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  1. What do you do in the end on the streets? I'm stuck there. Thanks.
  2. Try go forward Okay I'm stuck at the end where I am running away from the dragon down the streets, and the story said I should be creative. How?
  3. Thank you! That pattern so cute isn't it? I guess we need to find a cute name for it.... hmm.... Btw, your website is great! I noticed you even included the breeding time...
  4. woohoo~ This one is done! And I'm so glad they didn't end with a bluna egg for me. I haven't been active on the forum at all lately, but that doesn't mean I'm not slowly progressing through my projects. It just means I need to flip through all those hundred pages to see what everyone else had done while I was away now... I'm sure I'll find lots of draggies to drool upon.
  5. *thinks she just doesn't visit these forums enough anymore...* Okay! My rainbow arrow-whatever project is done!! Here's the result! I'm so happy it turned out as pretty as I had imagined!! Now I just need to go back and name them all......
  6. *digs again* I finally got one of the halves done! The top half gave me a whiptail when I wanted an amber. So if anyone's interested in it please take it. I'd hate to see it floating in AP after such efforts were put in. http://dragcave.net/lineage/cFJba Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  7. Wow, Natli, that is one stunning silver! And congratulations! I totally understand how hard it can be trying to get a metal out of a balloon?! LOL ElayneDragonLover, that's so pretty! I'm working on a metal checker as well. After these years of playing DC, I finally got the nerve to start one. Of course there's also the fact that I finally got some CB golds and some 2nd gens to work with. ^^" I'll share it later when I get somewhere, not just random gen 2's.
  8. YESSSSSSSSS!!!!! Okay, after so much trouble (first a refusal, than replacement breeding kept giving me purple dorsals...) I finally got my end result. And even better, I got a red dorsal! It's perfect as this is the last 4G checker I need so I can put them together, and I do need a female! That being said, I got this to give away. I was trying for a tri-horn as gift but got another skimmer instead. So it is free to whoever likes it. Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  9. Very nice update indeed. It's close to the original to not destroy lineages, but it is more beautiful than before. Job well done! Thanks for the efforts.
  10. Thank you thank you~ I'm falling in love with these blocks myself too. Too bad I can only manage to think up 6 'colour' blocks which just won't work (red, orange/yellow, green, blue, purple, black/white)... If I can think up another 2 I can extend it one more gen... Oh and I got my neb to turn green! Wheeeeee~ So here's the green block~ *dances with excitement*
  11. Oh I'm dying to share the progress on my rainbow lineage, but until a minute ago I have nothing but some broken bits and pieces here and there that you won't believe they have anything to do with a coherant lineage. But I'm finally getting somewhere! this is going to be another building block to my rainbow lineage, the yellow/brown block. The red and green blocks are getting there, then I can combine those blocks together and I HOPE it'll form something nice. (It's so hard to breed lineage projects when you're aiming for a certain breed... My nebs refused to turn green; my red x pink onl
  12. It's basically as useful as Earthquake to me, never used it and will never use it in the future. But I remember a long time back, the first time when zombies can be systematically made during Halloween, the rage after people discovered that they cannot get rid of their zombies, I think this is a good BSA for them. Like most people said, the sprites are beautiful, so who cares about what the BSA is!
  13. Agrees with this one. Also if we're doing 2 ruffles a year, maybe an idea is let them be of the same prize dragon, not 2 different ones, and maybe limit the first round winners to only HM instead of the chance of getting a 2nd prize dragon. And.... hmm.... it's an old problem but it affects basically everything about this game. Does TJ actually gonna do anything serious with the multi-scrollers or scriptors?
  14. On the note of IOU, I consider any trade that can be done two-way when trading are not IOU. Anything that involves one party gives the other party something first, then a return of goods later is an IOU. But yeah, everyone has their own definitions. I can only say, there are more out-in-the-blue trades than sensible trades in EATW. I've seen a lot of impossible trades, like gender-swap for xmas dragons, cb coloured stripes, cb past-year valentines, you name it. ><
  15. Thanks! Believe it or not, the hardest part was breeding 2nd gen pinks, when I kept getting blusangs so I had to ask for help in the EG trading thread. It's one of the easier project I've done once it got going actually. Good luck with your tsunami x blusang project!
  16. Yay~~ Another project finished. Now I just have to name all of them............................. *facepalm*
  17. And possible swearing! Good luck with everyone's neb projects, they can really be a pain in the hind side. --- As the event starts, I held myself back on projects, but I managed to breed this! I'm so happy that after a year they finally gave me a winter! Yes I know it's not winter the whole year but that pair hasn't gave me any seasonals either. *dances around*
  18. I'm aiming for symmetry, so yes it'll be 4 or 8 blocks, and since I can only come up with 6 colours I'll do 4 blocks for now. That means I'll be breeding 4 blocks into two blocks then breed them together. What I meant by light-dark alternating was, if you look at my electric from the above post, it starts with skywing (a light blue) to Ice (a medium blue) to electric (a dark blue). I want to do something similar to all other colours. So each colour block will consistent of 3 breeds of different shades of that colour. I'll give you an example of one of the block plan I drew (sorry no
  19. I know what you meant, and I feel the same way too, but adding gray-scale dragons is the only way I can come up with that fills the rest of the pattern without using too many blue dragons (I think I've already used too many lol). Maybe I should cut back one gen... My V's idea were originally only have 5 blocks, the black/white was just an after thought... Maybe I should just do the red/green/orange/blue for now, as my purple idea includes lurkers anyway (which means I'd need 3 years to complete... what am I getting myself into... *facepalm*)
  20. And who would think breeding a vine is harder than breeding a red dorsal?! Look at these two... I regretted gifting one of the vines away 'cos I thought I got what I need for the lineage, and of course I got a refusal! Now I try to breed a replacement all I got are purple dorsals!! *cries in the corner*
  21. That's what my initial thought was, unless there are other suggestion to how a rainbow stair works. I've already done one for blue colour that was planned to mate with the silver above, but since they produced nothing but electrics maybe I should find him another job. Maybe 4-8 blocks of these V's of different colours, and have them alternating from light->dark->light? What do you think? *runs to draw a plan* edit: I've managed to draw a V for each of the red/pink, brown/yellow, green, blue, black/white and purple, but that's only 6... I don't think we have two more colour t
  22. I like water x horse one best out of those. I find that what works for me are either a really vibrant breed like sunset or tsunami, or a washed-out one like guardian, to work wonders with horses. That being said, I think I've done a guardian x horse as well... now where did I put it..... Ah-ha! The blusang idea looks promising too. I'll add it to my projects. And I'm so glad you like the idea of water x moonstone.
  23. @Saloiq I think block is easier, and probably look better for a stair/V-shaped lineage. Or maybe something like this to represent colour pink for example. I'll have to think this over. Oh and thanks for the feedback on my plan. The reason I put marrow there is to put red neb at the bottom (since it's female). Let me play around a bit with your lineage picture resources and maybe a better arrangement can be managed. edit: How about something like this? Check my sig link again. I've swap the red dorsal and marrow which I agree looks better than marrow with red neb. I don't kno
  24. @Saloiq Man I'm terrible! >< Sorry to mix you up with Amazon_Warrior. I think it's the fact that you mentioned 'rainbow' and 'stairstep' that made me think of this thread immediately and mistakenly link you as the thread owner. ^^" So... okay... now I read what you said again, maybe you're suggesting two separate things, but like amazon mentioned in the first post, we can combine stairstep with rainbow. Do you have any suggestions to how to do it? The first thing came to my mind is a combo of V-shaped lines arranged in rainbow colours..
  25. Check my signature link called 'An Idea' for my rainbow project (I tweaked it a bit but the main idea is there). As for stairstep... It sounds interesting but I need more details to how to turn it into a rainbow line. Anyway I saw your rainbow thread we can discuss over there.