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  1. You could breed another 3rd gen from a 2nd gen PB Pygmy and a 2nd gen PB Crimson Flare, either as a mirror (Crimson Flares on top) or as a match (Pygmies on top).

    Or you could breed a mate from two 2nd gen PBs from other Pygmy breeds.

    Thanks, I might do a matching one, I do like the look of that.

  2. If you like even gens I saw someone showing off a pretty one a few days ago that I decided I would like to copy. Now I can't find the post, but basically it is Male Soulpeace x Female Hellhorse. The Soulpeaces came from Daydream father x White mother and the Hellhorses came from Horse father x Hellfire mother. I don't have enough of it done to really see what it looks like, but this is close, only with the Daydream and White parents reversed, which I guess would work, too.  wink.gifhttp://www.coup-detat.info/NDER/Lineage.ph...ate=7atow&style[bg]=y&style[border]=n Then you just keep adding more units like that to build higher gens.

    Oh I like this idea! I might do two lineages actually, one with the hybrids and a 'purebreed' giant stair like I showed earlier. This could be fun biggrin.gif




    A big double-step like that would be a handsome lineage for soul peace dragons. If you like it, go for it. It's easy enough to make additions onto since it just takes the main branch and 2nd gens. You could have fun with it by doing spirals, or alternating the male/female combos of the 2nd gen's CB parents. If you wanted an even gen, you could alternate with the skywing's other bred hybrid and do a checker. Scratch that, I still have that example bluna on the brain.


    Bleeding moons are quite dominant when breeding. They're only outdone by Serragammas who have managed to break through the breeding dominance, and the newest breed, nhiostrifes. Anything else seems to come out as a bleeding moon, I've not heard of anything else breed from them at the moment. Its great if you like them, not so great if you want variety.


    Thanks for the info, This is really my first time doing proper lineages from scratch, and not actually just continuing them like with nearly all my lineaged dragons.


    I might go with Hellhorses, since I love them as a breed, and I might have a bit of a play with the layouts. I feel a step/spiral maybe more doable for me since I'm a bit of a newbie and they're the ones I have most experience with.


    This reminds me actually;


    I adopted this little guy: http://dragcave.net/lineage/FcVBV


    I have no idea how I can continue it. I've never done even lineages.

  3. Hey guys, I was wondering if I could get some advice about a Soulpeace lineage.


    Basicly, I want to start breeding my soulpeaces, but I'm not sure what to partner with them or what kinda lineage to do.

    I was told to maybe do a huge stair like this: http://dragcave.net/lineage/LX6yz


    I was also told to not use breeds such as Bleeding moons, Nhiostrifes and Seragammas as they're apprently very dominant with eggs. so does anyone have any idea what I could use while keeping it looking pritty?

  4. This here would be a 3-step wave: http://dragcave.net/lineage/xOT50

    The dragon is male, so the following 3 generations would continue with female Whites.


    And this here would be an interrupted 3-step wave: http://dragcave.net/lineage/dSYec

    The dragon is male, so the line would continue with 2 more female Luminas, then swap genders once, then go back to 3 more generations with female Luminas.


    Regarding Soulpeaces: If you ever want to get a Soulpeace from breeding a Soulpeace with something else, do *not* use Bleeding Moons. These days, they are very dominant with their eggs. Likewise, Nhiostrifes and Seragammas wouldn't be good ideas either.

    Thanks for the wave help,


    Also, what would you suggest with the soulpeaces? Also, what kind of lineage? I was thinking even ones, but that's very very hard work, and I have no idea.

  5. Hey guys, I was wondering, does anyone have an example of a wave lineage?


    I messed up with a spiral, and I was told I could make it into a wave so I can get the right gender.






    Also, while I'm here, I was thinking, should I do a pair for this with the same kinda lineage?





    Also also, I waqs thinking about doing a lineage with Soulpeaces, do you guys think that a Bleeding moon would make a good mate? I enjoy the fact they're opposites.

  6. *Excited* I just got:


    The Man of Steel

    I Volunteer As Tribute

    Shamble Bobble Dibble Dooble

    The Zombie Survival Guide

    The Big Bang


    My inner nerd is dancing around  xd.png

    You might like the ones I just got then tongue.gif [Also, I have a copy of the Survival guide on my shelf atm tongue.gif]


    Matthew Murdock [Aka Daredevil]

    Alicia Masters [From The Fantastic Four]


    Going on the theme of blind for my albinos.


    Hydrogen H1

    Helium He2

    Oxygen O8

    Carbon C6

    Neon Ne10


    The 5 most common elements in the Milky Way Galaxy. [i was going for gasses etc] for my Balloons

  7. Going through and naming a few of my new dragons, and some of my old. I just got:


    Pan drop [Yulebuck] [Pan drops are also called Scotch mints.]

    Dian Hong [blacktea] [Type of black tea.]

    Malian Gulf [Tsunami] [Name of cause of historic tsunami]

    Storegga Slides [Tsunami] [Name of cause of historic tsunami]

  8. For my Teimarrs




    Teimarro Teimarro

    It's Only A Tei Away.  xd.png


    The best name among my bloodscales is


    Brainiac Amour, <3


    but I want to tweak the other names some.


    My Black Teas are



    Jasmine Blossom

    Black Chai



    and my other birthday dragons are unnamed so far but I do have Copperopolis on a nameholder!  biggrin.gif

    Damn you beat me to the teas! I did however get the original japanese name for your Lapsang-Souchong, Zhengshan xiaozhong



    Just looking through my dragons and realized how lucky I got with some:


    Errol The Mascot of the Watch


    Guan Gong Yu

    This was for my boyfriend since he's buddist and asked for me to try and get Guan Yu for an earth dragon since the God of War's animal is the dragon.


    My Golds:

    Golden Groom

    Golden Bride


    Tay and War my bloodscale. Which had a perfect code for me!


    My Steam Powered Giraffe set so far:

    Spine of Steam Powered Giraffe

    Rabbit of Steam Powered Giraffe

    Hatchy of Steam Powered Giraffe

    The Jon of Steam Powered Giraffe

    David and Bunny of SPG

    Michael of SPG

    Just missing Matt, Upgrade, Steve and the Walter Girls now.

  9. With me, Inbreeding is kinda avoided. I won't drop eggs that are inbred though if they're rares, I just avoid breeding them. I have an entire trio if rares, that are inbred. I got them through a trade, and they complete my set, so I dont mind. I just wont breed my ice because I know what most people on the trades want. Heck, I even have a Dorkface nebula who is inbred, and I didn't get rid of her.


    In short: I don't mind them, I just wont really breed them. Mainly because I use to breed willy nilly when I first started out, which led to major inbreeding with my stripes and it makes me cringe since I find it messy.

    I won't actively go out of my way to get rid of them, they just don't get bred unless requested.