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  1. I remember a number of years back, I was playing 8 and 9 simultaneously, had reached the very end of the game on both... ... and I lost my memory card. I never found it after that, even when we remodeled my room roughly a year later, it was absolutely nowhere to be found. I lost everything I had on that card, but losing all the hours I had put into both of those FF games was the worst. I did eventually take them both up again :v Ha. Once I got over being butthurt about the whole thing Which took a few years. Am currently replaying DS FF's though; 3, 4 and A2.
  2. I saw this and laughed. Sephiroth, while interesting, is completely overrated and overhyped, just like FF7. A good game, for sure, but steals away attention from lesser praised Final Fantasies, that probably should have been recognized more. Kuja is also terribly underappreciated. So what if he's feminine? He wasn't a bad villian. Besides, I would probably get a little nutty myself if I found out all the work I did to bring war to a kingdom would all be for naught (Spoiler ahead for anyone who never finished 9 >_>), since my life was on a timer and I would die anyway. /Shrug Don't get me wrong, I like both FF7 and FF9, but FF9 is among my top favorites :x And I'm just a tad bias against more futuristic FF games.