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    Currently looking for (CB hatchlings):

    Constantly looking for:
    - 4-5 gen EVEN checkers of stunning combo. Not PB though.

    - 4th gen 2-breed Thuwed perfect staircases.
    (Must be all same breed on either side. I'm making lineages out of them so I need to keep the pattern right.)

    - 2nd gen tinsel fail from silver tin x any blue dragon
    Bred-only list (need good lineage):
    - Females: alt vine

    Freezie list (any lineage, inbred fine):
    - sunstone (M), crimson flare (M), red stripe (M), golden wyvern (U/M/F), brimestone (U/M/F), pillow (F), day glory (U/F), green stripe (U), tengar (M), misfit (U), alt vine (M), olive (U/M/F), harvest (M), spitfire (F), nilia (U), nocturne (M), split (U), royal blue (U/M), deepsea (M), greenwings (F), thunder (U), blue stripe (U/F), tsunami (U/M/F), moonstone (M), swallowtail (M), seawyrm (U/M), nebula (U), horse (F), dark mist (M), turpentine (U), fog (F), stone (F), black stripe (F), Lumina (U/M/F), Tri-horn (U/F/M), Blusang (U/M/F), Ultraviolet (U/M/F)