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  1. Hey there! Are there any fans of Disney's Wander Over Yonder on here? The creator Craig Mccracken recently announced that Disney had cancelled it after season 2 Even though Craig and the crew had plans for a Season 3. Everyone wanted a third season but the big, big boss in Disney said no (simply because they felt 2 seasons were enough!) WOY won the Annie Award for Best Animated Television Production for Children last month and the fanbase is growing fast due to the recent release of it's Musical Episode - "My Fair Hatey". Would anyone on here be interested in helping us to revive i
  2. I got 212... I was not expecting that. But all of the colours did look pretty much the same to me
  3. It's been quite some time since I updated this thread... Well anyway I've moved onto laminated keychains now so here are a few for your viewing Sorry for the spam of images Sorry for the big images, it's annoying to resize them
  4. I've pre-ordered Pokemon Y because I adore Yveltal's design. I'm going to pick Fennekin as my starter. I honestly don't think I can wait until October, I really want to play it now
  5. I've been watching youtube videos on portal 2 lately. It looks pretty awesome. I haven't played any portal game yet but I'm thinking of buying one. Could I just jump straight into portal 2 or should I play the first portal game first?
  6. It's released tomorrow in my country I've pre-ordered White 2, I can't wait to collect it tomorrow morning. I've been so excited to play it
  7. My room is a pretty big mess. Lots of paper and uni work all over the floor. Plushies too, since I'm waiting on some shelves to put them on. Oh and don't get me started on the wires, I have too many electrical things in my room Need to decorate it.
  8. Thank you very much for the great response guys! Lots of useful tips and great help! I agree, my anatomy is terrible but it's something I'm certainly working on. I've been taking life drawing lessons too so hopefully those will help me. I will certainly take your advice/tips!
  9. This thread is gathering dust so allow me to throw in my newest work in progress:- I'm in the process of colouring it in Photoshop
  10. Awww, the dragons look gorgeous with their Christmas designs
  11. I seem to be moving away from drawing and on to making charms and key chains
  12. I saw it the other day, it was awesome and so funny too I hope they make a fifth since they are still going strong with the scripts. I just want to see more Jack Sparrow
  13. Ok seriously now.. I think my game might perhaps be glitched cause I just found yet another shiny, a Deerling this time. I really think it is =/
  14. First I found and caught a shiny Lillipup and now I've caught a shiny Joltik My luck must be amazing
  15. Ahh that's great to know! I thought that Zoroark couldn't breed, thanks for letting me know I got the beasts so that'll work nicely
  16. Lucky people with your Celebi. They didn't have a Celebi event in Wales ;_; So now I can only hope that they release it again via Wifi otherwise no Zorua or Celebi for me. Stupid 'UK' tour. I always bring my DS into college with me to play it at lunch and the game is always Pokemon, my friend does too.
  17. Awww that really sucks >: I had a large group of friends who loved Pokemon in high school, we always used to battle and trade Pokemon. Even after high school I met more Pokemon fans in college we were all 17-19 and we would battle nearly everyday on platinum at lunch break I hope everyone gets their games soon to join in the fun Black is my favourite Pokemon game yet
  18. My Pokemon black team so far is:- Snivy (Alexis) - lvl 22 Panpour (Puddle) - lvl 21 Liepard (Kit) - lvl 21 Blitzle (Streak) - lvl 22 Tranquill (Fluffy) - lvl 22 Herdier (Lucky) - lvl 22 (shiny) I wish we had a Pokemon mall tour, we hardly have any Pokemon merchandise around here besides the games, manga and cards >:
  19. It's a male I hope you'll be successful and find one Hoping to get white soon since I really want a Braviary.
  20. 3 hours into Black and I found and caught a shiny Lillipup 8D I love Pokemon black so far, the battle system and moving sprites are amazing