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  1. 43 minutes ago, FoxxieKittsune said:

    Is anyone else having issues with their dragon hatchlings and viewing costumes? Since yesterday I've not been able to see MY hatchlings costume! Everyone elses seems fine (at least I assume so)... But mine... All the costumes are invisible (if they show there at all) except for the ballerina costume.


    I am having the same issue

  2. Personally, I prefer your old style. It was more realistic and three-dimensional. This one's a bit more cartoony. However, both styles are awesome <3 I'd love to be able to request a drawing of my Malazur concept, the green dragon in my avatar and sig, some time in the future, in either style smile.gif *Eagerly stalks for requests to be reopened*

    Thanks Pie! And I agree, I personally prefer my originally style as well, that style can just take a while wink.gif So was looking for something a bit faster biggrin.gif I think you had been waiting for me to open up before to draw your butterfly concept a while ago so I will open up a spot for you if you wish? Whichever style you want and either concept. Let me know biggrin.gif

  3. Giving a new style a go. If this one goes well, I may open requests up again for this style. Crits always welcome! This image is free for anyone to use :0)


    user posted image



    user posted image

  4. Quoting the creator of the Wrapping-Wing dragon in case others haven't seen this ~

    Thank you for re-posting this! I had no idea what to name these guys lol, but after reading this

    When Wrapping-Wing live in neighbouring territories, they will bicker over who has the best display. They will often break out into small fights consisting of small, quick slaps to each other’s faces with their wings. They don’t actually hurt each other and it’s more comical than anything else.
    one of my babies is now lovingly dubbed Griswald

  5. Merry Christmas everyone! biggrin.gif


    Er...there is a glitch because I have over the limit of 2. I just kept opening new tabs trying to get my 2, and I ended up with 6! I hope not all of them get abandoned and only 4 of them get booted.

    This...I caught three thanks to spaz clicking...I hope only one auto abandons unsure.gif

  6. Here ya go Kittygrl! I apologize that its not full body (I am having a bit of artist block at the moment and could not for the life of me get a pose right) So I hope this is ok!


    user posted image


    user posted image


    Requests are remaining closed as artist block is currently eating my brain laugh.gif

  7. Didn't do it justice? Are you kidding? It looks absolutely AMAZING! (why do I feel like I'm repeating the same comments over and over again when complementing artists? Haha, sorry.). I simply adore it, no need to apologize for the time it took to do it either, completely understandable. <3

    Well thank you biggrin.gif I am happy you like it :0)

  8. Finally done! I am so sorry this took so long! This one was a challenge! I really don't think I did this one any justice, but I hope you like it!




    user posted image


    user posted image


    user posted image


    user posted image



    Opening up one request spot!