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  1. I would have to say when someone will say that will be there for say an appointment, date, get together, etc. They don't show up and will call a few days later and try to come up with an excuse.
  2. Love the movie!!! Actually went to see it in theaters once upon a time. Now I own it in both DVD & VHC. One of my most favorite Ghibil movies. Has anyone watched the others? I actually like most of Hayao Miyazaki's works.
  3. You know I've been meaning to try the Challenge of writing a 50k story but always forgot and then next thing I know November comes around. Hmmm maybe I should really try this year though since I still have time to brainstorm.
  4. I've played Tales of Symphonia but didn't get to the end. Cousin took it back before I could get to the ending. But I've also played Tales of the World not done yet and Tales of Legendia not done yet either. Currently working on Star Ocean Till the End of Time changing game titles until I have money to buy one of the other games.