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  1. My most loyal fans who keep helping me hatch my eggs have just been positively begging me to send more blacktips to the AP. I wasn't going to breed the Salt Army this month, but who am I to turn down such an earnest request? 1500+ blacktips and some 500+ celestials are on their way to the front of the AP!
  2. Quick update, this seems to have somehow self-fixed itself. For the record, I got all three of mine straight from the biome. Daily maintenance magically made it all better?
  3. Long story short, once I saw the raffle requirements for this month ("Raise 3 adult dragons from the Desert"), I dutifully grabbed three eggs out of the desert (2 geminae, 1 purple). All three have grown up fine (one was briefly sick due to a VB attempt against my scroll,) but the raffle page still says I've only raised 2/3 adults. All three eggs were grabbed on September 3, hatched the 6th, and grew up the 9th. (For reference, these are the dragons: https://dragcave.net/lineage/oVm1U, https://dragcave.net/lineage/gvZoA, and https://dragcave.net/lineage/fKupr ) While simply grabbing another Desert egg isn't that big a deal, this still says "something's borked" about the raffle code. From comments offsite, I may not the only person affected. Thank you for looking into this!
  4. While I'm in the "it ain't broke, don't fix it" camp with regards to the AP, this is by far the most reasonable and well thought out proposition so far. Certainly the absolute least malicious since it doesn't punish players for playing a specific way or leave gaping holes for abuse, and accommodates the most variety of play styles. That being said, I'm not sure how practical it might be to implement from the programming standpoint. While I'm no programmer myself, I'm reasonably conversant in the subject from the webgame I help run to know that "an easy fix" is often anything but. My main concern would be how much additional load would such a system add to the server? Every five minutes it would have to call a process up to run the calculation to see if the AP is more than n% of a single species, which would probably involve loading each egg on the visible page at least (if not the entire AP backlog- I don't know if the site already can tell "egg currently visible on the AP page" from "egg in the AP queue") to fetch the species counts and make that determination. Depending on how TJ has got everything set up on the backend, something like this could balloon into a major resource hog and bring the Lagmonster back from the abyss to plague everybody. Plus I am under the impression that TJ doesn't exactly have loads and loads of time to devote to development on the site, so he might be more inclined to prioritize projects that are faster to implement or have a greater benefit to the playerbase than tackling DC's dumpster.
  5. I miss multiclutches too. I mean, I have an army of celestials for when I really need multiple eggs out of one dragon, but it's just not the same.
  6. Not gonna lie, the thought has crossed my mind. But AP times are so wonderfully low right now, I really can't justify the several hours across two days needed to massbreed my salty horde. 🤣
  7. As one of those "one user with an army that can singlehandedly create a one-breed AP wall", (❤️ my salty blacktip babies!) I'll just note that such walls are already pretty limited for a whole slew of reasons. 1) It takes a bloody long time to massbreed enough dragons to make a 12+ hour wall. When I last bred all of my blacktips, that took me at least six hours before factoring in the time it took to corporealize several hundred celestials as well. That is not the sort of effort I can make on every available opportunity, and I imagine the same goes for anyone else with massive one-breed armies. The next time I mass breed all of my blacktips, it's probably going to be an 8 hour endeavor (again, not factoring in the hours it takes to corporealize so many celestials.) There comes a point where it literally becomes impossible for a single player to mass-breed an entire wall-producing army in one shot because the mass-breeding itself would take too long to do uninterrupted. 8 hours is already seriously stretching it. 2) Longer walls require almost exponentially more dragons (and thus more time to create) than shorter walls. From my own breeding stats, I can get a 5-6 hour wall from about 100 breeding pairs. So from that baseline, one would assume that breeding say, 700 pairs would result in a wall lasting 35-42 hours, when in reality that many pairs lead to only 12 hours of wall. While I lack the specific stats myself, it sounds like a 24+ hour nocturne wall requires breeding over 2000 dragons. A hypothetical 48+ hour wall would no doubt require something along the lines of 5000+ dragons being bred, probably more than that even. That quickly becomes prohibitive for any one user to accomplish with any regularity, and while organizing a mass-breeding with multiple users can accomplish similar effects that comes with the challenge of getting enough people organized to put their time into the mass-breeding all at the same time which can also become difficult to accomplish once the attempted mass-breeding effort hits a certain point. 3) The longer a wall takes to create, the less solid it is. Simply put, when you're only breeding 100 dragons, it's entirely possible that there are very few other eggs being produced by other players and sent to the AP during that short span of time. When you're breeding several hundred dragons, that takes hours; and during those hours other players are breeding and abandoning other things to the AP, so that bigger wall is going to have far more interruptions breaking it up. The longer a wall takes to create, the less homogeneous it becomes. The easiest way to break up a potential AP wall is simply breeding lots of stuff. If you're breeding a variety of things at the same time I'm breeding a lot of blacktips, then your variety of things will be mixed in, have similar AP times, and thus hit the AP at the same time as my mass-bred eggs. If more players are breeding more things at any given time, that means those of us with mono-breed armies aren't the ones sending the majority of eggs to the AP at any given moment. 4) The AP timer itself cuts wall times down already. Sure, a wall that hits when AP times are high will likely last longer simply because times are high; but the longer a wall goes on, the lower the AP time gets and the faster that wall moves through the AP. An AP wall that hits when eggs are incuhatchable is not going to last anywhere near as long as an AP wall that hits when eggs are all above 5d remaining. 5) The ratios do work. Even though I'm not massbreeding blacktips every chance I could, blacktips have become noticeably less frequent in the biome. For my February blacktip massbreed, 95% of all clutches produced resulted in blacktip eggs. My much smaller March massbreed had a 94% rate. While I don't yet have more data points to show a trend yet, I'm assuming that the more blacktips I breed over time, the fewer pairings are going to successfully produce blacktip eggs. (Really wish I'd thought to record how many clutches included blacktip eggs back in 2018 so I could already calculate those percentages to show folks a trend. >_< ) Maybe once I have more data points I'll make some kinda fancy graphs to go with my tracking spreadsheet. tl;dr version: AP walls are ultimately a self-defeating endeavor. The bigger the wall, the harder it is to make. The longer the wall, the faster it undercuts itself via lowering AP times. The bigger/more frequent the wall, the harder the target breed and thus the wall becomes to produce. The system as it already exists effectively caps the maximum AP wall possible due to all these factors. Really, the only way you could conceivably get a wall lasting over 48 hours would require a highly unlikely perfect storm of circumstances; mass-breeding right after a major new release while AP times are high and most people aren't breeding anything themselves because they're too busy hunting the new release eggs, multiple people (maybe over a dozen) who all have 1000+ strong armies of that one breed all available and able to coordinate their mass-breeding so that the eggs aren't all bred at the exact same time, but are instead staggered out over several hours or even days (to counteract the fact that the wall clears faster the lower AP times get), etc. There simply comes a point where while in theory a bigger wall is possible, the odds of it being done successfully are microscopic.
  8. Niiiiice. Don't think AP times are going to spike back upward any time soon!
  9. I see my blacktips have hit. Before anyone panics, I did NOT breed all 800 blacktips this time around so no 12 hour salt wall! I was just pairing off new blacktips and celestials I've picked up since February, only sent 93 blacktips and 25 celestials to the AP with this batch. ("Only", she says... ^^; )
  10. I am loving what this Nocturne wall is doing to AP times! ❤️
  11. Oh man, seriously. Praise the current Khusa wall, that should help knock the AP times back down again! ❤️
  12. Well, mine are all on cooldown, and the celestials I pair them with are out for the next month!
  13. People have different reasons; maybe they just REALLY like a particular breed and do so accidentally when mass-breeding their own collection. Some do it to try and impact the ratios to improve their chances of getting something OTHER than that breed when pairing it. (For instance, there are some people trying to get prizes out of prize x blacktip, but the ratios are firmly against them.) Some folks do it for no other reason than the fact that they can. Personally, I'm a little of all of those. The ratios are a big one though. For instance, the fact that I can singlehandedly clog the AP with blacktips just goes to show that the ratios are still whacked and how badly underpopulated that breed is- 1000 blacktip eggs sent to the AP and the market price didn't even twitch. Same with basically any other single-breed AP wall- the only reason those walls can happen is because the breed in question isn't very popular and thus is underpopulated. That's a big reason you'll see people in here requesting mass-breeds of a specific breed- they are likely working on a lineage project and need to be able to get something OTHER than that super-common breed out of a pairing. I might be able to singlehandledly start shifting the ratios if I mass-breed my entire blacktip army every month instead of smaller mass-breeds to pair up newly-collected blacktips with newly-collected partners, but holy cow that is several hours of work to do. Corporealizing over 500 celestials alone takes a couple of hours, and the actual massbreeding of 770+ blacktips takes a good 3-4 hours if I'm being efficient and focused only on that and not multitasking at the same time. 😨
  14. So I may have attempted to punch the ratios in the teeth and sent over 1000 blacktips to the AP....
  15. Man, think what that's gotta have done for the ratios, too! Anybody looking to get something other than a nocturne from a nocturne pairing, now's the time to try it! I can't begin to imagine how long it took to massbreed 2000 nocturnes, given it took hours for 700 blacktips last month! o_o
  16. Definitely support! There have been plenty of times where I've been very specific in what I want for a trade, and have to reject a bunch of offers that aren't that; or times where I've had multiple good offers but could only pick one. Having even just a set of boilerplate rejection messages like discussed above would be a huge help.
  17. Clipping is fixed for mine! Thanks for the quick repair!
  18. First: Thanks to the spriters and to TJ for the revamped Snow Wars, it was a great deal of fun with fantastic visuals! Second: Oh good, tile layering issues aren't just me! Here's mine, chessboard pieces seem to be the culprit:
  19. Was just looking over my breeding stats and I noticed something else interesting, though I don't yet have enough data points to make a more solid verification. Basically, it seems like the volume of eggs necessary for a wall rises considerably for each additional hour of wall. I did a massbreed last May that sent 196 blacktips and 35 celestials to the AP, resulting in a wall that lasted 5.5 hours. Based on that, you'd think "approx 200 blacktips per 5.5 hours of wall", which was not proven to be the case by the December massbreed. If 200 eggs = 5.5 hours of wall, then the December massbreed would have clogged the AP for over 24 hours instead of the 12.5 that it actually did. This implies that a longer wall is more difficult to achieve than a shorter wall even before factoring in the time and effort necessary to produce that volume of eggs. If the trend is accurate, successfully blocking the AP for a full 24 hours would probably require a massbreed sending thousands of eggs to the AP all at once, probably more than 5000 eggs; a herculean task for any single player, and likely incredibly difficult even for a coordinated group to accomplish.
  20. You are either evil or a genius. 😱 Tempting though it is just to get the data, really not sure I'm that keen to inflict that much salty love on everybody else (...plus again, that's like 8ish hours total of work to do every time!... and that number is only going to go up the bigger my army gets!) I do keep very thorough massbreeding stats though, so as time goes on we'll be able to compare older massbreeds to newer ones. Thinking I'll add columns to my spreadsheets to start tallying how many attempts actually result in blacktip eggs specifically, since that's the number that will most noticeably drop over time if the ratio shifts.
  21. Just to back this post up with some stats (as my massbreed was the apparent catalyst for this thread): -The blacktip wall in question lasted roughly 12.5 hours total. -Said wall resulted from breeding 702 blacktips to about 480 celestials and assorted rares, sending a grand total of 1,143 eggs to the AP. (919 blacktips, 224 celestials.) -Of those 702 attempts, 570 successfully produced eggs, 8 were refusals, and 124 were either 'no interest' or 'no egg produced'. Assuming I'm not messing up my basic math, that's about an 81% success rate for producing eggs. (Not all pairs produced blacktip eggs either, some only resulted in celestials.) -Massbreeding 702 blacktips took roughly 6 hours in total. (This count DOES NOT include the time spent corporealizing the aforementioned 480 celestials, which was done the day before the massbreed and probably took a solid hour or two by itself.) -As such a massbreed relies so heavily on celestials, I could in theory only wall the AP like that once a month. In reality, I only massbreed the full army a couple times a year precisely because of how labor-intensive a task it is. And as I am but one player, even if I was massbreeding at every opportunity, that likely would not be sufficient to tilt the ratios to make them less prolific. Ultimately, the reason walls happen isn't a matter of AP time or mass-breeding, the root cause is the ratios that govern the rate at which those eggs are produced coupled with the community's focus on already-overpopulated breeds. This suggestion simply attacks the symptom in an ineffective manner, it doesn't address the underlying cause. Do ratios need to be re-evaluated and tweaked? Probably. Either that or more people need to more regularly breed these 'blocker' breeds to bring the ratios back to a point that they aren't blockers anymore.
  22. Niiiice. Might have to grab some of those and see how well they get on with my precious salty children!
  23. Just finished the de-weaponized final version of mine!
  24. I'm at 2418 right now, so something borked. I've gotten my 100 every week (this week included), and bought a couple of cheap eggs off the Market awhile back, so that 18 is... odd.
  25. Am I dreaming? Holy crap those prices are fantastic!!