Drachenbraut Link to scroll (if not in your signature): Drachenbrauts scroll Link to PM: PM me! Sonnet you wanna do: 91 Some glory in their birth, some in their skill... Which Dragons do you need: Swallowtail
  10. @daba555: Thanks for offering help. I will just start and see how far I get without help. I only want to do it up to 5gen, so I can might catch all on my own. I will let you know, once I need help. If you need help with something, just let me know. @Dimar: Tomorrow I will try again for your nebula x alt sweetling! Hopefully with more luck. If you deceided to start the ballon-lineage - I can offer you two eggs, as I have two CB female Ballons on my scroll and two CB Christmasdragons.
  11. Very nice projects! I like all the nebulas! I am still working on my Waterhorse-Dynasty, but deceiced to start another project. So I like the pgymies and I think, this would be a nice checker to do: http://dragcave.net/lineage/xYIRe Right now I have 3 breeding pairs and this is the first egg I got.
  12. Congrats to all these beautiful lineage. I would love to have an offspring from the "Gone with the Wind" Seasonal lineage. I can offer a 7th pb even-gen waterhorse in return.
  13. I would claim it - if not someone, who is waiting longer than me, wants it first... Very pretty egg - and I have no silver tinsel.
  14. Oh I missed that - once I got so far I will offer you gladly the second-born offspring. You might wrote me a PM, so that I won't forget it.
  15. THis little egg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/bh5Av was accidently auto-abonded as I miscount my eggs. If someone catch it, I would be glad to enchange is for something else (I can breed a 7th gen P Waterhorse if you want).
  16. http://dragcave.net/lineage/Kpwxb - 5th even-gen, CB and 2nd Sweetling-Checker with Sunsong (father) and waterhorse (mother)....
  17. I have another 7th Gen PB Waterhorse egg - if someone wants to give it a good home - just take it! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Right now I am catchting new Waterhorses to build up a mate for my firstborn to take it to the next generation.