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  1. Alright sounds good! I will get a start on him. My drawings are currently taking me a bit to complete so don't think I have forgotten about you if he seems to be taking a while :0)
  2. Thank you! Really trying to get better detail on my work! And what a cool character you have there! Just a couple questions; is he/she furred or sleek? And any specific pose you want him/her in?
  3. New Art!! ANNNNNNND....one request slot open!
  4. You are quite welcome! Glad you like him, he was fun to draw
  5. Thanks and YAY! I love all the practice I have been getting! Each new request is a new challenge I am hoping to get done what I need to so I can open these requests back up soon! Really glad you like him! Pose reference is from my contortionist cat Just sorry he took so long, that angle is a difficult one to work with!
  6. Aww well thank you! And yay for getting Christmas presents started early!
  7. I actually have closed requests! I have some quilts and such I need to get made and have fallen behind lol, but as soon as I am back on top of things you will be first on the list! I have been watching the progress on these dragons and would LOVE to draw one!
  8. YAY FINALLY!! Here you go Kittygirl!
  9. Thank you Krystal!! The feather texture I kinda' made up as I went along. I do each feather individually (which is why this one took so long!), but once I have the basic feather shape and characteristics such as the chevrons and dots on Kyzaro, I think use the smudge tool and lightly smudge the edges to give it a pointed/fur look. I then reverse the smudge in random areas to give different spots in the feathers that "broken" feather look. Lol I hope all that made sense? I will have to stream more often :0)
  10. FINALLY!!! Sorry this took so long RampagingWyvern (the wings just did not want to work with me)! But here he is! And Kittygirl, your Lotus boy is 3/4's of the way done! Requests are remaining closed! Time to start making holiday gifts and such I hope he is what you were expecting :0)
  11. Halloween Offer! I want: These two dragons #1 #2 I want it in this form: Playing together Please and Thank you!
  12. Ooooh just the one lol...didn't realize I asked for two...just a digital baroo :0) (my kid had me up at 5 am, my brain is not working fully yet )
  13. I want one! Username: <thedragn01> What you want me to draw: <OC/Baroo> Position: <Will leave this to you > Emotion: <Anything is fine> Medium: <digital lineart/art> Extra: <sig version? I tend to draw chibi-fied art > Ref: <Baroo>
  14. September 1: Your Forum name: thedragn01 Your Scroll name: thedragn01 The Egg/Hatchlings five digit code (No links please): ruV6m Egg type: Brimstone Time of Unfog (In updated EST* please): 7:57:30 pm Time of Death: 8:00:30 pm Amount of current V/UV/Clicks: 484/33/0 Turned/Died/Never Cracked September 1: Your Forum name: thedragn01 Your Scroll name: thedragn01 The Egg/Hatchlings five digit code (No links please): 7iUqP Egg type: Brimstone Time of Unfog (In updated EST* please): 8:57:25 pm Time of Death: 9:02:25 pm Amount of current V/UV/Clicks: 0/0/0 Turned/Died/Never Cracked
  15. OMG LOVE IT!!! Thank you!! May I resize it for my avatar?
  16. Awesome! I will be resizing it soon...thank you again! She looks fantastic!
  17. LOVE it! Thank you Cham! May I re-size this for my siggy?
  18. Of course! Take your time, and thank you ^^
  19. YAY! Welcome back! And might I be one of the first to request one of your fantabulous drawings? My OC
  20. Wouldn't mind doing an IOU for new releases either :0)