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  1. My biggest army... well *points at sig*. 1600+ blacktips, with my second-biggest army being the 900+ celestials I breed the blacktips with when I want to really punch at the ratios and/or AP times. Only do that a couple times a year though, because that's something like 6-10 hours of work! Otherwise I stick to more frequently breeding just my 300-someodd CB blacktip pairs for smaller, cleaner, and generally less obnoxious AP walls.
  2. The AP times are starting to look a bit gross, so I just yeeted 252 purebred 2G blacktips at it. (Holly Contest competitors, great chance to stock up for the competition!)
  3. If you want, I could throw a metric buttload of blacktips at it instead? Last time I did a full blacktip x celestial mega massbreed, I chucked some 1500+ blacktips and almost 900 celestials at the AP. Almost two full days of nothing but blacktips and celestials! 🤣
  4. Groups are actually really easy (and very convenient!) Just go to Account > Groups > Create Group, and fill out the form and start picking dragons to put in it. Just make sure you have the group set to Public so the judges can see it. What's really nice is all you need to do is pick one blacktip, and beneath where you pick dragons, you can select to add all your dragons of that same breed to the group. Then from your main scroll page you'll see a drop-down menu next to "Filter by:", and you can select that group to get the URL and see all the dragons you placed in that group. For instance, this group has all of my blacktips: https://dragcave.net/group/40385 (Quick note, I've been collecting blacktips for years now, that's why I have so many and also why I'm donating prizes to the contest instead of competing. ) Also, welcome to Dragon Cave, since it looks like you just joined recently.
  5. I was gonna do a full-army blacktip mega-massbreed over the holiday, but between IRL getting in the way over the weekend and the state of the AP I decided the last thing anybody needed was a 2,500 egg salt/celestial wall right now! 🤣 Tentatively looking at maybe doing a mini-massbreed (around 250 eggs maximum) of just my CB blacktip pairs this coming weekend though!
  6. Many thanks to the anonymous breeder who sent this lovely to the AP! 😲
  7. 247 PB 2G blacktips have just been yeeted at the AP for any Holly contest collectors!
  8. Just threw 259 PB 2G blacktips (and 1 2g blacktip from celestial, and 3 celestials from that pairing) at the AP. Given current circumstances, I have no plans to massbreed my full blacktip army for the foreseeable future, but will likely try and breed just my CB blacktips regularly just to keep chipping at the ratios and smacking AP times down without being excessively obnoxious.
  9. Speaking of which, good collecting opportunity is heading toward the AP and should land in a couple of days. Just flung a little over 250 PB 2g blacktips at it!
  10. Getting close, AP times are at 3d18h as of this post, and the last egg I bred in it is currently at 3d19h. Didn't think this one would go quite so long since AP times were at the lower side of 5d when it hit, compared to the 5d23h/6d times the last time I did a full army mega massbreed in December. And I won't be doing another one of these for a good long time either, gonna stick to the more frequent but smaller and less obnoxious CBs-only mini massbreeds. 😅
  11. So.... holly contest participants, the AP is gonna really need you guys in a couple of days when my blacktips hit. ^^; Interestingly, the number of blacktips produced from a full-army mega massbreed has been holding fairly stable around 1500 eggs, while the volume of celestials produced is climbing. This time around I only had a roughly 86% chance of getting any blacktip eggs from blacktip x celestial, down from 90% last December and 92% last September, and 95% one year ago! Looks like my new tactic of smaller but more frequent mini-massbreeds of just my CB blacktips is having a decidedly faster impact on ratios than what I was doing before!
  12. Blacktip massbreeder here! I've chimed in on some of the predecessors to this thread, and I'd be happy to answer any questions folks have about the why, how, and so on. TJ hasn't spoken with me in particular, but I can only assume he's seen some of my posts in the other threads about the problem. I even volunteered to use my blacktip army as a guinea pig for testing the "limit # of eggs shown of a given species per breeder" idea, given that seems to be the solution short of fixing the ratios that everybody can mostly agree on. A tl;dr version of "why" is pretty much "trying to forcibly bring the blacktip population in line with what the ratios are trying (and failing on account of breed demand versus rarity level) to do, so that it's easier for people to get something other than blacktip eggs from blacktip x whatever pairings." I suspect a great many other massbreeders have similar motivation with their breeds of choice, especially newer commons that take forever to try and use in lineage projects due to the ratios making it almost impossible to get something other than that breed from any pairings. I keep a boatload of massbreeding stats as well, which have indicated that my efforts are gradually doing what I'm intending. This year I'm hoping to do more regular "mini" massbreeds of just my CB blacktips to generate more eggs, but in the form of shorter and less obnoxious walls and see if that has a more pronounced impact compared to previously just doing a few mini-massbreeds and a handful of full-army mega-massbreeds. I'm sure if I bred my entire near-1500 blacktip army every month (or every week to something other than celestials 😲) I'd hammer the ratios much more effectively... but that is an enormous time sink. A full-army "mega" massbreed (including corporealizing some 900+ celestials) takes me a good 8-10 hours to complete, and that is not an effort I can commit to more than a few times a year! A "mini" massbreed of roughly 200-250 pairings I can knock out in maybe 2 hours in comparison. So far, it really does seem like the only solution that doesn't step on anybody's play style besides fixing the ratios/rarity system is to limit how many eggs of a particular breed from a particular breeder show up in the AP at once. It doesn't limit breeders from breeding whatever the heck they want, it prevents (or at least makes it much more challenging) for the AP to get hit by a massive single-breed wall... the only things people can't quite settle on is "what would that do to AP times?" and "how many spots in the AP does a massbreeder get?" and "won't massbreeder's eggs suffer mass die-offs trapped behind that display limit?" The answer to the first we don't know; the answer to the second and third is why I volunteered to be a guinea pig so we could find out. Sadly, no word from on high at this time if such a test run is feasible.
  13. I saw the name and had to double check to see if it was one of mine! Also jealous I didn't think of a name like that first. Though it looks like I also have one of your salty babies from that pairing, so that's my silly thing on DC that makes me happy! Along with any time I grab a bred blacktip out of the AP and discover that it's NOT already related to one of my horde!
  14. Well, you'll be happy to know I just launched another 200 PB 2G blacktips at the AP then.
  15. As the likely single greatest source of blacktips present, I guess I better get in the habit of throwing more salt at the AP (in more frequent, but shorter-lived/less obnoxious PB 2g walls!) 😁 As a professional blacktip hoarder I'll abstain from the contest, but will happily contribute eggs on a semi-regular basis! Best of luck to my newly-inspired fellow blacktip hoarders!
  16. Per my earlier post, I've launched just a hair over 200 2G blacktips at the AP, almost all of them purebred, with a sprinkling of holidaykin 2gs. Also fired off PB 2gs of a few other breeds on my scroll for good measure! No two-day salt walls this time when they arrive in a couple of days!
  17. More like 5 days, it's still Monday here! 😁 And no worries, it's less "formal event" and more "random brainwave that caught on in Discord." The more people breeding stuff, the lower those AP times go!
  18. *sneaky bump* So, what started as "I'mma massbreed all my CB blacktips and send a truckload of PB 2g blacktip eggs to the AP this weekend!" turned into the unofficial Discord going from "I want to help!" to "Hey, what if we all massbreed a boatload of PB 2g commons?" And I was all "DUDE! LET'S DO IT!" Everyone wins! Ratios get smacked at for multiple breeds, the resulting AP wall would be a rainbow variety pack of multiple clean 2g lineages, and AP times can get pushed down if enough eggs are bred! So consider this an open invite to join the PB 2g party!
  19. #2 and #3 definitely strike me as the main issues. With regards to #2, if I recall right, TJ did adjust the ratio formula awhile back so that dragons/eggs older than a certain point no longer counted toward the ratio calculation (whereas before, it was ALL the dragons in the site's population factored into it.) I forget when that cutoff point actually is, but it seems to me that maybe that cutoff point needs to be shortened so that the ratios reflect a more up-to-date screenshot of the site's recent dragon population. Alternatively, re-evaluating and tweaking whatever the formula is based on both expected rarity (common/uncommon/rare/etc) as well as apparent user demand (popular/unpopular). For instance, blacktips are clearly meant to be common, but they're also clearly not much in demand so the ratios seem almost permanently skewed to overproduce blacktips. This exact issue is part of why I keep so many stats on my blacktip mass-breeding results, to provide some tangible, useful data for discussions like these. (Number crunchers, all my data is available here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aea3het7Fymab1dmww2xLut3eL3TfbsuR3MKPz67SLE/edit?usp=sharing) . Ordinarily when I massbreed them, roughly 1/4th of the total eggs produced are celestials; after two years of work the ratios have shifted enough that the market price has budged finally, and my most recent massbreed (and potentially current record wall holder, oops) saw 1/3rd of the total eggs being celestials. Assuming that celestials are also common, ideally that result should be closer to 50/50, not 70/30. Basically, ratios right now only factor in the intended rarity and current population, they probably also need to factor in apparent popularity/demand as well. As for #3, a bigger start to new releases to help get the population in line with the ratios more quickly is DEFINITELY a good idea. I think a minimum 3-day release flood window (only affecting the biomes said new release is in) would go a long way towards that, maybe up to a week. That would ensure that everyone has a chance to grab some during the opening flood even if they can't play daily, and a week at max wouldn't linger so long as to be unbearably annoying the way the already-mentioned Midwinter Madness release was. And maybe some tweak to how the ratio works so that at first new releases are rated more like uncommons, and over time as the population starts to even out they revert to their intended common status. Another possible option might be to tweak availability mechanics. There's almost 250 breeds available right now, with more sure to come at a reasonably steady rate. I forget if some dragons already do this, but maybe it would help everybody out if certain commons shifted to uncommon or even rare at certain times of the year, whether it's a seasonal or a monthly cycle. This could help breeders with their projects if they know that certain times of year they have better odds of getting desired results and help future-proof the cave's ever-growing breed selection by having the mechanic in place to juggle an ever-growing volume of "common" breeds.
  20. Heck, if TJ is willing to do some AP science (and if doing so is at all feasible from an implementation standpoint), let's just test the "show X eggs of Y breed from one player" idea, get some actual sample data on "would a mega-massbreed result in eggs dying behind a breeder display limit?" Absent that, everything is just pure shot in the dark guesswork. I volunteer my blacktip army as tribute. If it's possible to do a test run of the idea with one/a few specific players affected (whether me or some other willing massbreeder), let's do it. Hook me up, I'll unleash one of my 1000+ blacktip x celestial floods (typically yields roughly 1500 blacktip and 500 celestial eggs), see if the change in display kills a bunch of them. FOR SCIENCE! 🤣
  21. Firmly against shortening the Valentines and Christmas drops for reasons most everybody else has already stated, and firmly for increasing the volume of eggs/length of the drop window for Halloween. I may be a bit of an outlier, but Halloween is the hardest one for me because in the weeks and days leading up to it, my free time completely disappears due to my family's massive haunted house we put on every year. Between helping build it, decorate it, working it on Halloween night, and helping tear everything down and clean up the next day, if I don't catch my Halloweens within a few hours of the drop starting (9pm October 30th in my timezone), then I'm not getting them, period.
  22. That would have been mine, and yeah it was short lived- I only threw about 200 eggs at the AP, and they were all PB 2g blacktips instead of my usual "quantity over quality" approach. AP times being well over 5d offended my sensibilities and mass-breeding JUST my CB blacktips to help bring it down takes a lot less time and produces a lot fewer eggs than my mega-wall massbreeds! Pretty sure if TJ had changed anything, he would have said something though. My guess is that people are otherwise preoccupied with Thanksgiving (well, for US players anyway) preparations and probably just not massbreeding as much at the moment as a result. Pretty hard to sit down for the 6+ hours a mega massbreed requires when you're busy packing/traveling/cooking/stuck away from your home setup/dealing with family/etc.
  23. What if it was made even? Double the amount of slots per trophy level, make half out-of-the-biome-only and the other half out-of-the-AP-only. Doesn't change things for folks who hunt AP only or cave only, but certainly provides an incentive for people to diversify their play style and grab from both. I mean, I mostly hunt the AP, but if I had extra biome-only slots, you can bet I'd fill those up for good measure; I imagine similar would apply to folks who primarily opt for the biomes. I dunno, I'm horribly sleep deprived this week and not braining too gud. 😅
  24. I the main issue with "If the ratios are the problem, why not fix them?" is that TJ doesn't seem inclined to do so. And even if he was... well, HOW do we fix it? Some breeds will always be more common, either because they're supposed to be or because they're not as popular. If I recall right, he already did tweak the ratio system to only look at a relatively recent span of time instead of the entire site's dragon population, thus making it possible to budge the ratios at all instead of being stymied by the inertia of ten years of people collecting dragons. And fixing the ratios might fix some one-breed walls, but still doesn't necessarily address "one person has bred a boatload of random stuff that's clogging the AP" flavor AP clogs. I think the AP-biome idea addresses the most issues in a most in-universe logical sort of way. Still theoretically possible to clog it, but much more difficult to do while also adding increased functionality to the AP.
  25. I mean, I won't lie- the nonstop viewbombing attacks that finally forced me to hide my scroll contributes a certain level of pure spite to the entire endeavor, but that's not the primary reason. Less that I'm trying to tamper with it and more that I'm trying to bring the population in line with what TJ's ratios say it's supposed to be. That's why it's so hard to get something other than blacktips from a blacktip x whatever pairing; they're underpopulated and thus the game is trying to compensate by making them the more likely result of a breeding involving one. ... Which, before the mods yell at me, is starting to drift from the topic of "HOW FIX AP?!" Any thoughts on the "split the AP into biomes" idea? Everybody would still see the same AP (only there'd be 6 of them, 7 during holidays), but they could hunt a particular biome to try and find a preferred breed just like hunting the cave biomes. No actual filtering, metallics (or prizes) would go randomly to a particular AP-biome same as metallics do in the main cave, the main difference would be making it harder to render the AP completely clogged and increasing the number of abandoned eggs visible at any given time. EDIT TO ADD: And for clarity, these AP-biomes would NOT merely show 3 eggs at once like the regular biomes. Ideally I'd like to each one to be a full 30-egg AP page, for a total of 180 (210 during holidays) abandoned eggs showing across the AP biomes at once.