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  1. The belief that it happens to everybody though is just an old wives tale, same as playing in the rain, or staying out too long in the snow. Colds are viruses and bacteria, so unless you're sleeping with somebody who has a cold, wet hair probably isn't going to do anything to you.
  2. Has anybody played a realm reborn? It's the redo of the original FF14, which was a disasterous flop, and its absolutely incredible. It's the only mmo I willingly pay for.
  3. Ayyyyy panromantic homosexual genderfluid dude.
  4. People who are anemic can also have the issue with not eating meat. Red meat especially is really important in the diet of anyone who is anemic, or borderline anemic, because they get sick without enough protein. Unrelated, but a lot of vegan diets are also super expensive, and idk about anybody else, but my broke self can't afford that stuff lmao.
  5. There's a local restaurant around this area called Buffalo's, and I went there a few years ago, and got super sick from their burger. Another girl I used to work with told me she'd gotten sick from the same place, so now I just warn everyone about it. Regardless of whether or not you get sick, the food sucks.
  6. Aight, so I got a little bit of a neat easter egg for you guys if you've got XY and have also solved the blackout issue in Lumiose city. Enter the city through route 14, then turn right, and enter the first building you can on the right hand side. (if it's got two children around by the tv, youre in the right building.) Now take the elevator to the second floor.
  7. i think i reheated two day old taco meat lmao.
  8. It's about 15 or so dollars per month to play. But if you're interested in trying it out for a little bit perhaps, they have open beta in the future which is free.
  9. I've been playing since Phase 1 alongside my friend. He's one of those legacy status members who actually played the game right up until its ending haha. It's actually significantly better, like so far I am beyond impressed at how they improved it. Square realized they screwed up and they have more than compensated for that. I can't wait until Phase 3 starts, since then we can actually go to the other regions. The dungeon running is solid, the controller commands are smooth. The game is so far really well done.
  10. People who say "Awesomesauce" yo, 2009 is back that way folks. Bad grammar used to bother me, then I got a tumblr and you gradually start to care significantly less.
  11. I packed away all my consoles except for the 360, so I'm playing DMC right now.
  12. I usually don't go with anything as set or valid until it appears on bulbapedia and serebii myself, but I am not really all that keen on the possibility of a new type. I know that it's probably true, and that it's the only way Sylveon will even fit, but ergh. I do not like the concept of a light type at all.
  13. Desk is nigh uninhabitable, but considering I have no computer right now, I usually just leave crap there I really do need to clean it.
  14. Welcome to the team guys!!
  15. ????????? Aren't gay people part of the working world and therefore stimulating the economy and paying the taxes just like straight people. Nobody is going to hand you anything for free dude. That's a bizarre policy to have. It's like you are asking thr gay community to bribe you so we have your support. What I'm trying to say by the taxpayer thing is that gay people indirectly give you things worth money if you have ever used any kind of public thing. Or taken out a bank loan. Or perhapd worked under someone who is gay?
  16. That's the problem with the DoS unfortunately. You mean well but you can end up makibg thibgs highly difficult. I had to explain this a few times to my friend who works as a waiter why she can't do the day of silence at work. It's all well and good but please be reasonable.
  17. oh I know that, I'm just being general for the sake of simplicity.
  18. If you really think that you are meant to be the gender you were born as 100% of the time, then I implore you to try being the opposite sex in terms of social behavior and dress, feel how weird that feels, and try to imagine everyone around you heckling you to continue doing what makes you feel wrong.
  19. I have a trans friend who takes t, and he passes 100% as male, so of course he uses male restrooms. Is that so odd for him? Like ok we are really put into a position here where we use one restroom and feel really wrong, or we use the other and risk getting beat up. Remember the video of the two girls at mcdonalds attacking a trans woman for using the women's restroom?
  20. It's not about marriage, but it is part of LGBT movement so... How do you guys feel about the proposal in Arizona that makes it an arrestable offense for trans* people to use the "wrong" bathroom?
  21. I think for me it was elementary school. I was a stupid kid who picked on a lot of people because I was afraid of getting picked on myself. Which I guess I never really did, so who knows. I can't remember how I got talked out of it but I know eventually I came to realize what a jerk I was being. Tbh, each period sucked for their own reasons.
  22. The concept of background checks seems pretty sketchy tbh. Who's the one who gets the right to decide what's a valid reason or not? Everybody has different circumstances after all. I don't want some suit up high in congress or a dude in a lab coat to decide for me and I'm pretty sure most women don't want that either.
  23. My creative writing professor told me I was the best writer in the class, and the class acknowledged it individually in interviews with her.