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  1. Love your art! Would like to make a request :0) DC Dragon or OC?: OC If DC Dragon, Name of Species: Baroo If OC Dragon, Refs or Description: http://i442.photobucket.com/albums/qq145/t...ns/Baroo002.jpg In Colour?: Yes Please (Main body is white, base of mane is purple with white tips, markings on body and wings are purple, horns can be a gold-ish color, eye color purple) Pose/Details?: Something cute and whimsical (at your discretion really I'm not picky) Siggy Copy?: Yes Please *edited for spelling
  2. Hello! Absolutely adorable! I would like to request if possible, details below as requested; Your Name/ Forum ID: [thedragn01] Your Scroll: [http://dragcave.net/user/thedragn01] Trade offer: http://dragcave.net/lineage/UeQIb Character Name: [baroo] Character Design: http://i442.photobucket.com/albums/qq145/t...ns/Baroo002.jpg Character's Favorite Color: [body Color White, base mane color purple with white tips, markings on body and wings purple]
  3. Started simple then decided it just wasn't enough lol
  4. Got my 2! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!
  5. First page of this thread you can see TJ's hatchies
  6. Caught this egg today "EWmj" lol, so although it pretty much says it all, I might have to name it something a little more clever :0) I have named many of my dragons after codes, makes things more interesting ^^
  7. Dinos...I have all of them and don't need or want anymore, but I can't resist clicking them lol. I just gift them 5 hours later so I guess its not a total loss :0)
  8. Very cute Roon ^^ I will add to my siggy right away!
  9. Aww...np Roon take your time :0) Been there and done that...I hate art block lol
  10. Absolutely beautiful Maple, thank you very much!
  11. I think your art is worth more than a few cookies :0) DC egg or custom?: Custom please >>If custom--> please describe: Celtic crescent moon with a pentagram intertwined similar to this ----> but without the design in the center of the pentagram. Colors; Purples, blues and whites (mystical looking I guess) Text?: Yes >>If Yes-->: Jynx I completely understand that celtic knots and designs are a pain, so if this is too much and you need to charge for it that is fine just let me know :0) Thank you ahead of time.
  12. I'm kinda for both sides of this. I think having multiple eggs with the same description can help move those eggs off the cave. For example, someone sees the "this egg has brightly colored markings" and grabs it hoping for a CB stripe. As Infinis put it, this adds more intrigue, mystery and fun to the game. At that point the egg is almost really like a mystery egg. You know you will get 1 of 2 eggs but you don't know for sure until you grab it. I have been playing DC for a couple years now and have seen common eggs such as blacks go from being AP blockers to prime trades for metallics because they have become uncommon (with CBs becoming rare.) However, on the other side of this, someone picks up the "brightly colored marking" egg hoping for a stripe and gets the spitfire, 5 hours later they can just drop the egg into AP. Same goes for the Ochres, horse, and skywing eggs. So it all goes to preference and the way each person plays the game. Some people are happy with whatever they get and will keep it, some are looking for a particular egg and may toss it, etc. I don't think this is what caused the Frills to go into extinction, for most people (like me), they had just collected all they wanted of that dragon, therefore that could and will happen to many dragons. So ultimately, I do not see an issue with this untill there are TOO many eggs with the same description. I personally think 3 should be the max of how many breeds have the same egg description.
  13. Looks great! Thanks Maple :0)
  14. These are awesome !! Are there any spots open? And if yes may I please request a Goldfish egg with the text "Splash This" on it? Thankies !!
  15. I personally think that's a great idea :0)
  16. OMG AWESOME I LOVE it Roon...ty so much ^^ Rhea; Take your time :0) RL comes first
  17. Love you stuff :0) How do I go about getting into one of those 2 open paid spots?
  18. thedragn01

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    Just tried to breed my nebulas and they refused to go near each other...