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  1. Blue neb + tan ridge worked :0)
  2. New Art! This one's for Pie! (Sorry it only took two years!)
  3. Looks like it's back up! I was just able to add my scroll (Finally!!)
  4. Got the green one from the forest and picked up a red one but not sure from which biome
  5. Thanks Pie! And I agree, I personally prefer my originally style as well, that style can just take a while So was looking for something a bit faster I think you had been waiting for me to open up before to draw your butterfly concept a while ago so I will open up a spot for you if you wish? Whichever style you want and either concept. Let me know
  6. Giving a new style a go. If this one goes well, I may open requests up again for this style. Crits always welcome! This image is free for anyone to use :0)
  7. My Love for you is Stripey!
  8. Some Electrifying Love Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  9. Be my Valentine?? Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  10. Thank you for re-posting this! I had no idea what to name these guys lol, but after reading this one of my babies is now lovingly dubbed Griswald
  11. Re-did my house Gingerbread House
  12. I took the waterhorse ^^ Thanks Duskspoken
  13. Since everyone else is...I might as well...kind of went in a different direction with mine Gingerbread House
  14. This...I caught three thanks to spaz clicking...I hope only one auto abandons
  15. Here ya go Kittygrl! I apologize that its not full body (I am having a bit of artist block at the moment and could not for the life of me get a pose right) So I hope this is ok! Requests are remaining closed as artist block is currently eating my brain
  16. Thought I might stream for a little bit...see how it goes :0) Pop on in! https://secure.join.me/935-411-899
  17. Well thank you I am happy you like it :0)
  18. Got ya! Will get started :0) And thank you
  19. lol sure Just add a pic reference and pose if there is a specific one you are looking for
  20. Finally done! I am so sorry this took so long! This one was a challenge! I really don't think I did this one any justice, but I hope you like it! Opening up one request spot!
  21. Absolutely love it Wookie! Thank you so much!