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    2012-07-22 - Updates

    lol oi...I knew that...major blonde moment, ty
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    2012-07-22 - Updates

    Sorry if this has already been answered, but 11 pages is a lot to read back through. None of my legendary trio dragons have the "summon" option? It's not even greyed out, it's just not there at all. Is anyone else having this issue? Has this already been addressed?
  3. 29 and from Sin City! YAY I rarely find more of our kind online period lol!
  4. Oooooh good question...ummm let's go with sleek!
  5. Awesome! I plan on entering them into the dragon requests! I need to come up with a description for them as there is a "necromancer" dragon on the completed lists so need to make it different! And I saw the female lined but had she been colored?
  6. You have a lot of potential :0) Looking at the eyes on the cat I can see you pay attention to detail (eyes are my favorite to draw too), but you look for definite lines in the subjects you try to draw. This was and continues to be my weakness as well. What helped me was learning that we create the lines, that no definite lines truly exist in nature. Only variations in texture and coloring (shading). A technique that helped me was using a white colored pencil on black paper and only using the highlights on the subject as my tools for creating the picture. You are definitely on your way though! Keep it up!
  7. All of which I have ^^ I will work on one (or a few) for ya
  8. I'm sure it looks lovely and can't wait to see it :0)
  9. The one I had grew up while you were away But I am currently working on a new one for you (hoping one of my metallics will give me something for you instead of a nebula!!) Will get you the code as soon as I have something for you!
  10. Would love to gift ^^ Is there anything in particular you are looking for?
  11. I Wanna Request! Name: thedragn01 DC Dragon Request: Yes If Yes Species: Flamingo and Bright Breasted Wyvern Stage: Adults Gender: Male Flamingo and Female BBW Stance: something affectionate If No Very Detailed Discription: Gender: Background: -Plain Light Gray -None -Other If Other Please discribe: Your Discretion Other: Payment or Request: Not sure what you mean here...
  12. Take your time, no hurry :0) And I look forward to seeing the finished product!
  13. That would be great Shadow, thank you ^^
  14. Love the Sweetling :0) I am thinking about getting a tablet myself soon ^^ Would like to be one of the first to make a request if I may? Username: thedragn01 Dragon Breed: Guardian of Nature Gender: (Male or female sprite?) Male Stage: (Hatchling, adult etc.) Adult Pose/Emotion: (What do you want it doing or what emotion do you want it displaying?) Other?: I will leave this part to your discretion as I am open to any ^^
  15. No worries Thanks for giving it a go!
  16. I am open for any "Dragon Cave" Spriter within this thread to take on the challenge! :0) Please and thank you in advance ^^ I would like a Sprite! Forum Name: TheDragn01 Name of the Dragon: Necro Gaurdian Sketch: http://i442.photobucket.com/albums/qq145/t...roGaurdianF.jpg http://i442.photobucket.com/albums/qq145/t...roGaurdianM.jpg Stage:(Sprite lines, Flat color or Shaded)All of the above if possible Spriter/s: (if it's a spriter/s who prefer to be contacted by the thread or anyone) Any Dragon stage: (egg, S1, S2 or adult) Adults Pic added for color reference:
  17. LOVE the dorsal! Makes me want to go in the cave and collect more! Well done! I agree on the above crits of the Flamingo.
  18. ADORABLE ADORABLE ADORABLE!! Love it! Thank you so much! Edited for trade! The nebula I put up for trade is now a hatchling and ready when you are :0) PM you the code?
  19. I have been stalking your thread since you opened it and have never complimented you on your artwork (which is just phenomenal!) and these new "squeebees" are just adorable! Congrats on the talent you harbor!
  20. Thank you! I am rather proud of her And yes she has more feline paws rather than reptilian claws