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  1. the giraffe is just dawww...lol and I would be interested in Halloween IOU's...which ones are you looking for? And any particular breeding pairs?
  2. ::Runs around squealing and flailing arms while a horde of rabid bees chase close behind:: Obnoxious and annoying enough?? Password!! <-- I found this funny anyway And Request Just a head shot would be fantastic! Your colored pics are looking great!
  3. lol no no no...was great practice! And glad you like her!
  4. I keep hoping these dragons will disappear off the completed lists and reappear onto my scroll Love these, and yes, added to the list.
  5. Thanks Cudo!! I admittedly have been stalking your thread love your stuff. FINALLY! Here you go Switch! Sorry she took so long, and I hope she is what you were expecting (all the fur was a challenge!) Edited for missing ear
  6. lol I have decided to open a second slot just for you :0) And going forward of course, so request accepted! As stated in first pose though, I am taking a bit longer on requests than I would like so your request may take me a bit, but I will get to it :0)
  7. Sorry! I think I misunderstood :0) Yes Exams first! lol been there, done that and get it
  8. I want one! Username: thedragn01 What you want me to draw: <Fennec Dragonwrite here> Position: Something Playful Emotion: Happy or Eccentric Medium: Digital Extra: N/A Ref: Fennec I have been watching you forever now lol...loved the seahorse you did for the seahorse dragon :0)
  9. Banner! lol my first one made ever! Direct Link http://i442.photobucket.com/albums/qq145/t.../BrokenCave.png http://i442.photobucket.com/albums/qq145/t...BrokenCave3.png
  10. I have never seen this and have been a member since '09...lol perhaps banners are in order? "We survived the darkness" "We Survived the Great Excavation" lol
  11. Thanks for adding a personality synopsis will help in posing her...I am not very fast with requests just to warn :0) I do not want you to think I have forgotten about you if it seems things are taking to long :0)
  12. YAY a request! And that is far from a bad drawing Of course I can draw him! Any particular pose you would like?
  13. No Requests? I have opened this up for all creature drawings now (just no humans please) so please...give me something to practice with! Also, a new OC added to the OP :0) Constructive Critiques are also welcome!
  14. Yay I'm not the only insomniac right now! If you can (hopefully sleep finds you first) mind doing one of my OC? Anything is fine, your art is amazing! Baroo
  15. Love Malpractice! I really don't know much about poetry so sadly I am useless for critiques, but can at least offer compliments :0)
  16. YAY a stalker! And yes, dragons only for now...I might be opening it to other creatures soon for some variety :0)
  17. Here you go TCA...sorry he took so long (that was a lot of feathers ) I really hope I did him justice. Requests are now open! They will, however, take a bit longer now that my son is out of school for the month.
  18. Sure thing! Cool OC :0)
  19. Here ya go Aislein! I hope I didn't butcher her too bad, this was my first time doing feathered wings? Siggy size included. Requests are again open!
  20. Got ya' down Aislein :0) Will get started on her
  21. Completed Requests Aislein's Platinum Gem Feather OC TCA's Kheselyth Switch's Kie RampagingWyvern's Kyzaro Kittygrl's Male Lotus KrystalSharz Injured Wolf Daciana_Adena's Request Kittygrl's Lilac Lotus
  22. Request Slots: -->1. Closed -->2. Closed Update!! Hello everyone! I have been on DC for forever now and really never had the guts to open up shop, but now that I have a tablet (and have had some practice) I feel I need to improve! So...I will be open for requests, but one at a time. I have a pretty full schedule RL wise so requests may be fulfilled quick or slow, but if I accept a request it will be finished. An example is provided below, he is my OC and I would appreciate no one else using him in their siggy. So...if you like what you see, feel free to ask for a request! Rules! 1. One subject per request (I have not perfected couple poses with dragons yet and would prefer to stay away from these, thanks! ) 2. When requesting, if you would like your character in a specific pose please specify. I am horrible with coming up with poses on my own (a small synopsis of character personality may help in pose design) Also, I have decided to add "props" for your requests. So if you would like your subject to be interacting with an object please specify :0). 3. Opening this up for all creatures now :0) Please no humans!(DC dragons are drawn as long as the DC subject has permission for fan art Check DC Art Usage Here, OC's are always welcome) 4. When making a request, please please PLEASE provide a reference pic no matter how simple so I have an idea of what I am drawing :0) (I do not do well with descriptions) 5. Be polite :0) And with that, I guess I am officially open for business! Below are the two websites I have posted art on. Elfwood was my life before digital :0) (and many of the images there are really really old). Then of course I have posted an OC as well. --> Elfwood (Some Really Old Art) --> Deviant Art These are free for use by anyone. Please do not use these unless you are the requester!