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  1. I've actually not god any eggs for like. an hour now. I dont even HAVE all of them. it gave me one egg like for 5 minutes [despite being clicked on] and then nothing.
  2. While sitting in the Abandoned trying to get a clean lineage Yulebuck I somehow.. Stumbled upon possibly the most inbred dragon ever. I placed it through the inbreed checker on Allure of Neglected and found that 117 dragons appears ranging from twice to 7 times. I had previously thrown one back for being inbred once. But this one was just too much of a 'wtf' moment to ignore. http://www.coup-detat.info/NDER/Inbred.php...=full&repeats=y I kept the egg just so I could look back and laugh [Poor thing will probably never be bred as I don't wish to taint any off spring ] I would expect the poor thing to come out with 3 heads or something though O.O
  3. That would be awesome!!
  4. Woot! After a good day and a bit, I've got all of them! They're so pritty~ <3